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Over 42,000 People A Day Fled Their Homes In 2014

In a UN report released on Thursday stated that an average of 42,500 persons had fled their homes every day during 2014. Many are seeking refugee or asylum status. Over 60 million have been forcibly displaced within their own borders. Another roughly 51 million have sought homes in new countries, of that amount over one-half is thought to be children.

There are many different reasons for this to be occurring. Some people are fleeing oppressive social conditions or seek better financial conditions. Others are fleeing to escape death and violence. Most seem to be headed to either Europe or the United States. Some have had to be turned back due to sheer numbers. Click here for more information.

According to the BBC, this is the worse refugee crisis since World War II. It began in 2013 and didn’t seem to be letting up. Daniel Amen knows that most of the refugees are fleeing a five-year civil war in Syria. Due to that conflict over one-half of the countries population have fled since 2011. It’s thought that 7.6 million people have been displaced within their own borders, and another 4 million people are seeking asylum in other countries. The largest question is how many refugees any one country can take before being overwhelmed. The flood of refugees and asylum seekers is not showing any signs of letting up.