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Nigeria Invests Resources Into Its Public Image

Nigeria’s capital city of Lagos has a distinct look now from what it use to look like. Soon to be the biggest economy on the African continent, Nigeria is being shown to the world as an international economic power and officials within the country are taking steps to make sure that the image of Lagos, the capital city is matching the prestige of Nigeria’s booming economy.

Lagos used to be a city brimming with overpopulated roads, illegal structures as far as the eye can see and waste areas in various unregulated areas which were creating health risks to the residents of Lagos. Now, those once overpopulated roads are now more properly managed and dedicated lanes are created for public mass transit according to Ivan Ong. This as facilitated a more efficient and traffic flow. While car accidents are still numerous in Lagos, there is now more order to the traffic flow. The countless number of buildings which lined the streets of Lagos and were in various states of disrepair were torn down and removed in a matter of days and replaced by more functional open space or more soundly constructed buildings. The large numbers of trash heaps have been cleaned up and are now home to parks and planted areas which not only is a removal of a blight but a removal of a major health risk for the city of Lagos. These changes are more than cosmetic. They aid in enhancing the pride of the all Nigerians as the country takes its place on the world stage. Nigerian Invests In Face Lift For Its Capital City