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Free From Fear of Failure

Anyone can become successful in business. Anyone can become an entrepreneur. Just pick up the book “They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success” by Marc Sparks for proof.

Disqus reported that, Marc Sparks grew up in east Texas, making average grades in high school and never attended college. He calls himself a ‘serial entrepreneur’; creating, buying and selling over sixty start-up companies. Believing that customer service is the number one priority, he ensures all of his companies have top-notch service people.

After being asked over and over again how he became so successful, Marc was encouraged to tell his story. Wanting to teach what he had to learn the hard way, he spent three years and eleven drafts to get his ‘how-to’ book just right.

Too many people are so afraid to fail they freeze in their tracks and never take that all too important first step. Marc’s book explains how he has learned more from his failures than he has his successes, leading him to make more experienced decisions, and how anyone can do the same. From learning to fail the right way and growing from these failures, he no longer feels fear from new endeavors, turning more and more ‘fails’ into successes.

Marc Sparks shares his story of starting his career headed down a different path. He didn’t start in a mailroom or on the bottom rung of a large corporate ladder, and he explains all this in his book. He also includes several hints and tips that any driven person can take to heart. Learn from his “Fifty Sparks” and all about his “Sparks Speed”.

A great addition to anyone’s library, “They Can’t Eat You” is a must have for the budding entrepreneur who is ready for the next step in building their dreams into reality.

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