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Men’s Shoe Fashion Are In Sync With Women’s Shoe Fashion This Year

Back in the old days, when men were afraid to wear pink, or they were scared to put on anything that appeared feminine are long gone. The old days of women shoe fashions being way ahead of men’s leather shoes fashions are gone too. A good example of how closely related the men’s and women’s shoe business is today is obvious in several brands. One brand, UUGs, is not just making the pull on suede upper, fleeced lined boot for just women anymore. Men want to wear them too, and UGGs is giving men what they want.

Another interesting similarity between the men’s and women’s shoe business this year is the man-tailored look in women’s fashion. Women are wearing classic straight tip lace-ups as well as wingtip oxfords and so are men. Any it doesn’t stop there. The chukka boot is hot in men’s fashion this year, and it is also a big item in the woman’s business. It’s another big boot year for men. Not only are men loving the heavy lug sole boots of the 70s, but they are also wearing dress boots again. Lace up straight tip and wingtip boots that are ankle height are hits for fall.

There is a major difference between the men’s and women’s business, however. Women don’t have a brand like Paul Evans. That might sound strange given the fact there are hundreds of women’s brands on the market, but it’s true. Paul Evan Footwear offers Italian made footwear for men direct from the factory. Instead of going to a typical box store that carries men’s styles that all look the same, Paul Evans customers can buy unique, up-to-date men’s fashion shoes that denote quality, style and a one-of-a-kind aura. And Paul Evans clients can buy their size and color directly from the Paul Evans factory in the South of Italy.

Some consumers think ordering from an Italian factory limits their choices, but that’s not the case. The forward fashions of today are waiting at Paul Evan whether it be a dress moccasin, a tailored classic or a dress boot. And let’s not forget the up-to-date sneaker collection. Paul Evans has them in rich soft leathers, and a spread of colors.

Buying shoes is a personal adventure. Men want and need more than two pairs of shoes in today’s business and casual environment. Paul Evans Footwear gives men the opportunity to be unique yet incredibly fashionable. Shoes not clothes make the man. Anyone that knows something about fashion always looks at the shoes first. Cheap shoes tell a miserable story about the wearer. Quality footwear projects a successful image and a confident persona. Some men’s shoes may be an option, but quality men’s shoes are a necessity.