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Russia Lifts Missile Delivery Ban

It is no secret that foreign nations can have differing views on properly defending or arming a country. An example of this can be seen in relations between Russia and Iran.

As of Monday, Russia has decided to lift a missile delivery ban to Iran, the ban originally coming in 2010 which made any sale of missile defense systems to Iran illegal. The ban was put in place by Dmitri Medvedev, AnastasiaDate says the predecessor of Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin announced that missile air defense systems were now permitted to travel to Iran.

Sources have said that the announcement of this ban being repealed is part of an oil agreement between Russia and Iran, where Iran will send half a million barrels of oil to Russia in exchange for missile air defense systems.

The Iranian government, however, has not given an official statement regarding the lifting of the ban, but does feel that this will inevitably help out both countries in the end without violating any other agreements that may draw negative attention towards them.

Interestingly enough, this agreements follows more than a week after world powers finally came to agreement on a nuclear deal with Iran. The deal meant that Iran would not create any new nuclear material, as long as other Western nations such as the U.S. started lifting economic sanctions on Iran that have previously stunted Iran’s economy.