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Success Follows Dick DeVos Through His Life

Dick DeVos is a name I have been aware of for many years, but taking a look at his life in an article from the New Netherland Institute gave me a fresh look at just how much success the Michigan based businessperson has found. DeVos has always been willing to look outside the comfort zone of his the AmWay Group his father founded and continues to spend a long period of time working to make his Windquest company as successful as possible.

I was initially unaware of the success DeVos initially found as the leader of the foreign arm of the AmWay group when he was finally promoted to the role of vice president at AmWay in 1984. Responsible for an under performing arm of the AmWay Group I was impressed by the turnaround Dick DeVos oversaw in 18 global markets, which later allowed his father the confidence to appoint him the President of AmWay; Dick Devos impressed me with the many chances he took over the course of his career, including his years spent guiding the NBA’s Orlando Magic to their highest levels of success.

Dick DeVos has not only been an impressive businessperson but also one of the top philanthropists in the nation, which is where I first became aware of the work he completes with the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. I first became aware of Dick DeVos as a campaigner for education reform in the Grand Rapdis, Michigan region, a campaign he continued across the U.S. with the opening of many charter schools.

Alongside the work Dick DeVos has completed for education I was also impressed by the way the former Libertarian political candidate has worked to make sure the arts remain an important part of life in all areas of the U.S. Reading the Wikipedia page of Dick DeVos shows he is an avid supporter of the arts in their major form at the Kennedy Center of the Arts and at local level in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

One Uncommon School Senior A Year Will Receive Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship

One talented student a year will receive an opportunity to share their ambition and goals in a 1000 word essay and be rewarded 5 cent a word in a $5,000 scholarship. This excellent opportunity is sponsored by Keith and Keely Mann for a student at the Uncommon School in Brooklyn to attend and graduate college. Uncommon Schools are charter public schools that close achievement gaps by preparing low income students for college. It has a network of 44 charter schools in Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey that serve over 14,000 K-12 students.

Keith Mann has a proven ability to recognize talent. For over 15 years he has been supplying executive talent in the financial industry. In 2002, he recognized a need in the rapidly growing hedge fund market and in 2006, expanded his practice to include the private equity industry. Keith started Dynamic Search Partners in 2009 as an executive search firm that only handles alternative investment firms. Currently the CEO and taking on the day to day management of Dynamics Search Partners, he is working with firms in the US, Europe and Asia serving over 200 clients a year.

Partnering with Uncommon Schools who creates and manages urban charter public schools and offering this opportunity to Brooklyn high school students is another way for Keith Mann is supporting and serving their communities. Keely Mann’s uncle is a Staten Island police officer and they send lunch to show officers their support, especially during this time of rising violence and negative pubic opinion directed toward police officers. Knowing that the majority of people support the police in their effort to keep people safe, New York supporter attended a rally in January and similar rallies are held around the country. Supporting both the police and the low income community with his efforts, Keith and Keely are truly set to make a difference.

Businessman Keith Mann Starts Scholarship for Low-Income School

Philanthropist and businessman, Keith Mann, along with his wife, Keely, announced a new scholarship they will be sponsoring, according to a Business Wire article. The scholarship is set up for a graduating senior from Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn. Uncommon Schools is a non-profit organization that manages charter school in low-income urban locations. The non-profit’s hope is to encourage and prepare low-income students to attend and graduate college.

The Scholarship for Professional Achievement is meant to help low-income students who show a promising future in business and leadership attend a four-year institution. Those interested in applying must write an essay on how attending college is critical to their future career goals. The deadline for applications is February 29. Winners will be announced at the end of March and awarded $5,000 to go toward forwarding their education.

Mann is the director of Dynamics Search Partners, an executive search agency. He started his career with Dynamic Associates in the alternative investment division before co-founding Dynamics Search Partners. His experience in the investment industry allows him and his company to find talented executives for hedge-funds. Dynamics Search Partners are experts in finding the right executive for any position. They maintain positive relationships with clients world wide as well as the talented executives in their database.

With a healthy respect for the business world, it is no wonder Mann wants to help the next generation of business leaders realize their potential. Keith Mann has taken a great interest in Uncommon Schools. In the past he has held benefits, raising thousands of dollars for the organization to assist students in many areas such as preparing for standardized testing. Uncommon Charter High School has only been open for a few years, and Dynamics Search Partners helped raise money for supplies and other necessities before the school opened. Mann and his company have a heart for education and will continue to support it. Follow Keith on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on all of his philanthropic contributions.

Dick DeVos Reveals Details Of His Family’s Philanthropy

Many of the world’s most famous business people reveal much about the charitable giving they do on a regular basis. In contrast, Dick DeVos has maintained a large amount of secrecy about the foundation he operates with his wife, Betsy; a few details have now been released by MLive providing an insight into the activities of one of the best known foundations in the U.S. Assets of almost $50 million were reported for the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation at the end of 2013, alongside of charitable donations made of around $7 million in the same year. Unlike many other foundations the work of Dick and Betsy DeVos takes in a range of programs and giving opportunities, which include support ranging from just $250 to more than $1 million for different programs.

The DeVos family has worked hard to be left in a position to provide support for many groups within the Grand Rapids area and the U.S. as a whole. A net worth of more than $1.5 billion has been reported for Dick DeVos after his expert leadership of the AmWay group improved the financial position of the company. A family tradition of charitable giving began with Richard DeVos and has been continued by Dick and Betsy as they initially looked to improve the Grand Rapids, Michigan area the family is based within.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

Many educational and civic programs have been supported by the DeVos Foundation, which has seen the family provide support for the growing number of charter high schools in Michigan, including the West Michigan Aviation Academy Dick and Betsy founded. Dick is a pilot of both airplanes and helicopters himself, and this hand in hand with his passion for education is what drove he and Betsy to found the school.

The good works of Dick and Betsy DeVos in the field of education do not end at the high school level, but continue as far as masters education for those awarded scholarships. The focus of scholarships programs is wide ranging and includes support for those seeking to further their education in the field of finance and the arts.

Businessman Billionaire Encouraging the Wealthy to Give by Example

Grand RAPIDS, MI — Several years back, a Grand Rapids entrepreneur was welcomed by Dick DeVos with a costly compliment.

“You resemble a million bucks,” the Amway fellow benefactor, Orlando Magic proprietor and Grand Rapids businessman as an extremely rich person says Leslie Tassell, the founder of Autoparts maker Lescoa. That was Tassell’s inspiration to give $1 million to a private cause DeVos was supporting. 

Though they have been private about the amounts they have donated to charity in the past, the DeVos family has stated publicly that its lifetime giving has reached the extraordinary amount of $1.2 billion. That is the type of information that the family establishments that has been provided to Forbes, which in October uncovered that lifetime all out and what the DeVoses gave DeVoses gave in 2014, $94 million. The revelation of this private information took many years of nudging from the magazine. The family said it trusts the rundown influence of knowledge of others’ liberality. “The Forbes magazine serves a benchmark for giving and supporting others in our group of the wealthy,” said John Truscott, a representative for the DeVos family. 

Among West Michigan’s well off, social clout doesn’t originate from the garments you wear or automobiles one drives. Social impact originates from the amount you give to others in need. That’s why DeVos, along with his wife created the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to give their wealth to others rather than amassing it for themselves. Education is of great value to their family, so it was no surprise when they founded the aviation high school in West Michigan, where underpriviledged children can get an eduacation in flight. You can see his own passion for aeronautics in the video below of his helicopter landing in downtown Grand Rapids.

What’s more, the DeVos name is is one of the most well regarded in West Michigan, alongside other wealth holders rich and philanthropy-minded individuals such as Van Andel and Meijer. 

The family is very well known for its backing of traditionalist political candidates and issues. However, the numbers above released by Forbes do not include donations to politicians.

However to private sources, the DeVoses gave $90.9 million in 2013, with 48 percent of the money going to education, 27 percent to community wellbeing, 13 percent to places of worship or religious associations, and 12 percent to expressions and society. 

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