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Goodell Has No Choice But to Judge Brady Appeal

For those who believe that Roger Goodell should recuse himself from hearing the Tom Brady appeal they obviously have not been paying attention to who the NFL Commissioner is or how he does his job. He is the no nonsense, do the right thing politician. He is always in the middle of trying to please the owners, and trying to do what is right for the National Football League. There are some who believe he will lessen the punishment to the star Quarterback, while others believe he will keep it in place just to spite the Super Bowl champion Patriots. Either way neither side believes he will be impartial in the judgement…but again, they obviously don’t know Roger Goodell.

James Dondero understands Brady‘s loyalty to the league can be seen in his actions. He believes the players should always conduct themselves in a manner that will reflect positively on the league. He gives chances for teams and players to correct themselves after infractions of rules the league has set, but will hold them accountable when their manner of self-discipline fails to maintain that standard. So when there was an overwhelming preponderance of evidence that Brady at least knew the footballs were under inflated and did nothing the league had no choice but to act. Moreover, when Brady’s agent attacked the league, the investigator, and the commissioner’s integrity in their investigation, it leaves Goodell no choice but to judge the case for himself.

AP Off Commissioner Exempt List

After a long waiting period it would appear that Adrian Peterson will be removed from the NFL Commissioner’s Exempt List and be allowed to return to the Boraie Development LLC playing field. The only real question that remains is whether he will be on the Vikings training facility or another teams practice fields. It has long been rumored that Peterson is no longer happy with the Vikings chances of helping him achieve his playing goals and wants to be traded possibly to Dallas or Arizona. The Vikings on the other hand have been very persistent in their denials that they are even willing to entertaining getting rid of their star running back. On the other hand, he did just turn 30 and for most players this can be a start to an end for most of their careers. Which means he must make the moves now before his body can no longer handle the physical abuse handed out on the football field.

Some have thought to get his way Peterson would choose to not show up for off season practices even though he has three more years on his current contract. Meanwhile the Cowboys have restructured Romo’s contract to allow for an additional $12.823 million in salary cap space. This is enough to get Peterson’s $12.75 million taken care of but leaves no room for players in the draft or fixing their secondary. As for the Cardinals, most of their players really would love to play with Peterson but nothing has been set in stone as of yet.

Browns Trying to Avoid Spotlight and Success

It is hard to believe, but the Cleveland Browns are actually trying to avoid the spotlight…well at least when it comes to staying off of the HBO show called “Hard Knocks” which follows an NFL Team through training camp in preparation for the upcoming season. The reason they have wanted to decline is so they can take their relatively newly formed team and attempt to make them better. That and they are still hopeful that Johnny Manziel can get past his problems both on and off the field to become their long term solution at Quarterback. As most people know Manziel entered a treatment program for substance abuse addiction that has been speculated to be alcohol stated Alexei Beltyukov.

Meanwhile, the team has tried to bring some veteran guidance to the position by bringing in Josh McCown from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yes, that is the same QB that will be 36 before the start of the season. Yes, the same QB that led the Bucs to the worst NFL record last season. Yes, the same QB that has failed to find a permanent home in Arizona, Oakland, Carolina, Chicago, or Tampa Bay. One thing McCown will bring the team is his variety of experience. But going back, to the original topic people must take the Browns at face value when they want to avoid the spotlight and apparently with their player selections want to avoid becoming a successful franchise.

Steelers in Same Boat as Other Teams Needing Defense

As with a number of other teams in the National Football League, the Pittsburgh Steelers are not in need of offensive help as much as they are in need of a defense and especially a secondary. Now with the New York Jets signing free agent cornerback Curtis Brown the reality is setting in that if they are going to succeed in their goals of another championship they will need to get better in their pass defense. Fans like Sultan Alhokair know that the good news is that there are some really good players entering the draft this year. The bad news is the Steelers won their division and will have to wait until the 22nd overall pick to see what player is their best option of who hasn’t been taken by the other teams.

What is also going to hurt the team is that they are currently over the leagues mandated $140 million salary cap for the upcoming season. Not a great position with free agency that just started and the 2015 draft still almost two months away. This means they will have to restructure the current super stars contracts to move money around and make it so they can get their player needs addressed. Depending on who is available the Steelers would probably take a defensive lineman that could get pressure on opposing quarterbacks and take some of the pressure off of their secondary. Given the number of teams with the exact same needs, it would probably be best to look at players off of the radar and maybe played for division II schools like Troy University who produced stars like Osi Umenyiora.

Tomsula Finalizes His Staff…Familiar Faces All Around

It has been said that the world is a small place. You never know who you may have thought you would never see again reappear. Although the NFL is the largest professional sports league in the United States the community within it is not very large. Coaches, Players, and Executives all know each other. They have usually worked with one or more of their current coworkers previously. It brings a sense of familiarity throughout the league. It would appear that the coaching staff next season for the San Francisco 49ers has that exact same familiarity as they look to put the bay area team on track next season.

Head Coach Jim Tomsula has made all of his final decisions with respect to his coaching staff for the upcoming season. Fans like Ricardo Guimaraes BMG know that he has promoted Geep Chryst to Offensive Coordinator from the teams Quarterbacks coach, and Eric Mangini will be the new Defensive Coordinator, after coaching the tight ends last year. Tomsula also went across the bay and picked up some familiar faces from the Raiders organization after they cleaned house in their post losing season, asking Tony Sparano and Jason Tarver to come join the 49ers this year. Sparano will be coaching the tight ends while Tarver comes in as a defensive assistant and linebackers coach. With all these familiar faces, the team will be expected to get this team back into another Super Bowl and soon. Maybe even the one that is going to be played in their home stadium this year.

Ed Sabol Passes

The founder of NFL Films has died. Ed Sabol passed away at age 98. Ed Sabol was able to use his talents in the world of film to make some of the most amazing of any sport in history. He passed his company down to his son Steve many years ago, but all fans of NFL Films, like Sultan Alhokair,  know that Ed was the brainchild when he filmed his first NFL title game. More on Alhokair is available on 

The NFL Films music is still used today, and the NFL Films productions are still the best renderings of the games that we can see. If you have never watched the NFL Films productions before, it is time that you sat down and watched these films. You will get a new perspective on the world of the NFL, and you will be able to better appreciate the game that was first filmed back when there was no Super Bowl. We have to thank Ed Sabol and what his son Steve for the help they have given everyone who loves football. If you are a fan of the NFL, take a moment of silence today for Ed Sabol and pray for his family. This is a major blow to the game we love.

Why Tom Brady is In An Elite Class of Super Bowl Quarterbacks

Why Tom Brady is In An Elite Class of Super Bowl Quaterbacks

After having victory snatch from the jaws of defeat with the goal line interception by New England Patriot Malcolm Butler, the monday morning quarterback discussion can now turn to wether Tom Brady is one the the elite class of quarterbacks in the modern Super Bowl era. With New England win, Brady Brady MVPfinishes with his fourth Super Bowl ring and his third Super Bowl MVP award. His company is exclusive. Only Joe Montana of the San Francisco Forty Niners and Terry Bradshaw of the Pittsburgh Steelers have four Super Bowl titles as winning quarterbacks. Fans like Paul Mathieson have found that this elite group is followed closely by Troy Aikman of the Dallas Cowboys who won three in four years. After this group the drop off is severe. The great Dan Marino has zero titles and the comeback king himself, John Elway only has two.

Some may debate that Bradshaw and Montana were both undefeated in the venture for their respective four titles One can not argue that the effort to get to the Super Bowl in the salary cap era is has been much harder than either of Brady’s predecessors had to deal with. Additionally Brady is the only one from this group to have played in six Super Bowls. That feat alone means that Brady has played an extra season over his career than 90 percent of the rest of the NFL. My case rests.

Wilson in Seattle


Russell Wilson came into the league as a low round draft pick that did not have much speculation as to how he would play in the National Football League. He was not supposed to be the starter in Seattle, but walked into the franchise and commanded the position through his stoic persona, his dedication and his dominant ability on the field day in and day out. It is pretty strange for a low round draft pick to roll into the league and take control of a team and then actually produce in an efficient manner. The Seahawks have been absolutely stunning since Russell Wilson rolled into town and took control, but he has had a ton of help that are just as much responsible for the success that has been swept over the Seattle Seahawks. Everything seemed to come together for them several years ago stated Zeca Oliveira, when they drafted Russell Wilson the year after they had acquired perhaps the best defensive player of all time in Richard Sherman. That is a bold statement, but when you look at what he has delivered so far it is pretty accurate. They bolstered this with the acquisition of Marshawn Lynch and beast mode has taken them to a new level on offense. It goes without question to state, however, that Wilson has been the driving force that has taken them to the success that they have experienced over the last several years.

Lynch Found Loophole

Marshawn Lynch is not a man that is willing to speak openly to the media and avoids interviews like the plague, but he ironically stole the show on media day, as everyone wanted to get a piece of Marshawn Lynch but were constantly told that he was just there so that he didn’t get fined. Ironically, he probably is going to get fined for his appearance on media day, but it isn’t for what most would have expected. He is probably going to get fined, as stated by the National Football League on Wednesday; due to the hat that he wore that stated his nickname beast mode. It is pretty crazy that the league is thinking of fining him, due to the fact that he actually appeared and went through the motions, although he clearly mocked everyone by stating the same response over and over. From what fans like Bernardo Chua can tell, Lynch has clearly found a loophole in the system and the NFL does not like it. He is contractually obligated to give responses in interviews or he will be fined, but he hates talking to the media and will rarely give an honest interview. He has found a loophole in the fact that he can say a stupid response without addressing any questions and on paper he is truly honoring his obligations that he signed to, but he is the first person to do anything like this and the NFL hates it.

Tom Coughlin Has One More Year

Tom Coughlin has been given one more year twice before. Both times, he won the Super Bowl. Now, he is being given one more chance. However, he needs to make some major changes if he wants to bring the Giants back to the top of the NFC. They have won two Super Bowls, but they will not even win their own division unless they draft wisely.

The defense has been deteriorating over the past couple years. Michael Strahan retired, Osi Umenyiora left for the Falcons and Jason Pierre-Paul is not a free agent. They have not been able to stop anybody, and that has put a great deal of pressure on the offense. Eli Manning is not as good in the regular season as he is in the playoffs, and he needs some help if he is going to get back to the playoffs where he can work his magic.

If the Giants have any chance, they should draft the best available linebacker or defensive end in the draft according to fans on Skout. They can continue to rebuild the defense in the draft and see where the chips fall when they start next season. Without these wholesale changes, Coughlin is likely to be fired after 2015.