What Sharp Chose QNET as Its Distribution Partner

A partnership between Sharp and QNET, India was announced a few days ago. The partnership will see Sharp, a Japanese leading technology company, promote the Sharp-QNET Plasma Cluster Air Purifier using the QNET’s e-commerce platform.

The reason for choosing QNET as the distribution partner was explained by Kishalay Ray, who is the President of Sharp Business System India PLC’s consumer business, to be the fact that QNET has established itself as a leading innovator in health and wellness product line. According to him, they are the perfect distribution partners of the air purifier.

QNET has an established and sophisticated customer base who also trusts the company. Many people only buy health, beauty and wellness products from QNET. The idea of Sharp using QNET’s platform to promote its product is, therefore, a brilliant one.

The partnership is not only to the advantage of Sharp. The spokesperson of QNET India described the partnership as a win-win one. The Sharp-QNET Air Purifier is yet another fantastic product that fits the description of the products offered by QNET. This will add to the reputation of the company.

QNET has a long history of offering the best products to its customers. The company is among the leading direct-selling companies in the whole of Asia. The products that it provides fit diverse markets and this is why it has such a vast customer network. It provides many people with solutions that promote entrepreneurship and enhance healthy living.

QNET has a grass-root business model that is the best in enabling common people regardless of their status to start and run their own businesses with minimal operating costs. People can become the company’s distributors who have a perfect opportunity to become economically independent depending on how dedicated and hard-working they are. These distributors can be very instrumental in impacting positively on the life of their families and that of the community at large.

QNET has been very successful because of the strong philosophies that its founders have. The life and teachings of Gandhi have inspired these founders very much. They have particularly been inspired by the idea of enabling others to be successful in life. The company upholds the value of service above self. All its employees and network understand the importance of serving others selflessly.

QNET has customers in more than 100 countries, and its leadership and employees come from over 30 countries. It is no wonder that Sharp chose to partner with QNET.