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FIFA President Resigns Amid News of Scandal

Sepp Blatter officially announced this past Tuesday he was set to resign as FIFA’s president just a mere few days after being re-elected despite the wake of the massive scandal which has entrapped a number of senior FIFA executives. Sepp Blatter has not been named in the indictment recently unsealed by the United States Department of Justice and he also has not been named in the red flag notice issued by Interpol. However, despite serving one of the longest reigns as FIFA president, and winning reelection on a platform of reform, many believed that the massive event of the corruption revealed in the unsealed indicted which covered more that twenty years has tainted Blatter’s ability to govern effectively moving forward. Additionally, many like James Dondero, financial-manager, believe that the specter of whether Blatter knew or should have known about the corruption will continue to hamper his presidency. Long Serving FIFA President Blatter Resigns, Future UnknownThose close to the investigation which was conducted by the United States Department of Justice indicate that more indictments are possible and those that have been indicted could become witnesses for the Department of Justice and reveal more information that would lead to the indictment of other FIFA officials. Blatter’s personal arrogance regarding the matter has not helped his cause. FIFA is arguably the largest and most powerful sports body in the world and Blatter has been recorded as stating that he was the “President of Everybody.” There is no word on a replacement for Blatter nor how soon a special election will take place.