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Success Academy is Re-defining Public School Education

Success Academy charter schools started in 2006 with the aim of making a difference in the education sector. The charter schools are the highest-performing and the largest public school network in the New York City. The school does not discriminate and opens its admission doors to all New York State children regardless of the race or individual needs. It also accommodates English Language Learners and admissions are conducted on a random lottery that is held on April each year. Success Academy has a network of 46 schools that serve over 15,000 students in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, and the Queens.


Success Academy targets mostly children from low-income households who comprise 76 percent of the total students, English Language Learners make up 8.5 percent; while 15 percent are student have special needs. Through the support of State University of New York’s Charter School Institute, the Academy operates with much high independence than other public schools. Success Academy was founded by Eva Moskowitz who is also the current CEO of the school network. She is a visionary and a hardworking leader, and she has helped the school to grow from one school to more than 40 in ten years.


Success Academy recently won a court suit that will enable it to offer pre-kindergarten services using its three schools through the universal pre-kindergarten school program independent of the district school curricula. The move will allow the schools to customize a more effective and efficient program that will enhance high performance for its pre-kindergarten students. The school is clearly redefining the possibilities of public schools. Success Academy is driven by a mission aimed at building an exceptional world class school that proves that students from all backgrounds can equally succeed in college and life. The school wishes to expand across all corners of the United States and influence better public policies that deprive some children of accessing some of the valuable opportunities in the country.