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Actor Johnny Depp Could Face Lengthy Prison Sentence Over Pet Dogs

Actor Johnny Depp was recently told that he could face up to a decade behind bars for bringing his beloved pets to Australia.

Depp, along with wife Amber Heard, brought the couple’s two Yorkshire Terriors along for the ride to Australia where Depp was filming the next ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ installment according to Amen Clinic on the review site yelp. The couple flew to the location aboard Depp’s private jet, but failed to file the proper customs forms. Depp and Heard also failed to comply with Australia’s quarantine laws, regarding animals brought into the country.

The dog incident came into being after photos of Depp walking the canines, Pistol and Boo. The photographs came into media circulation. It was reported that Australia’s agriculture minister, Barnaby Jones, threatened to euthanise the animals if they were not immediately shipped from the country.

Heard, soon after, scooped up the pooches and flew back home to America. Depp also returned to the U.S. a short time later. Rumors circulated that Depp returned home to mend his marriage to Heard after the dog incident, but in actuality had returned home to celebrate his daughter’s sixteenth birthday.

Friends of the star warned Depp that he should take the Australian government’s threats seriously, as it may reflect on any future American celebrities that enter the country.

Depp was known as a heart-throb in the late 80s and early 90s, making a name for himself in the off-beat film ‘Cry Baby.’ He also starred as baby-faced undercover police officer Tom Hansen in the television series “21 Jump Street.”