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Chris Christie: Another Candidate for President

Another Republican has entered the crowded race for president and it is Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey.

Governor Christie believes that Americans are tired of hand-wringing, indecisiveness and weakness in the White Office. We need a strong person in the Oval Office. These are some of the reasons that he is running for president.

Christie has been admired as well as praised for his arrogant, take-no-prisoners way. He likes telling like it is.

One key part of his campaign platform is expected to be entitlement spending. He revealed a plan to deal with this issue earlier this year in New Hampshire.

His running seems to Dondero to show that he does not expect past scandals to hurt him. He has been accused of closing major roads and bridges to retaliate against a New Jersey mayor who did not support his run for governor. He is accused of spending money for his own uses that should have been used to repair damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

He should be the fourteenth Republican candidate running for president.