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ECb President Attack At Conference

European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi, was attacked today when a protestor stormed the stage and his podium during a press conference regarding the quarterly report of the activities of the ECB. ECB President Attacked While Giving Speech

During the middle of reading a statement, a female rushed the stage and was able to jump onto the desk in front of President Draghi, showering him with papers and confetti. Witnesses heard the woman shout and rant that the ECB should end its dictatorship in Italian. The same message was printed on a tee shirt the woman was wearing. President Draghi was not injured but was clearly alarmed by the attack. Conference and ECB officials are investigating the breach in security. the woman who attacked Draghi was subdued by security members at the conference as well as other ECB officials in close proximity. Christian Broda has found that the woman’s identity is unknown at this time and officials are investigating whether she is a member of an organization or whether she conducted the protest on her own accord. Security officials are also concerned that the breach in security could have lead to the killing or serious injury being inflicted upon Draghi.

Draghi regained his composure and continue the delivery of his presentation after the scene had ben cleared. There is not word as to whether Italian security officials will issue a statement later regarding the matter or whether President Draghi will speak on the subject.