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The New Evolution of Banking

While there is still a need for traditional brick and mortar banks, a new age of online banking, where customers won’t have to visit their banks for most transactions, is becoming increasingly popular. Like the use of personal checks, standing in lines at banks waiting to make a deposit or apply for a loan is no longer a viable option in today’s fast-paced society. Nexbank, a Dallas-based financial services company, brings investing and traditional banking into the next century.

Why online banking is hot
Let’s face it, nobody wants to spend hours in line waiting to speak to a teller or travel to a bank just to fill out a complicated application for a loan. These are just a few reasons why the online banking industry is heating up. The convenience and flexibility that online banking offer are two big reason why many consumers are going online. Nexbank‘s online services give customers the ability to view their account balances and detailed transaction history, transfer money between accounts, and allows them to save time and money by paying bills online. Nexbank even allows customers to apply for loans and make investments through an online process.

Why Nexbank is worth watching
Nexbank’s services include commercial, investment, and mortgage banking as well as traditional checking and savings accounts. Accounts can be opened online then verified by sending email attachments of official documents like identification and proof of address. One thing that makes Nexbank worth watching is its strong growth over the past few years. Net income for the company increased each year and reached $53.2 million and Return on Average Equity grew to 35% in the year of 2015. For 2016, the company expects to experience continued growth due to its efficient and profitable platform and plans to remain focused on their institutional client base and the development of businesses in the U.S.