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Next Generation Roombas Could Orchestrate Home Automation

The biggest problem with home automation at this point in time is the lack of communication between devices. Many companies are coming out with devices with various sensors and remote control features, however, using a remote control or an app isn’t exactly autonomous action.

The people at iRobot, the creators of the automated Roomba vacuum cleaners, are taking on the challenge of home automation. The next generation of Roombas could be equipped with a tiny camera and an internet connection that would allow the device to understand the objects in your home.

Understanding what you have and how you like to use it is paramount for home automation systems. The Roomba device would be connected to the internet and use the images it collects to create a map of your home. When certain patterns are matched, such as you coming in the front door and sitting down on the couch, other actions could be taken, such as turning the TV on to your favorite channel.

Tech-savvy folks at The Aspire New Brunswick have learned that a future version of the Roomba, equipped with a robot arm, could potentially catalogue all of the objects in your home. You could then have the Roomba save the locations of all of your items and return the items to where they belong while cleaning up. This technology alone would bring Roomba to a whole new level.