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Norka Luque: The Legendary Artist

Emilio Estefan, Midas King of music, features the Venezuelan Norka Soraya Martinez Luque. Norka was named in honor of her mother also called Norka. Her mother recalls that whenever Norka Luque would cry as a child, music made her stop crying. She made her first musical production by the age of eight. She recorded the song “Shakira’s Anthology,” and continued with more songs produced by Luis Miguel. She used to frame events to what would become a full preparation of lessons in the world of music, piano, Flamenco, ballet, musical theory and others.


Great satisfaction scored winning tests from an early age of choreography. Norka used to sing at the school festival school-pipe and the golden voice. She earned a presence in international music with Juanes.


The desire to achieve and excel in her music dream took this Venezuelan girl to the United States. She also gave continuity to music as she continued to excel in her academics. He met Emilio Estefan J., the music producer, whose heart liked her music. She decided to tell him her project and asked him to let her sing in his jurisdiction.


She extended an invitation to the studio after listening to her music. He noted the great talent in Norka and said that she had all the necessary elements to propel her to fame and success. She decided to polish her voice and scheduled intensive practice to develop discipline in the star.


The city of Miami, the sea, sun, and palm trees witnessed the birth of the legendary music by the name Miracle. The great team of producers including Archie Pena, Gaitan brothers, Luigi Giraldo and many others under the direction of producer Emilio Estefan Jr. who woke up in the best performances of Norka. His work with the team to perfect Norka was a great blessing in her life. He stressed on the talent in Norka.


For three years now, Norka has continued to work hard and has presented his first single “as you do it.” It has earned her numerous awards, and the most important nomination of all is the 2011 Premios Lo Nuestro. She was voted as the best pop female artist competing favorably in the music industry with Shakira, Gloria Trevi, Natalia Jimenez stars and many others.


Her second single, “the Miracle,” has its official video released. This is a modern song with innovative sounds and a balance between reggae, pop, rock and roll to reach a merger with the Mediterranean rhythms.


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