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Premium Dog Foods, Like Beneful

My sweet dog is like my best friend in the world to me. I can’t get enough of him. We get out to go on walks every morning. He wakes me up before my alarm clock on most days. When I am not waking up to go to work, I still have to wake up to take care of my dog because he needs his breakfast and walks. He gives me a reason to wake up some days. I like to feed him the best foods that I can find, and that is what brought me to do my research on premium pet foods. I found this compelling article that completely encapsulates what I wanted to hear about the premium dog food industry. It’s from the Daily Herald.

In the article from the Daily Herald, a reporter actually goes to premium pet food manufacturers to see how the food is made. He takes to high ranking CEOs and manufacturing chiefs in order to better understand the premium dog food manufacturers. The high ranking officials share their insights on what the premium foods are made of and the safety protocols that are put in place to make sure that our dogs are getting proper nutrition. Brands like Beneful are put to the test. They are monitored for taste and for their ingredients. Beneful uses natural, real ingredients. They only pick the high quality ingredients for Beneful, so I feel better for buying it on Amazon for my dog. Purina is the company that makes Beneful, and they have been around for a long time.

Beneful comes in many different varieties of dry foods and wet foods, all of which contain real, high quality ingredients. They contain things like real meats, and they have real vegetables in them. The kind that my dog chooses is called Chopped Blends. I tested his taste pallet by offering him different foods at the same time, and he always prefers Beneful’s Chopped Blends over the other kinds of food. He likes the kind made with real chicken best. Here’s the article that I was telling you about earlier.