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Alex Trebek Raps ‘The Fresh Prince’ Theme Song

Apparently Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has some hidden talents. On Monday, June 29th, the $800 clue was “In the theme to this ’90s sitcom, ‘I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 & I yelled to the cabbie, yo Homes, smell ya later!'” Of course, this is one of the many memorable lines from the theme song from Will Smith’s The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.Alex Trebek went all out and rapped it in a strange, yet accurate rendition.

This is not something that you would expect from the game show host, but apparently it is not his first foray into the rapping game stated Ivan Ong. A few years ago, he also rapped his way through the entire category of “The 1990s Rap Songs.” In 2014, he also provided his rendition of classic rap artists throughout the category of “It’s a Rap.”

You know, if this game show host gig doesn’t work out, perhaps he has another career calling?

A Woman Will Be Featured on US Currency

So far only men have been featured on currency in the United States. That will soon change. Currently Alexander Hamilton is on the ten dollar bill. In the near future a woman will also be featured on the ten dollar bill. However, Alexander Hamilton is not being replaced. The woman will be shown along with him on the bill. The woman is going to be featured in the portrait space. Where Hamilton will be on the bill is not known.

So far, the woman who will be on the bill not been chosen, but Amen Clinics can’t wait to hear the announcement. As of now, no potential names have been announced. By the end of 2015,she will be chosen and her name will be announced to the public. The new bill will be in unveiled in 2020. This year will coincide with the 100th anniversary of women being allowed to vote. It is not known when this bill will be in circulation.

Japanese Americans Receive High School Diploma

Unbelievable, it happened here in America. During World War Two Americans, who had lived in the United States for a several generations, were locked up in U.S. government internment camps. Many of these people were Japanese-Americans of whose families had immigrated to the United States to work on the intercontinental railroad during the 1860’s. They were more American than many immigrants who had recently immigrated, according to what Alexei Beltyukov has been reading. There were 110,000 people forcibly detained in 10 such internment camps, as a result of the Japanese 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.

George and Miko Kaihara were juniors in high school at the time they were interned at Poston camp in Arizona, May 1942. They missed their senior year at Tustin Union High School. The story has a happy ending. Recently both George and Miko Kaihara received honorary diplomas from Tustin High School. They are 90 years old. While they should have graduated in June, 1943, they are graduating now.

The family gathered to celebrate. Married in 1950, the couple have four sons and seven grandchildren. During their stay in the camp, the couple continued their educations. They would bring a stool or chair to a makeshift high school and study. They received their diplomas in Poston.

It is now 72 years later. A former classmate called their alma mater and arranged to have the couple receive an honorary degree. It is very important to George and Miko Kaihara because they receiving a honorary degree fulfills a dream of theirs to graduate from Tustin High School.

What Craigslist Ads Say About Culture

Craigslist Ads And Today’s Tech Culture

Craigslist can be used for just about anything, from looking for jobs to selling merchandise to car troubles. It can also be used to deal with housing situations.

For people living in the San Francisco Bay Area, simply browsing through the housing ads section can prove to be very depressing. It leads to the idea that the industry there is only trying to accommodate people in the technology industry, whereas anyone else is just plain out of luck.

Some ads read that they’re looking for “extraordinary startup founders” that can make improvements on the community, they even go as far to include links to Many of these ads show up on a daily basis in the Bay Area, searching only for tech workers, which in turn give off the perception that the tech industry only focuses on its sector and won’t look outside the box for help from other areas and as a result may not be able to resolve tougher situations somewhere down the road.

Some posts that go up ask applicants for links to other social media websites for help as well as the date they intend to move in and the name of a startup company. However they don’t ask for any employee innovations. The fact that prices for rent in San Francisco are going up doesn’t help anyone out either, especially since the median rent in the area has increased by thirteen percent.

District Court Judge Considers Approving Rolling Release of Hillary Clinton’s Emails

This week, Judge Rudolph Contreras, an Obama appointee to the U.S. District Court, is considering a request brought on by a journalist to compel the State Department to release Hillary Clinton’s emails on a rolling basis. Thus far, the State Department is in the process of reviewing the emails and approving them for subsequent release. However, the plan is to turn them over in bulk by January 15, 2016. For investigative reporter Jason Leopold of VICE News, that is unacceptable. Leopold is calling for the immediate release of all emails dealing with the Benghazi attacks of September 11, 2012. He is also asking Judge Contreras to compel the State Department to release the remainder of the 55,000 emails on a rolling basis. Mikal Watts doesn’t know if that will happen.

Thus far, the district court judge has not made a decision. That said, he pointed out to the State Department’s attorney that the rolling release of emails was a reasonable request. In addition, the judge stated that the department’s own method for reviewing the emails and approving them for later public release is itself a “rolling” or incremental process. Leopold’s attorney acknowledged that a hard deadline for completion of the email review process is fine, but added there was no reason why the release of the emails had to wait until the entire project is completed. The House Subcommittee on Benghazi along with other watchdog groups are also seeking to obtain Clinton’s emails.

Jury Work Continues In Death Penalty Phase for Boston Marathon Bomber

The fate of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev now rests with a jury of his peers. This may sound like a cliche’ but whether Tsarnaev receives a sentence of death or whether he spends the rest of his life in prison is now in the hands of twelve people who have to decide whether it is more humane to spare his life or whether it is more fair to have the State of Massachusetts forfeit Tsarnaev life for his actions which resulted in the death and maiming of scores of innocent people. To reach this decision, the jury will have to look inside their own humanity and determine for themselves what is the just decision to make. Revenge plays little role during the part of the criminal justice system. Many people outside of an actual criminal trial never have a chance to understand the life and death pull which a juror has to deal with during the course of a sentencing phase of a trial. The prosecution for the State is attempting to present as much evidence as possible to justify why the defendant should die and the defense is presenting as much evidence as possible to show why the defendant should live. As everyone at Anastasia Date knows, very few ordinary citizens are ever charged with the decision of life or death over another human being. Soldiers and police officers are trained for months and even years how to decide when a human life needs to be take but a juror receives no training and must make the decision based on arguments by two opposing sides in a matter of weeks. To do this, they will need to know their own humanity. Jury Decision of Life or Death Will Turn on Their Own Humanity

Save A Dog and Get Arrested

What should a person do?

Just consider this….You are in a mall parking lot , and you see a dog in a car with the windows rolled up. It is very hot and you can tell that the dog has been in there a long time. You want to help the pooch, but the doors are locked and the windows are completely up. What do you do?

A Gulf War veteran by the name of Michael Hammons was in this predicament. He noticed the Yorkshire Terrier suffering in a hot Ford Mustang, so he did what he thought was right, he broke the window.

Hammons was arrested for trespassing. Was the owner of the car cited for leaving the pet in a dangerous situation? What if it was a child in that car? Would Hammons been arrested if he saved a child?

Folks at Amen Clinics have found that this all happened in Athens, Georgia. It seems the law is giving mixed messages. We are supposed to protect, but when we do, we get arrested.

Shame on you owner of this Mustang. You should be grateful this veteran was looking out for your pet. You should drop charges and give this vet a hug…he deserves it.

A Common Sense Proposal for Treatment of Heroin Addicts by the Gloucester Police Department

It appears that a new answer has been found specifically for heroin addiction in the Gloucester, Massachusetts area. Instead of automatically throwing those addicted to heroin in jail, Leonard Campanello, Chief of the Gloucester Police Department has proposed to assign a volunteer worker called an “angel” to the heroin addict on the spot. He also proposes to spend money seized from drug dealers on providing the addicts and their family members with the reversal medication, Narcan absolutely free of charge. Especially if they bring their paraphernalia, they will not face any criminal charges. Campanello has previously worked as a plainclothes narcotics detective.

So far, the Lahey Hospital and Medical Center and the Gloucester Addison Gilbert Hospital have agreed to lend their support to the plan, which makes Adam Sender pretty happy. Campanello is currently planning a trip to Washington D.C. to meet with senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, also with Rep. Seth Moulton.

Young Couple Dies Protecting Daughter From Tornado

As tornado season is in full swing people across the plane states are taking extra precautions. However, as much as we try to remain safe during these dangerous storms there are some things we just cannot avoid. The same goes for an Arkansas couple who died trying to shield their infant daughter from the devastating storms. Over the weekend, a tornado struck Nashville, Arkansas ravaging the community. As rescue workers were combing the area they found a small baby amidst the rubble clasped in her deceased mother’s arms.
Michael and Melissa Mooneyhan had been married since 2004 and resided in a mobile home park in the area. When the massive tornado rolled through the area over the weekend, their mobile home was destroyed immediately. As authorities were searching through the damage and rubble both Michael and Melissa’s bodies were discovered. Both were deceased and the coroner found was due to blunt force trauma.
However their 18-month-old daughter was found perfectly nestled in her mother’s arms. She was alive and came away from the scene unharmed, which brought a smile to the face of Ricardo Guimarães. She was taken to the hospital and placed under observation however was released shortly after. The young girl was released and turned over to extended family for continued care. Family of the couple are shocked by their death, however are very proud to know that they risked their lives to shield their daughter from the horrific storms that night.

Helicopters Rescue Over 100 Stranded Climbers On The Side of Mount Everest

The Climbers Were Still In Two Base Camps Above 21,000 Feet

The earthquake that devastated Kathmandu and the surrounding villages also put an end to the hopes of hundreds of climbers that wanted to put their mark on the tallest mountain in the world. When the earthquake hit Kathmandu, it triggered deadly avalanches in the Himalayan Mountain range, and the climbers waiting in one of the base camps were suddenly bombarded by snow, ice rock and high winds.

Eighteen climbers didn’t survive the massive snow slide, but more than 100 climbers did survive. That impressed Brian Torchin quite a bit when he read about it. They were shaken, but in good condition. Fortunately, they were still able to communicate with the outside world, and they had enough food and water to last them for a couple of months.

Alpine Ascents International, a Seattle-based trekking company, had 14 employees at those base camps when the avalanches hit, and they were determined to get them and the rest of the climbers off the mountain. Three helicopters were used to ferry two climbers at a time to safety. The rescue was successful thanks to the clear weather and the dedication of the helicopter pilots. Some reports say there are still 12 to 15 climbers on the mountain waiting to be rescued.