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The Truth Behind The Myth Of Charles Koch

For those who are interested in business the name Charles Koch is associated with the role the business leader plays with his brother David Koch as the heads of the Koch Industries empire. Charles and David have developed their company from being focused on oil refining when their father established it into one of the most profitable and varied group of businesses in the world.

Despite the success he has achieved as a business leader, Charles Koch is also well known for his role as a political advocate for conservative groups across the U.S. Charles Koch often sees himself and his brother David presented as the face of the major problems facing U.S. politics, but he has been playing an important role in politics since the 1970s that went largely unnoticed until recent years.

The Koch brothers now play a leading role in the political scene of the U.S. and joined hundreds of other wealthy conservative donors to push forward candidates from the GOP and further conservative beliefs. The facts of the involvement of Charles Koch in U.S. politics makes it difficult to believe the propaganda that he is part of a conspiracy against President Barrack Obama; instead Charles Koch has been providing support for Republican candidates for high office dating back to 2003 when he provided funding for the election campaign of President George W. Bush.

A number of accusations are also made about the role Charles Koch plays with the Republican Party, which many media outlets claim he is dividing in a bid to form a third party. In fact, Charles Koch spent much of the 1970s looking to establish a third party under libertarian policies, which he later abandoned as the party failed to take hold of the public imagination and took away from grass roots GOP support.

There are a number of issues raised in the media and by liberal politicians about the role played by Wichita, Kansas based Charles and David Koch, including the fact they are only out to protect the interests of themselves and their businesses. However, a close look at the history of the policies backed by Charles Koch shows he has regularly opposed tax breaks for wealthy individuals and businesses that would have benefited Koch Industries. Charles Koch is also well known for opposing the growth of the federal government, which Charles Koch feels is placing the success of the entire U.S. at risk.

Charles Koch Agrees With Bernie Sanders On Key Issue

Charles Koch is a prominent and highly successful businessman. He is the CEO of Koch Industries and also serves as its chairman. Koch Industries is one of the largest and most profitable private firms based in the United States. The firm has revenues upwards of $115 billion a year. Charles Koch own net worth is estimated to be around $45 billion dollars, making him one of the most wealthiest people not only in the United States, but also in the entire world. Charles Koch is also involved heavily in the Koch Foundation, a non-profit group that endows hundreds of millions of dollars to charities and educational efforts.

Charles Koch recently released an op-ed where he stated that he agrees on a key issue with Vermont senator and Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders. The issue that the wealthy industrialist and senator Sanders agree on is wealth inequality. Koch states in his op-ed that wealth inequality is only growing in the United States. The gap should be closing, instead it is only growing, and that is a worrisome trend according to Charles Koch.

Current policies such as corporate welfare and crony capitalism are favoring large corporations such as Koch’s own firm and those with political connections. They are making it harder for new businesses to enter the market and to compete with existing firms. These kinds of policies stifle innovation and up hurting the consumer who cannot get access to the fruits of the free market stemming from competition and innovation.

Mr. Koch goes on to say that current policies are picking winners and losers instead of allowing the free market determine who is the best. These policies are dooming millions of people to poverty and hopelessness states Mr. Koch. Charles Koch describes an increasingly two tiered society, that is made up of the haves and the have nots.

Koch admits that he agrees with Bernie Sanders sentiment that our political and economic system are rigged. It serves the wealthy few and privileged while leaving millions of ordinary people out in the dust. Ordinary folks meanwhile are left out at a considerable disadvantage and without a level playing field. So it is no wonder that we see a cycle of poverty perpetuating itself. This cycle is made out of political control, economic control, poverty, corporate welfare and policies that favor the wealthy while ignoring millions of ordinary citizens. Mr. Koch also says he agrees with senator Sanders on the need to reform the criminal justice system in the country.

Trump Frustrates Charles Koch’s Hopes for Presidential Election

In his piece, Can the Koch Brothers Stop Trump?, published on the Vanity Fair website, Daniel Schulman, author of “Sons of Wichita,” a book about the Koch family, and an editor at Mother Jones magazine, explains Charles Koch’s response to Donald Trump’s success during the presidential campaign. Despite being one of the wealthiest people in the U.S., Koch recently expressed regret that he has not been able to exert more influence in American politics.

Both Charles Koch and his brother David Koch have been working to bring their libertarian views to the political process for decades. Earlier on, they tried to influence politics as outsiders, and in the 1980 election, David was the vice presidential candidate for the libertarian party. More recently, the Kochs have tried to make the Republican party more hospitable to libertarian views. To accomplish this, the Kochs built a network of donors who can be tapped to support appealing candidates.

After former Gov. Mitt Romney’s failed presidential bid in 2012, the Kochs and their associates began planning their strategy for the 2016 election. The Kochs decided to withhold support until the general election because none of the hopefuls in the race shared all of the brothers’ views, and because none appeared to be a clear winner when the contest began last year. The Koch brothers invited several candidates to a meeting with their network, but they did not include Trump.

The positions that Trump has espoused on issues such as taxes, immigration and trade are opposite to those held by Charles Koch and he has been surprised by Trump’s popularity. If Trump wins in New Hampshire, Koch-funded groups may decide to come out against him, perhaps by emphasizing the tactics he has used to build his businesses. The Kochs are reluctant to do this because he has already suggested they have undue influence over the Republican party, and he is expected to repeat his claims if attacked.

The outcome of the Democratic primary race will also impact how the Koch brothers proceed. If Sen. Bernie Sanders is the nominee, the Kochs will support any Republican. Should former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton win the primary, the two have indicated that they many not back any candidate for the presidency.

Their efforts have helped give prominence to libertarian ideas, and they have inspired others to emulate their methods, but the Koch’s wealth may not be enough to secure a favorable outcome in November.

Bernie Sanders Knows What He Wants and How to Get It suggests that campaign season is heating up, and is arguably our century’s most important election. Our country and our earth are in danger, and it’s going to take something revolutionary to change things. Bernie Sanders might just be the guy to do it.

Sanders has been a strong and energetic leader for many decades, fighting for the middle class the entire time. If you don’t like “flip-flopping” politicians, you might want to take a closer look at Bernie Sanders, if you haven’t already.

With the announcement of his bid for the democratic nomination, Sanders is bringing the same message that he always has which is, we must fight for income inequality. Sanders is quick to point out that one percent of Americans own 99 percent of the countries wealth, while 99 percent of Americans are scrambling to collect the scrap that is left over for them.

Sanders wants to put the power back into the hands of normal, everyday Americans who make this country what it is. His campaign runs on the promise that he will deconstruct corrupted economic structures from within, distributing the wealth among the American people.

If the promises made by the Sanders campaign are kept, which he has been fighting to get the chance to fulfill for 40 years, it will truly be a revolutionary time in American history. One thing is sure, he is giving Clinton a run for her money.

Bernie Sanders enters Presidential race

The canter of Hilary Clinton to victory took an unexpected turn with the news that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders had finally thrown his hat into the Presidential race, Time reports. As Flavio Maluf is aware, Sanders is one of only two Independents in the Senate and announced he would enter the Presidential race as a Democrat after many weeks of rumors circulating Capitol Hill he would make a bid for the highest job in US politics. Sanders faces a difficult task as Clinton and her team are looking to raise around $1 billion to support her bid to become the first female President of the US and return to the White House after her time there as First Lady beside President Bill Clinton.

Sanders is focusing his run at the Presidency on a message of change and will look to the support of the general public instead of wealthy donors to aid his bid for the White House. Sanders has recently been an active speaker in various states where Democratic primaries will feature in the early stages of the race and has made an impression with grassroots Democrats. However, the self professed socialist faces a challenge to overcome his profile amongst many as a left leaning liberal who would challenge big business and the inequality he says has sprung up between the rich and poor of the US.

US Senate Rejects Bid to Call Iran Nuclear Treaty a “Treaty”

The United States Constitution requires any treaty the president negotiates with foreign powers to be approved by a 2/3rds majority of the Senate. In this unique exercise of advise and consent, the senate is allowed as much time as needed to review the treaty before voting to ratify. However, Ong noted, the government has side stepped the constitutional mandate by labeling treaties as agreements, accords, frameworks, etc. On Thursday, Senator Ron Johnson offered up an amendment which would classify the Iran Nuclear framework as an actual treaty. The measure was defeated by a vote of 56 to 39. All 46 Democrats and 13 Republicans voted not to classify the Iran nuclear treaty as a formal “treaty”.

Had the Johnson amendment passed, the Iran Nuclear bill would have undergone substantial changes by virtue of having to comply with the Constitution. In and of itself, it constitutes the very type of amendment Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, sponsor of the Iran Nuclear bill, is seeking to avoid. At the same time, the fact that the majority of GOP Senators including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell voted to pass the amendment is proof that the bill’s fate in the Senate is in question. While the Iran Nuclear bill seemingly enjoys broad support, it has come under intense scrutiny by conservatives as of late. The bill is said to virtually guarantee passage of any deal President Obama strikes with Iran. This is because the Corker bill guarantees senate approval unless a majority of senators vote to stop the treaty.

House Threatens to Wtihhold Secretary of Defense’s Funding Over Refusal to Submit Bergdahl Documents

President Obama’s problems over the controversial exchange of five seasoned and top Taliban fighters in exchange for Army Sergeant Bowie Bergdahl will not go away. In part, this is because of the recalcitrance of the Office of the Secretary of Defense to answer key questions regarding the prisoner exchange. At issue is the fact the prisoner exchange violated federal law. Federal statute dictates the president inform congress of a prisoner exchange and give them a 30-day window in which to review the exchange. Folks at AnastasiaDate ( has learned that the law was put in place to inject congressional oversight into the release of prisoners which at times has appeared to be arbitrarily.

When Sergeant Bowie Bergdahl was released, Congress wasn’t notified until after the exchange had taken place. At the time, President Obama claimed it was a simple goof up which led to Congress not being informed. GOP congressmen with the House Armed Services Committee have not been inclined to believe that pitch. Instead, they are demanding the Office of the Secretary of Defense answer key questions about the exchange. However, a year has gone by without the office giving up the information lawmakers are demanding. Specifically, previously released, but heavily redacted documents, indicate the Department of Defense was well aware that Congress was not being duly notified. This would indicate the prisoner exchange was knowingly conducted in violation of federal law. In a bid to force the DoD to give up more information, the House Armed Services Committee is threatening to withhold the Secretary of Defense’s budget which for the quarter is $500 million.

NJ Governor Chris Christie Sets Out to Introduce Himself to N.H. Voters

There is no doubt that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has presidential aspirations. The trouble is that at this time, it appears he may have peaked long before the campaign season began. In part, his candidacy was hurt by the Bridgegate scandal, but his brusque nature hasn’t helped his either. Nor has have conservatives forgiven him for his snub of Mitt Romney in the crucial final weeks of the 2012 presidential election. Still, the popular governor has not given up hope that he can recapture the spotlight once again. Many companies in the area such as Boraie Development are keeping a close eye on the candidates.

Christie’s hope is that a strong showing in the New Hampshire primary will reinvigorate his campaign. Now, he is not trying to come across as any different than the person he is: a brusque straight shooter. In a bid to show the positive side of his leadership style, he will conduct a town hall meeting in the state aptly dubbed “Tell It Like It Is”. Other similar events will follow. If successful, Christie intends to illustrate that in politics you can reach out to voters telling them what they need to hear and still connect with them. It is a gutsy move because his words can easily become the fodder of political attack ads by the opposition. Illinois Senator Paul Simon found this out the hard way in the 1988 Democrat primaries. He sought to tell voters the truth: taxes had to be raised. In the end, his opponents in the primary used his honest declarations to persuade voters to eschew him. After all, not many people were eager to vote tax increases on themselves.

Mayor Of Seattle Tells His Employees To Stay Away From Indiana

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Is Totally Against Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act

The mayor of Seattle is doing what other mayors around the country are thinking about doing noted Zeca Oliveira. Mayor Ed Murray thinks Indiana governor Mike Pence was in an altered state of consciousness when he signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act stated Murray ordered his employees to avoid traveling to the Hoosier state. The Seattle mayor said the law doesn’t reflect the values of his city.

Even the NCAA is waffling on its commitment to play the final four in Indianapolis. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple says the law is disgraceful, and the CEO of Angie’s List is stopping plans to expand in Indianapolis.

Seattle has always been ahead of the curve when t comes to civil rights. Seattle is a diverse city that honors the rights of all its citizens. Murray says Seattle doesn’t care who you are or who you love. The city treats everyone with respect and dignity. That’s a message that the governor and the legislature of Indiana needs to hear.

The cloak and dagger days of hiding behind religion to promote bigotry are over. The Republicans in Indiana obviously missed that memo. But thanks to concerned citizens across the country they now know that discriminating in the name of religion is not welcome anywhere.

Rand Paul Wants To Boycott Saudi Arabia

Paul Singled Out Saudi Arabia For Its Treatment Of Women

Rand Paul, the Republican Senator from Kentucky, wants to be president. He is in attack mode and he aiming his venomous accusations in several directions. Hillary Clinton is one of his targets, and Saudi Arabia is another.Someone forgot to tell Paul how influential that Kingdom is in Washington or maybe they told him and he didn’t listen. Paul has a habit of opening his mouth and spewing a load of who knows what on an audience before he listens.

The Clinton Foundation has taken money from Saudi Arabia in the past, and that’s not okay according to Paul. Saudi Arabia has an antiquated attitude toward women, yet they give Hillary money, and that is a double standard, according to Paul. Zeca Oliveira has learned that the Senator said Clinton can’t be a champion of women’s rights if she takes money from a country that doesn’t respect women.

Paul has ghosts in his political closet, but it’s easier to talk about Clinton than to defend his ignorance when it comes to equal pay and his non-support of the Violence Against Women’s Act. The country doesn’t need another politician like Paul in the White House. He is just another lost political leader that sits on his brains, and he expects others to conform to that practice.