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Slyce Releases Annual Report For The Year 2015

The company Slyce has had a prosperous year in 2015 as well as focusing their attention on improving the foundation and solidity of their platform they also made mention of specific technological advancements. The core of their platform is the image recognition offering which was improved upon with regards to stability and the ability for a number of different customers across different compartments to utilize the Slyce offering with greater ease. This was made possible due to tweaks on the software end of the product as well as the packaging of the product allowing them to be used with several different kits.

From a technological stand point the main improvement was the Universal Scanner that was introduced on October 5th 2015. This scanner was a smart feature that allowed the retailer to scan and then allow the platform to recognize any type of object. These objects included non-watermarked printed material such as flyers, catalogues and in store syignage, barcodes as well as physical objects. This scanner capability was embedded in the retailer app side. This was embedded as native software development kit and was available for both Android and iOS capable devices. As long as the device had a single camera interface the app allowed for all types of detection and recognition. To add on to this ability the Slyce team of professionals developed a mobile web software development kit that allowed the Universal Scanner attributes to be used within the mobile browser. This provided the user with ease of use as well as the possibility to access the scanner from all interfaces as well as making object scanning capabilities available in the retailers mobile website. All that was required was to use a few lines of code and embed them within the retailers existing website. Both interfaces for the mobile web software development kit and the native platform are fully customizable to the needs of every individual client.