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Nigerian Presidential Vote is Too Close to Call

With the total vote still outstanding incumbent Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has a small lead of 20,000 votes over former military general Muhammadu Buhari. Nigerian Election is Still Too Close to Call

Neutral observers from the United Kingdom and the United States have reported no evidence of systemic voter manipulation or intimidation at the polls but some reports do exist that votes may be spotty on a location by location basis. The stakes for Nigerians could not be any bigger as the country is confronting a major terrorist threat from Boko Harem and the country continues to solidify is place in the world economy. CNN reoprted that Nigeria is a major member of OPEC and has the largest economy on the African continent. The task ahead of the new President will not be easy.

The Goodluck Jonathan administration has made major strides in pushing back and retaking territories and bases seized by the militant group Boko Harem. However, there has not been any success in retrieving the more than 300 girls that were kidnapped from their school in Northern Nigeria early last year. The kidnappings reached headlines globally and struck a chord with even the first lady, Michelle Obama. The lost girls have not been a major issue in the election but it is still n the minds of many Nigerians. The key issue that the country will face will be its economic growth and how it fits into a new world order based on dropping oil prices.