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What is Up With The New EOS Lip Balms?

You may have recently noticed people toting around and applying these colorful Easter egg-looking things to their lips. These little “eggs” you have seen are most likely EOS Lip Balms. EOS, which stands for ‘evolution of smooth’ offer a variety of moisturizing products. Their lip balms, one of their most popular products, is meant to deliver high quality lip moisture for an affordable price. Even though these products can easily be found in any drugstore, they can still be seen being sported by a number of celebrities due to its A-grade hydration, check out this link.

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The lip balms have seven main lines, each having their own individual flavors. There is also an option to get the regular flavors in the form of a stick rather than sphere. Each line utilizes its ingredients to create different formulas but one thing all seven of the lines have in common is its antioxidant-rich vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter to offer hydrating yet soothing qualities. The seven lines are the original line, visibly soft, active, medicated, organic, crystal, and shimmer. The original line contains the main ingredients that made people fall in love with the brand in the first place. View this product review here on The active line contains SPF, making it perfect protection while also moisturizing for a long day in the sun. The medicated line contains soothing qualities that can hydrate some of the most seeming-impossible chapped lips. The visibly-soft differs in that it leaves lips extra soft while medicated revitalizes. Shimmer just adds a fun sparkle to the already perfected formula. The organic also utilizes the same ingredients and formula as original, but just uses organic ingredients. The last and newest line is the Crystal line. This line is a light-weight, gluten-free, wax-free, formula leaves the balm clear in color, allowing for the natural beauty of lips to glisten.

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