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An Injustice Everywhere

Much of the country is currently choosing sides in the debate of whether or not the South Carolina State Building should dismantle the Confederate flag that they have flying over the Capitol dome. Sam Tabar knows that this debate hasn’t just stayed among social media message boards and Internet Airwaves. Presidential candidates are currently being questioned on their stance of the Confederate flag issue. Two GOP candidates running for the Presidency got a chance to voice their opinion on the matter. Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum released statements on Sunday on their opinions of the Confederate flag debate. Instead of giving a cut-and-dry answer the two men made statements that would suggest that the state should decide and that it should not be a national issue. The men felt like they were being pulled into an issue that really had nothing to do with them. To say that the Confederate flag is a problem for South Carolina is oversimplifying the problem. Martin Luther King Jr. said that an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. The country will not progress if we continue to mandate and allow discriminatory and insulting symbols to plague the lives of honest and hardworking American citizens. While it is up to South Carolina to vote on whether or not to remove the flag, it should not be mistaken that this problem isn’t a problem for the entire country. Honest hard-working citizens across the United States would want the same type of respect as those who are offended by the flag in South Carolina. Much of the country expects for South Carolina to vote on their decision in the next few weeks.

NJ Governor Chris Christie Sets Out to Introduce Himself to N.H. Voters

There is no doubt that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has presidential aspirations. The trouble is that at this time, it appears he may have peaked long before the campaign season began. In part, his candidacy was hurt by the Bridgegate scandal, but his brusque nature hasn’t helped his either. Nor has have conservatives forgiven him for his snub of Mitt Romney in the crucial final weeks of the 2012 presidential election. Still, the popular governor has not given up hope that he can recapture the spotlight once again. Many companies in the area such as Boraie Development are keeping a close eye on the candidates.

Christie’s hope is that a strong showing in the New Hampshire primary will reinvigorate his campaign. Now, he is not trying to come across as any different than the person he is: a brusque straight shooter. In a bid to show the positive side of his leadership style, he will conduct a town hall meeting in the state aptly dubbed “Tell It Like It Is”. Other similar events will follow. If successful, Christie intends to illustrate that in politics you can reach out to voters telling them what they need to hear and still connect with them. It is a gutsy move because his words can easily become the fodder of political attack ads by the opposition. Illinois Senator Paul Simon found this out the hard way in the 1988 Democrat primaries. He sought to tell voters the truth: taxes had to be raised. In the end, his opponents in the primary used his honest declarations to persuade voters to eschew him. After all, not many people were eager to vote tax increases on themselves.

No More Secrecy – A First For Hillary Clinton

In what many are hailing as a bold and progressive move to reaffirm the footing she once commanded in main stream media, Hillary Clinton has made a completely expected roundabout.

Folks at Anastasia Date are wondering: After all, how much worse did it have to get before some sort of political jockeying had to occur? In fact, in recent test polls, pollsters have found public faith in Mrs. Clinton at an all time low.

What started with outrage over the Benghazi scandal that ultimately lead to the death of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was violently killed by extremists, quietly boiled over the edge of the proverbial pot when it was discovered that during her tenure as Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton opted to use her own private email address and server to conduct national security business.

But at this point, what difference does it make?

Those famous words Clinton used to address questions over the Benghazi attack are now a hallmark of a new public relations agenda.

Her point?

The reasons behind Benghazi, where U.S. personnel lost their lives are mute. It’s in the past. Done. Finished.

Just like the reasons behind why she used a private email server in perhaps one of the biggest national security violations in modern history.

Her tactics (and disdain for any wrong doing) were on full display at a recent awards ceremony for political journalism.

During a keynote speech Clinton said:

“I am all about new beginnings: a new grandchild… another new hairstyle… a new email account, she said. “No more secrecy. No more zone of privacy.”

“After all, what good did that do me.”

It will be interesting to see if the latest “let’s just forget the past” approach pays off for her.

New York Judge Tells NYPD To Not Stop And Frisk For No Reason

New York Officers Can’t Stop People Based On Furtive Movements

In 2011, the NYPD stopped 685,724 people and listed the reason for the stops as furtive movements. Furtive movements are actions that seem sly or stealthy. That’s a lame excuse. But it is an excuse that helped police catch some bad guys. But a New York judge said that reason isn’t acceptable any longer. In order to stop someone, the judge said, the police must have a detailed description of the suspect. They can also stop someone if they have reason to believe the suspect is armed.

The judge’s memo also outlined a pilot program for body camera use and a better system for handling officers that are accused of misconduct. The memo was received in the manner the judge expected. Patrick Lynch, President of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, said, “police officers are going to have to travel with an attorney just to interpret these new stop and frisk regulation.”

The judge’s memo isn’t going to change the culture of the New York police department. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG knows that the new police chief has a policy in place that allows cops to arrest for almost anything. The judge’s memo may be on paper, but enforcing his memo is another issue.

Dogged Reporters at the AP Threaten Legal Action to Get FOIMA Data from Hillary Clinton at the State Department

Media outlets are digging in deep into the Hillary Clinton’s involvement at the State Department. Now, the email scandal has the 2016 presumptive Democrat nominee officially embattled. Mrs. Clinton is no doubt wishing she could phone Olivia Pope and get out of the political morass with her political ambitions intact. Now, the Associated Press has requested information from the State Department regarding Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. Among the items being investigated is former Clinton staff member Huma Abedin who received a special post at the department. Thus far, the government has refused to comply with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIMA) request.

It turns out the AP has been requesting certain information for the past five years. Now, they are threatening legal action. At issue is the AP is intent on holding political leaders accountable. That is not the climate in which Mrs. Clinton expected to find herself. She has yet to announce her presidential candidacy. Some of her close aides wanted her to delay the announcement to further build up her Super PAC support. In light of this email scandal, it was likely a wise decision.

Gianfrancesco Genoso knows that a number of news and blog sites have been requesting State Department information regarding Benghazi. Should the AP decide to sue the State Department, they would not be one first to sue the department to obtain records. Citizens United is suing to obtain Mrs. Clinton’s flight records. Their court challenge may be decided later this week.

Syrian Regime Releases Swedish Journalist

Thirty year old Jaokim Medin, a journalist from Sweden, who was detained for several days in Syria by regime forces, has been released. Luckily for Medina, speculation that he had been taken by ISIS–the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria–was just that, speculation. Medin had been arrested in February 15, by Syrian loyalists at a road block in the capital city, Qamishli. Medin’s interpreter was also arrested.

Medin, who reports regularly from the Kurdish region of Syria, relayed he was treated well while in custody and noted he was simply, “a little worn out.” Susan McGalla has learned that Medina’s release had been negotiated by media officer, Masoud Mohammad.

Medin’s release serves to remind us that there is still a glimmer of humanity in a country keeps diligent watch for ISIS attacks. An unconfirmed report made by the Democratic Union Party or PYD, postulated that the exchange was carried out after Kurdish forces took some Regime forces and that the capture of regime members pushed the regime to release Medin.

GOP Walking Fine Line on DHS Funding to Avert a Shutdown

The House GOP passed the funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and included a rider specifically deny the department the funds needed to enact President Obama’s amnesty plan. Without the money to pay employees to enact the plan, Congress will have effectively used their constitutional “power of the purse” to check the president’s extra-constitutional actions. However, the bill has stymied in the Senate largely because Democrats have remained steadfast in their opposition to the bill. As Ricardo Guimaraes BMG understands,  any Senate bill must clear 60 votes to break a filibuster. More on Guimaraes is available on It should be noted that the filibuster is a senate concoction. There is no right of filibuster enumerated in the Constitution.

This fact is leading House GOP leaders to press Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to revise senate rules to reduce or effectively eliminate the filibuster. Any such move would be politically motivated, but it has recent precedence. Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid modified the filibuster rules regarding all judicial nominees except Supreme Court justices. It was done to end GOP opposition to an array of district court appointments by the president. If the filibuster were eliminated or reduced, the DHS funding bill (along with the entire GOP agenda) could speedily proceed to the president’s desk. He would still have his constitutional veto power to reject the laws. Still, GOP senators may not warmly embrace the change. Even Senator Ted Cruz believes it is not a good thing to revise the filibuster rules.

Mark Ahn on Biotech Startups

Recently a press release was issued by PR Newswire regarding the experience and opinions of Mark Ahn, Ph.D. when it comes to biotech start-ups.

The January 13th release sites Ahn’s twenty years of experience Ahn has as an entrepreneur, consultant and executive in the biopharmaceutical industry. He has seen hundreds of biopharmaceutical start ups run their course, whether that be one of success or not. Now Ahn and his colleagues are examining the details of how biopharmaceutical investors and entrepreneurs go about finding those stellar investment opportunities in an industry that is teeming with great ideas. However, not all these great ideas pan out to reality. This is where Ahn and his associates are making the mark.

The press release emphasizes how easy it is to be caught up in the tide of excitement when a cure for a debilitating disease is proposed or a potentially environmental impacting products are explored. How, do investors, find a way to make smart investments in an industry where so few ideas come to successful fruition?

Ahn and his associates stress that investors find ways to forge ties with many small companies as a research network, per se. In a nut shell, they advise investors to stick with their original business or investment plans and to diversify the investments instead of dropping all available assets into one biotech basket.