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Misconceptions About Women And Desire

As women get older they begin to experience things like bladder leakage and changes in the body. These changes are results of weight changes, childbirth, and age. Some women are very good to their body. They exercise regularly and eat right. Exercise can help a woman contain the outstanding body they have in younger years. People that let themselves go and do not exercise may have issues. Jennifer Walden is one of the leading plastic surgeons that spend time educating women and girls on their body and how to take care of their body. She writes articles and spends time on talk shows speaking out about plastic surgery and noninvasive choices.

Jennifer Walden spent most of her youth and young adult life in Austin Texas. Her family life was very happy. Jennifer, now a mother herself, finds it important for her children to experience some of the good times that she did. Her twins are very important to her. She spends a lot of her off time with them doing things that they like. Jennifer is a typical loving mother. In her work time, Jennifer spends her days doing what she loves. She works with people that may have suffered burns or injuries that cause them to need cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. She also helps people, that are suffering from birth defects, obtain the surgery they need.

During a recent article, Jennifer spoke out about misconceptions people have. The belief is that men are the reason women want plastic surgery. It is said that men are the ones that believe a woman should undergo tightening of the vagina after childbirth. Men want women to look good. Men are also said to be the ones that request something be done about vaginal dryness. Women are the ones that seek medical help with vaginal dryness. They also seek help for urinary leaks and incontinence. Women do care about the ability to have an orgasm during sex. Most people try to say women do not care. Procedures such as Labiaplasty is helping women change the size and design of their genitalia. This will help with their comfort during sex and It will help them achieve the orgasm they desire and deserve. For more information on this procedure, check out the article in