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Jury Work Continues In Death Penalty Phase for Boston Marathon Bomber

The fate of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev now rests with a jury of his peers. This may sound like a cliche’ but whether Tsarnaev receives a sentence of death or whether he spends the rest of his life in prison is now in the hands of twelve people who have to decide whether it is more humane to spare his life or whether it is more fair to have the State of Massachusetts forfeit Tsarnaev life for his actions which resulted in the death and maiming of scores of innocent people. To reach this decision, the jury will have to look inside their own humanity and determine for themselves what is the just decision to make. Revenge plays little role during the part of the criminal justice system. Many people outside of an actual criminal trial never have a chance to understand the life and death pull which a juror has to deal with during the course of a sentencing phase of a trial. The prosecution for the State is attempting to present as much evidence as possible to justify why the defendant should die and the defense is presenting as much evidence as possible to show why the defendant should live. As everyone at Anastasia Date knows, very few ordinary citizens are ever charged with the decision of life or death over another human being. Soldiers and police officers are trained for months and even years how to decide when a human life needs to be take but a juror receives no training and must make the decision based on arguments by two opposing sides in a matter of weeks. To do this, they will need to know their own humanity. Jury Decision of Life or Death Will Turn on Their Own Humanity

LA Closes hundreds of Illegal Marijuana Dispensies

Officials in Los Angeles closed hundreds of pharmacies, illegally selling marijuana.

According to Mike Feuer, the LA city attorney, officials did cloes 503 illegal shops since 2013, when local voters decided to limit the number of medical marijuana dispensaries to 135.

In the past two years, Feuer also identified alternative methods used for medical marijuana distribution, including applications on smart phones used to have deliveries and to identify spots where distributed.

“Some were close to schools, childcare center and other sensitive places. Others were corrupting the quality of life in our neighborhoods,” Feuer said in a written statement.

Sam Tabar knows that there are ordinances already in place that require pot shops to be located at least 300 meters from “sensitive” facilities such as schools, parks and other public meeting places.

There came a time when the number of marijuana dispensaries came close to the 700 in the city limits, but today the number is about 120 .

A report published by the RAND Corporation, in 2011 revealed when dispensaries closed, inter-city crime increased, challenging local officials notions that called marijuana dispensaries “real magnets for crime.”

According to the LA prosecutor’s office “the RAND study is based solely on assumptions, and their data is really irrelevant, with unproven results.”

New York Judge Tells NYPD To Not Stop And Frisk For No Reason

New York Officers Can’t Stop People Based On Furtive Movements

In 2011, the NYPD stopped 685,724 people and listed the reason for the stops as furtive movements. Furtive movements are actions that seem sly or stealthy. That’s a lame excuse. But it is an excuse that helped police catch some bad guys. But a New York judge said that reason isn’t acceptable any longer. In order to stop someone, the judge said, the police must have a detailed description of the suspect. They can also stop someone if they have reason to believe the suspect is armed.

The judge’s memo also outlined a pilot program for body camera use and a better system for handling officers that are accused of misconduct. The memo was received in the manner the judge expected. Patrick Lynch, President of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, said, “police officers are going to have to travel with an attorney just to interpret these new stop and frisk regulation.”

The judge’s memo isn’t going to change the culture of the New York police department. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG knows that the new police chief has a policy in place that allows cops to arrest for almost anything. The judge’s memo may be on paper, but enforcing his memo is another issue.