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End Citizen United Restoring American to its Grandeur

Reports of a Russian company influence on the 2016 presidential elections were not surprising to most Americans. The investigations on Kremlin’s connection to the Trump campaigns were bearing fatal evidence. The elected officials stood complicit in the degradation of the whole electro process with the speculation of some politician having colluded with Russian officials. Visit to know more.

The hundred thousand dollar ad campaign uncovered by the Muller was just a tip of the ice bag on the gravity nature of the matter. Foreign bodies are technically not allowed to contribute toward political campaigns. Sadly, preventing such foreign interventions in the democratic process has proven quite difficult because of the indifference of the country’s campaign finance laws. It makes it challenging to know how much of the foreign funds got used.

The End Citizens United, however, revealed that Russians donor weren’t the only foreign actors who tried to manipulate the elections. The Chinese citizens gave 1.3 million dollas to Jeb Bush super PAC through the American Pacific International Capital. A Mexican entrepreneur also made donations through a shell corporation. Tracking that money is however tricky because of the limited regulations regarding such contributions.

The contentious verdict by the Supreme Court in 2010, on a case: Citizen United versus the United States Federal Election Commission, made the labor unions’ and advocacy groups’ right to donate unlimited sums to political campaigns, constitutionally protected. This unlimited funding has the adverse influence on democracy. The organizations with the most money can easily bribe politicians. It also makes it hard for politicians to make it past the primary without ample financial backing.

To fight against this, the End Citizens United, a political action committee have endorsed the Democrats politicians seeking reforms. Proposals have been made like the Disclosure Act, the By the People reform package, and the Get Foreign Money out of U. S. Elections. In 2015 the founders of the ECU started their fundraising campaigns to counter the influence of the external and corporate money. They aim at gathering 35 million dollars by the 2018 midterm elections, from the hundreds of thousand individuals who felt that the system rigged against them.

End Citizen United is a nonprofit organization given to limiting the influence of money in the United States elections and restoring integrity in the democracy. It got founded in 2010 after the controversial Supreme Court ruling. They back candidates dedicated to reformations and bring the public’s attention to corrupt activities of the process.

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End Citizens United Fighting for the Common Man

In 2010, the Supreme Court of the United States made a ruling that would change the scope of elections funding in American politics. The case was Citizens United vs. Federal Elections committee. In its ruling, the Supreme Court stated that corporations were just like people and thus protected under the First Amendment. Campaign funding according to the court is a form of speech therefore protected under the first amendment. This ruling is based on a 1976 decision that campaign spending was a form of expression.

End Citizens United was founded on 1st March 2015, getting its funding from the grassroots. Its establishment was so as to fight Citizens United. End Citizens United says that the 2010 Supreme Court ruling introduced dark money into United States politics and they are therefore seeking a constitutional amendment to reverse the Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Committee ruling. End Citizen United is also dedicated to reforms in campaign finance and fight the buying of elections by wealthy individuals who only seek to push their personal agenda and not the nations. They also aim to work to pass pro-reform laws by working with ballot measures campaigns and use membership from the grassroots to flex their political power.

End Citizens United also support candidates who share their pro-reform ideologies to get into congress and the House of Representatives. For them, the issue of money in politics is a priority nationally and should concern every citizen who values democracy and transparency in leadership.

End Citizens United president, Tiffany Muller, disclosed that they had raised over $7.5 million by mid-2017 through grassroots donations. They want to use this funds to back candidates financially by setting up an expenditure arm that is independent and starts enacting campaign finance reforms from local to state level of governance. The End Citizens United ensures that the public is aware of the 2010 Supreme Court decision mounting pressure on political actors and the Supreme Court not to make such decisions in future. With thousands of followers on social media i.e. Twitter and Facebook, they ensure that their message reaches even the millennials who are not concerned with politics gaining a larger support base in the process.

Recently, End Citizens United has come out to protest against the plan to repeal the Johnson Amendment by a section of politicians allied to President Donald Trump. The Johnson Amendment was introduced in the year 1954 and sought to curb institutions and organizations such as churches that are exempt from taxation from campaigning and funding a candidate in politics. End Citizens United is mobilizing its members and public, in general, educating them on election funding for them to be aware of the potential repeal of the Johnson Amendment.  Read more on End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules:


End Citizens United Battles The Erosion Of Campaign Finance Rules At All Levels

End Citizens United is known as the PAC fighting to bring an end to one of the most divisive Supreme Court decisions in the history of the U.S. Campaign finance rules are always under threat and are all being protected by End Citizens United which has far more reach beyond the realm of simply fighting to end the Citizens United decision which the groups itself admits will be difficult to do in the current political climate; there are many issues facing those with an interest in the campaign financing laws of the U.S. and the fight to halt any firther erosion of the finance rules of the U.S. is something the group is determined to do.

The latest threat End Citizens United has identified to the freedom and democratic election process is the signing of an Executive Order designed to erode the powers passed into law under the title of the Johnson Amendment. Introduced to the Senate by then-Senator and future President, Lyndon Johnson in 1954, the Johnson Amendment was designed to ensure the separation of Church and State by threatening the tax-exempt status of any charitable group providing campaign financing for candidates or political parties. Becoming known as the Johnson Amendment, this piece of legislation was not controversial when introduced and has largely been left unopposed on the law books; however, the status of the Johnson Amendment was placed under threat in 2016 when President Donald Trump announced his determination to repeal the Johnson Amendment when he entered The White House. Read more on crunchbase to know more about End Citizen United.

The process of removing the Johnson Amendment from the law books may have been sidestepped by President Trump when he signed an Executive Order stating the IRS should not actively enforce the rule of law in this case. The Johnson Amendment is seen as an important piece of legislation for those who have an interest in U.S. politics because the separation of Church and State halts a large amount of unknown money flooding into the political system with tax refunds offered on much of the money donated. End Citizens United explains the problem of any removal of the power of the Johnson Amendment could result in large tax exemptions being claimed on campaign funding from unknown individuals.

The work of End Citizens United is not limited to simply protecting the erosion of campaign financing rules but has also led to the group endorsing a number of Democrat’s for office across its short lifespan. High-profile Democrat’s such as Elizabeth Warren has been endorsed for their stance on overturning the Citizens United decision and gave its endorsement to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential Election campaign. Learn more:


Mr. Archie Parnell – A Leading Reformer and A Great Activist

Mr. Archie Parnell was born and raised in South Carolina. His family taught him the real value of sheer dedication and hard work. When he got his law degree from South Carolina University, he began to work at the Justice Department. He has got immense experience under his belt, and that will prove to be beneficial to the Congress. He is a great supporter of making the tax code redesigned. He is the notion that this will make the companies stop concealing their financial gains in a foreign land completely.


At least more than 70 percent of the votes were given to Mr. Archie Parnell. He has got tremendous support before he gets ready for the election. Mr. Parnell strives to have some betterment in politics to eradicate corruption and give freedom to the South Carolinians.


Mr. Archie Parnell has been an active advocate to end the system that is in total disorder. He wants an independent representative for South Carolina. End Citizens United came into existence on Mar. 2015 to completely reform the finance system.


End Citizens United had raised at least $4 million in the first part of the year 2017 and had at least 100,000 donors who actively donated $14. It has a plan to collect another $35 million.


This group has grown to more than three million members, and that includes more than 29000 in only South Carolina. The company has gathered more than $million in the first half of 2017 with an average of $12. The organization has got support from 100,000 donors.


The complete enhancement in funding will enable the End Citizens United to elevate its resources in support of the candidates. This election is a ray of hope for the Americans, and it will bring a new wave of reformers who are bent to improve the system in Washington.


End Citizens United came into existence on Mar. 2015 to tackle the critical impact of the Citizens United decision and work to make the finance system reformed. This group has got 15000 members in Las Vegas. It has more than 27000 members in Nevada.


People are frustrated and unhappy with the rigged system, and Mr. Parnell will be a ray of hope for them to eradicate the inefficiencies in this bad system. He has promised to bring sweeping reforms to this system and follow a path of absolutely clean politics keeping the bad money out of it.


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George Soros: Democrats’ strongest workhorse

George Soros is a strong workhorse for the Democratic Party, whether it is raising money or taking up causes that are a key part of the Democrats’ platform. George Soros was a strong advocate for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Soros donated more than $2 million to boost Hillary Clinton during her hard fought campaign against Republican Donald Trump.

George Soros associates believe he has even given more than $24 billion through currency trades, in order to help increase his support of Hillary down the stretch. Soros was originally born in Hungary but has spent his illustrious career in New York and even attempted to attend his first Democratic convention here to watch Clinton accept the Democratic presidential nomination. However, he was forced to skip, so he could focus on the economic situation in Europe.

George Soros has increased his political engagement because of his desire to set America down a positive road. Soros believed the political stakes were exceptionally high during this chaotic election cycle. Soros has been a workhorse turning on the massive cash flow, in the fight to beat to Trump last November. Soros has also launched a massive mobilization effort in an attempt to unify liberal donors. Read his profile at Forbes.

While George Soros was disappointed in the outcome of 2004, he increased his drive and launched a secretive club of major liberal donors known as the Democracy Alliance. It turns funding away from groups that fight short-term battles and instead funds groups that fight long-term battles, such as climate change, income inequality and the role of big business in politics.

Soros continues to deliver big results for the Republicans, whether that be in financial contributions or voter mobilization. George Soros continues to be a strong leader in the Democratic Party’s group of business leaders. Soros now looks ahead to the future and see how he can continue to rebuild America.

Read more on BigThink about George Soros.

George Soros and Other Donors Prepare to Resist Trump

George Soros and other wealthy liberals who had donated millions of dollars for the Hillary Clinton campaigns will gather at Washington, DC for a closed door meeting that will last three days. The meeting’s agenda will be on how to retool the left funds in fighting Donald Trump. The conference will be at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and is sponsored by the prominent Democracy Alliance donor club on There are expected appearances by leaders of liberal groups and leading unions and friends of the left. These friends include Sen. Elizabeth Warren, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Keith Ellison, the Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman.

First Democratic Gathering since Elections
Ever since the shocking victory of Trump over Hillary Clinton, this will be the first ever gathering held by the institutional left. As the agenda suggests, the liberals on Biography are planning war with Trump from his first day in office. There are other sessions that will deal with the plans for 2017 and 2018 elections. There will be sessions dealing with how to thwart Trump’s 100-day plan. The plan is widely viewed as an assault targeting on the achievements made by President Obama.

Lessons Learnt from the 2016 Presidential Elections
A number of mixed reactions have been experienced from the Democratic Alliance and the Democrats at since the last election. A liberal operative was quoted saying that the DA did not need to completely overhaul its political approach. The operative emphasized on the need for people to take the right lessons from the 2016 elections where Trump got fewer votes than Mitt Romney and Clinton won the popular vote. George Soros added that the strategy to win the next elections would be to find candidates who would inspire the voters to come out in great numbers and vote for the democrats.

Democracy Alliance
Democracy Alliance was founded shortly after the elections in 2004 by George Soros and the late Peter Lewis, an insurance mogul, and several democratic mega-donors. The mega-donors had pooled their resources to help John Kerry, who was a senator to trounce President George W. Bush, but was unsuccessful. The group seeds think tanks and advocacy groups outside the party to push its politicians and party to the left while defending them from attacks emanating from the right.

The Truth Behind The Myth Of Charles Koch

For those who are interested in business the name Charles Koch is associated with the role the business leader plays with his brother David Koch as the heads of the Koch Industries empire. Charles and David have developed their company from being focused on oil refining when their father established it into one of the most profitable and varied group of businesses in the world.

Despite the success he has achieved as a business leader, Charles Koch is also well known for his role as a political advocate for conservative groups across the U.S. Charles Koch often sees himself and his brother David presented as the face of the major problems facing U.S. politics, but he has been playing an important role in politics since the 1970s that went largely unnoticed until recent years.

The Koch brothers now play a leading role in the political scene of the U.S. and joined hundreds of other wealthy conservative donors to push forward candidates from the GOP and further conservative beliefs. The facts of the involvement of Charles Koch in U.S. politics makes it difficult to believe the propaganda that he is part of a conspiracy against President Barrack Obama; instead Charles Koch has been providing support for Republican candidates for high office dating back to 2003 when he provided funding for the election campaign of President George W. Bush.

A number of accusations are also made about the role Charles Koch plays with the Republican Party, which many media outlets claim he is dividing in a bid to form a third party. In fact, Charles Koch spent much of the 1970s looking to establish a third party under libertarian policies, which he later abandoned as the party failed to take hold of the public imagination and took away from grass roots GOP support.

There are a number of issues raised in the media and by liberal politicians about the role played by Wichita, Kansas based Charles and David Koch, including the fact they are only out to protect the interests of themselves and their businesses. However, a close look at the history of the policies backed by Charles Koch shows he has regularly opposed tax breaks for wealthy individuals and businesses that would have benefited Koch Industries. Charles Koch is also well known for opposing the growth of the federal government, which Charles Koch feels is placing the success of the entire U.S. at risk.

Charles Koch Agrees With Bernie Sanders On Key Issue

Charles Koch is a prominent and highly successful businessman. He is the CEO of Koch Industries and also serves as its chairman. Koch Industries is one of the largest and most profitable private firms based in the United States. The firm has revenues upwards of $115 billion a year. Charles Koch own net worth is estimated to be around $45 billion dollars, making him one of the most wealthiest people not only in the United States, but also in the entire world. Charles Koch is also involved heavily in the Koch Foundation, a non-profit group that endows hundreds of millions of dollars to charities and educational efforts.

Charles Koch recently released an op-ed where he stated that he agrees on a key issue with Vermont senator and Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders. The issue that the wealthy industrialist and senator Sanders agree on is wealth inequality. Koch states in his op-ed that wealth inequality is only growing in the United States. The gap should be closing, instead it is only growing, and that is a worrisome trend according to Charles Koch.

Current policies such as corporate welfare and crony capitalism are favoring large corporations such as Koch’s own firm and those with political connections. They are making it harder for new businesses to enter the market and to compete with existing firms. These kinds of policies stifle innovation and up hurting the consumer who cannot get access to the fruits of the free market stemming from competition and innovation.

Mr. Koch goes on to say that current policies are picking winners and losers instead of allowing the free market determine who is the best. These policies are dooming millions of people to poverty and hopelessness states Mr. Koch. Charles Koch describes an increasingly two tiered society, that is made up of the haves and the have nots.

Koch admits that he agrees with Bernie Sanders sentiment that our political and economic system are rigged. It serves the wealthy few and privileged while leaving millions of ordinary people out in the dust. Ordinary folks meanwhile are left out at a considerable disadvantage and without a level playing field. So it is no wonder that we see a cycle of poverty perpetuating itself. This cycle is made out of political control, economic control, poverty, corporate welfare and policies that favor the wealthy while ignoring millions of ordinary citizens. Mr. Koch also says he agrees with senator Sanders on the need to reform the criminal justice system in the country.

Trump Frustrates Charles Koch’s Hopes for Presidential Election

In his piece, Can the Koch Brothers Stop Trump?, published on the Vanity Fair website, Daniel Schulman, author of “Sons of Wichita,” a book about the Koch family, and an editor at Mother Jones magazine, explains Charles Koch’s response to Donald Trump’s success during the presidential campaign. Despite being one of the wealthiest people in the U.S., Koch recently expressed regret that he has not been able to exert more influence in American politics.

Both Charles Koch and his brother David Koch have been working to bring their libertarian views to the political process for decades. Earlier on, they tried to influence politics as outsiders, and in the 1980 election, David was the vice presidential candidate for the libertarian party. More recently, the Kochs have tried to make the Republican party more hospitable to libertarian views. To accomplish this, the Kochs built a network of donors who can be tapped to support appealing candidates.

After former Gov. Mitt Romney’s failed presidential bid in 2012, the Kochs and their associates began planning their strategy for the 2016 election. The Kochs decided to withhold support until the general election because none of the hopefuls in the race shared all of the brothers’ views, and because none appeared to be a clear winner when the contest began last year. The Koch brothers invited several candidates to a meeting with their network, but they did not include Trump.

The positions that Trump has espoused on issues such as taxes, immigration and trade are opposite to those held by Charles Koch and he has been surprised by Trump’s popularity. If Trump wins in New Hampshire, Koch-funded groups may decide to come out against him, perhaps by emphasizing the tactics he has used to build his businesses. The Kochs are reluctant to do this because he has already suggested they have undue influence over the Republican party, and he is expected to repeat his claims if attacked.

The outcome of the Democratic primary race will also impact how the Koch brothers proceed. If Sen. Bernie Sanders is the nominee, the Kochs will support any Republican. Should former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton win the primary, the two have indicated that they many not back any candidate for the presidency.

Their efforts have helped give prominence to libertarian ideas, and they have inspired others to emulate their methods, but the Koch’s wealth may not be enough to secure a favorable outcome in November.

Bernie Sanders Knows What He Wants and How to Get It suggests that campaign season is heating up, and is arguably our century’s most important election. Our country and our earth are in danger, and it’s going to take something revolutionary to change things. Bernie Sanders might just be the guy to do it.

Sanders has been a strong and energetic leader for many decades, fighting for the middle class the entire time. If you don’t like “flip-flopping” politicians, you might want to take a closer look at Bernie Sanders, if you haven’t already.

With the announcement of his bid for the democratic nomination, Sanders is bringing the same message that he always has which is, we must fight for income inequality. Sanders is quick to point out that one percent of Americans own 99 percent of the countries wealth, while 99 percent of Americans are scrambling to collect the scrap that is left over for them.

Sanders wants to put the power back into the hands of normal, everyday Americans who make this country what it is. His campaign runs on the promise that he will deconstruct corrupted economic structures from within, distributing the wealth among the American people.

If the promises made by the Sanders campaign are kept, which he has been fighting to get the chance to fulfill for 40 years, it will truly be a revolutionary time in American history. One thing is sure, he is giving Clinton a run for her money.