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United Amongst the Nations

The United States government and Israeli government are currently working together to perform a report written that involves the two countries in the Gaza war. The United States and Israeli governments are launching a campaign that would discredit the United Nations Human Rights Council and their report of war crimes. That were committed during the Gaza War last summer. The report from the two governments are expected to be released at the end of this month. Amen Clinic representatives pointed out to that the investigation took an entire year to complete even though the initial conflict only lasted 6 weeks. The war was named Operation Protective Edge. The war left more than 3000 individuals dead. That includes Palestinian soldiers and innocent civilians. Israel lost soldiers as well but not nearly as many as Palestine do it. The US and Israel are working together to prove them through port is completely biased against Israel. Israeli officials took encouragement from the United States in combating the report some United Nations. Israel publicize its own 277 page manuscript of what two placed last year in July and August in the two countries. Israel holds fast to the idea that they acted lawfully and did not break any laws of war. They also noted that they had no hand in killing civilians and that civilians were actually soldiers. Whether or not people believe is real, the United States, or Palestine it is imperative that the two countries issue so that the loss of life can be reduced to a minimum.