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Darius Fisher’s Status Labs Company Strives to Protect Reputations

A recent article posted at titled “Prepare to Protect Your Online Reputation Before It’s Under Attack” points out that everyone needs to be on alert to protect their personal reputation and the reputation of their company. When something bad does happen, no matter how minor or innocent, social medial gossipers or poor reviews can spread online quickly. There are certain basic steps everyone can take to protect their online reputation.

First, build a digital fortress of positive online content before a crisis occurs. Proactively tell your own story. Don’t wait for others to attack it before you begin defend yourself. You build this digital fortress by continually submitting positive content to blogs and websites.

Second, optimize your content. Post stories and articles that will establish your credibility as a thoughtful leader in your field. This optimization will also help to put your good credentials in front of breaking online news in times of crisis.

Third, be aware that you don’t have full control of your privacy. Like it or not, there are people out there who are continually searching about you or your business. Attempting to remain anonymous can work against you in some cases.

Fourth, focus on the management of your company. In the past year alone, the Lumentus SEO team discovered that online searches for executives by name were up by 50 percent. In short, managing the online reputations of a company’s key executives is as critical as managing the company’s online reputation.

Finally, the article on advises everyone to think beyond your business. Post content that that contains positive material other than purely business. Advertise the community organizations and charities the company and executives are involved with. In summary, the article states that taking control of your digital reputation is not just good business, it’s a form of insurance for when that negative story inevitably happens.

Darius Fisher is the President of the online reputation management and public relations firms, Status Labs. The Vanderbilt University grad has made his company a leader in the business of handling online crises and fixing digital reputations, Their primary goal is to protect their clients in advance of having to repair any reputation damage after the fact.

With offices in Austin and branches in both New York and Sao Paulo, Brazil, Status Labs specializes in repairing their client’s digital presence on social media or through search engines like Google.