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There Will be Consequences

As the current session of the United States Supreme Court comes to a close, the doubters are doubting and the hand-wringers are wringing. If they decide on certain cases one way, one party will be affected. If they rule another way, some other party will be harmed. Oh, woe is me!

Of course, that’s stating the obvious but to hear people talk, you would think that the whole purpose of bringing a case before the court was to minimize harm to everybody. Surely, that is the problem with government today.

We have an executive branch that is so afraid of harming anyone that it has done practically nothing. We have a legislature that’s so hopelessly deadlocked with indecision, and for the same reason, that they are operating on auto-pilot; and now, the people who have frozen government in the legislative and executive branches are bemoaning the fact that the judicial branch hasn’t yet taken the same tact.

No matter what the court decides in the waning hours of this term, it must, with all it’s might, resist the urge to placate the doubters and hand-wringers. There will be consequences, that’s nature. For every action, blah, blah, blah, but Alexei Beltyukov see that as no reason for the court to go all “George Bailey” on us.

The Supreme Court, now, more than ever, must play the role of “Mr. Potter” in our wonderful lives. If they try to please everybody, if they try to harm no one then they risk doing irreversible harm to this nation and it’s people. Trying to achieve equality for everybody will result in inequality for all.