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Greg Finch, a Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery Procedures

Orthopedic surgery is a medical procedure performed on the musculoskeletal system. This type of surgery is commonly done on injured patients and those that are suffering from various conditions. Musculoskeletal system consists of joints, bones, and adjacent soft tissues. On the other hand, soft tissues include the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Greg Finch is an expert in all aspects of spinal surgery. His skills as an orthopedic surgeon have seen him gather experience in minimally invasive spine surgery, cervical spine surgery, and adult deformities. Greg Finch, an Australian based orthopedic surgeon, is a member of Spine Society of Australia among other organizations.

Greg Finch is a graduate of Royal Australian College of Surgeon. Greg Finch works at Sunshine Coast Private Hospital as an orthopedic surgeon. He holds a reputable record in his line of work. Greg is a specialist in several orthopedic surgical procedures including Arthroscopy, joint replacement, soft joint tissue repair, debridement, Fusion of bones, osteotomy, and spine fusion to mention a few.

To begin with, Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that is conducted on the joint for examination and treatment purposes. Arthroscopy has several advantages over the traditional method. For instance, arthroscopy does not necessarily require a full opening of joint as with the conventional method. Arthroscopy, therefore, subjects less trauma to tissues, hence quicker chances of recovery. Another advantage is that arthroscopy procedures are easily carried out on almost all the body joints without any limitations. Surgical instruments used in arthroscopy procedures are simpler and effective in all treatment procedures.

Osteotomy is another orthopedic surgical procedure that involves cutting of the bone for realignment, shortening, or lengthening. It is an important method used in straightening bone and correcting the Hallux Valgus. Finally, an osteotomy is a useful procedure in relieving pain that is experienced by arthritis patients.