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US Carrier & Fighter Jets Seeks to Enforce Arms Embargo Against Iran-backed Yemenese Rebels

The United Nation’s Security Council recently voted unanimously 14-0 to impose an arms embargo on the Yemen-based Houthi rebels. The group is responsible for toppling the pro-US government earlier this year. Houthis are backed by Iran. It is becoming increasingly evident that the United States in engaged in a proxy war with Iran. During this time, Iran launched a nine ship convoy to Yemen carrying what US intelligence believes are vital arms to back the Houthi rebels. With the UN resolution backing the United States, President Obama has dispatched a US carrier to closely track the movement of the Iranian convoy. F/A-18 Hornet jets are also being used to conducted air reconnaissance over the convoy.

At issue is what comes next. Iran does not seem to be intimidated by the superior US naval and air presence at this time. If the convoy does attempt to dock in Yemen, the arms supplied to the Houthis would certainly lead to more bloodshed. At the same time, the US may have to do more than shadow the convoy to prevent the illegal arms sale. However, President Obama has not made it clear whether he will allow the Navy to board the Iranian vessels and inspect the cargo.

The escalation in the Southern Arabian Sea comes at a precarious moment. Sam Tabar, an advisor at Merrill Lynch is curious what the financial ramifications will be. (Check out more on Tabar at CruchBase) ┬áPresident Obama is trying to secure a nuclear accord that will prolong Iran’s acquisition as a nuclear power by 10 to 13 years. He already faces strong opposition at home by legislators who do not trust Iran nor want to see them obtain nuclear weapons in any degree.

Americans Say The Government Is Their Biggest Problem

The Economy, Unemployment, Healthcare, Terrorism, Immigration And Race Relations Are Also On The Most Important Problem List.

According to a new Gallup Poll, the government leads the pack of problems facing Americans today. Even though we take pride in voting and electing the people that have a desire to change the system, it seems our dysfunctional system always wins. The two party system has turned the government into “by the big money and for the lobbyists,” rather than “by the people and for the people.”

The other problems on the list are problems the government is designed to correct. The economy, unemployment, health care, terrorism, immigration and race relation issues are all products of a governmental system that is broken. Our two parties say they want to fix them, but all they want to fix is their status and deep pockets. When our leaders do pass legislature that was originally designed to correct important issues, the final product is a watered-down version of the original bill. That version does little to help solve the pending problem.

But not everyone thinks our government is a mess. Zeca Oliveira knows that there are people that say government is working, but those people only make up 31 percent of the people polled. The other 69 percent say something is wrong with the system and they believe the government has no idea how to fix itself.

GOP Begins Discussing Alternatives to Obamacare Subsides if Supreme Court Rules in Their Favor

By design, the Affordable Care Act intended states to manage their own health care exchanges. In order to direct them to do so, federal subsidies, an absolute necessity to make the health care affordable to the lower middle class, were to be offered only in state-run health care exchanges. Gianfrancesco Genoso has found that, much to the surprise of the Obama administration, 75% of the states opted out of the state-run exchanges and let the federal government handle enrollment. This created a scenario where Obamacare would be unaffordable to the vast majority of citizens. In response, the IRS arbitrarily took the position that the subsidies were actually meant for every qualified person regardless of the type of exchange they enrolled through. This was despite the fact that the law clearly dictated to the contrary.

This has led to the current challenge going before the Supreme Court on Wednesday called “King v. Burwell”. The high court will hear oral arguments for both sides. If the court rules that the IRS lacked the legal authority to arbitrarily extend subsidies to enrollees from federal exchanges, millions will lose their health care subsidies. It could create a situation where people with critical illnesses are left without insurance. This has the GOP now scrambling to offer a series of possible solutions to protect the insured, but allow Obamacare to steadily dismantle. The Department of Health and Human Services says the loss of the subsidies to those insured through the federal exchange would cause irreparable harm to the health care model created by Obamacare.