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Sergio and the MJ Fans That Love Him

When Sergio Cortes goes out on the stage with “Billie Jean” the crowd goes wild. On Sergio has stated that he has been impersonating MJ long before he made the crowds scream for his spot-on impersonations.

It all started when he was a teenager. He would put a lot of time into this because it looked so much like Michael Jackson. It was very easy to see how someone would have asked him to dress up like Michael Jackson. He was a good sport about it, and he did this to make some extra money. This type of dressing up as Michael Jackson at an early age would give Cortes an idea. He would discover that this would be something that he could to and make a living from it. He didn’t discover this idea right away though. It took a little time. Many people that have been able to see him perform live will say that it is a life-changing experience. He presents his show with such a way that it gives all of the people that are fans of MJ a chance to experience what they may have missed when Jackson performed live. It gives people the chance to appreciate his music much more once they see Sergio perform.

What Sergio represents is a new breed of impersonators that are taking this line of work much more seriously. He has become someone that is able to make a living doing this, and there are going to be a lot of other impersonators coming to the stage in this way. People that are trusted with the task of impersonating an artist have the fans to answer to. They have to make sure that they are doing something that the fans are going to be pleased with. This may be the most frightening part of performing on the stage as MJ, but Sergio is a real professional.

Sergio Cortes had his own dreams to write songs and sing. It is was something that he was passionate about, but he never made it on his own as a singer. It would be the voice of his mother that would come back to him to remind him that he worked hard like Michael Jackson. She would be the voice – coupled with his experience as a teenager MJ impersonator – that would open the door to a performance concept that was unlike anything that was being done. Sergio Cortes would become the impersonator that brought the live band. He would be the guy that had a ton of backup dancers.

The Internet gives Sergio Cortes a much bigger audience. People that have never heard of him before can check him out online.

You can follow him on Twitter.

Sergio Cortes Drives Fans Wild

When Sergio Cortes steps on stages fans go wild. They are screaming because they are seeing the closest thing to an actual Michael Jackson performance. Jackson is deceased, but Sergio is the impersonator that has done the best job of carrying on the Michael Jackson legacy. Cortes is an excellent performer, and he is well aware of the legacy that Michael Jackson left behind for millions of adoring fans.

There are websites like the News Press Release that give fans a lot of photos that show the strong resemblance between Sergio and Michael. There are photos on this website that show Sergio with fans that have taken to his impersonations. There is also a practice video that shows Sergio Cortes in a rehearsal routine. It is easy to see how well he has been received simply from looking at these photos that are shown online. Fans that want even more information about Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortes will follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

The social media campaign for Sergio is a big deal because this is the portal to all of the photos that Sergio has posted online. The Twitter and Facebook pages will also give fans a look into what Sergio is doing in terms of concerts and touring. His tribute shows have become very popular, and keeping up with Sergio on social media is the easiest way to discover what he is doing next. So many people have become fans of Sergio Cortes because he is such a strong impersonator. Those that have seen him only through social media are waiting for the opportunity to see him in person.

What Sergio appears to represent is a Michael Jackson performer that has studied the moves of Jackson and built a show that MJ fans love. Sergio does this because he has put forth so much time into getting everything just right. The Jackson costumes are there. Sergio has bid on Michael Jackson merchandise over the years, and his wardrobe echoes all of the outfits that Jackson wore for big hit numbers. He has the “Beat It” jacket that is seen in the video. He also wears the “Smooth Criminal” suit that Jackson wore for this big dance number. That is the thing that sells the illusion. Lots of people see this clothing and they get excited instantly because they know the number that Sergio is about to perform.

Sergio Cortes Changing The World Of Music Daily

As a performer, Michael Jackson changed the world of music with his songs, voice, and his performances. Whether it was his amazing live shows or his music videos that always changed music every time a new one would come about, Michael Jackson has done nothing but amazing things in this industry. Sergio Cortes is one of the few people that has made immense changes in the world of music today by being the one person who can do Michael Jackson probably just as good as MJ himself. Unlike most impersonators, Sergio stands out as a unique and amazing performer who works tirelessly to create a seriously beautiful performance every time.

For Sergio, he was born with the exact facial structure of Michael Jackson. He just naturally looks like MJ, and with the right clothing and the right makeup, he looks amazing and knows all about how to bring this amazing legend to life. Michel Jackson is known for his stunning live shows, special effects, and the beautiful numbers with all the dancers. Sergio Cortes adds in a wide variety of effects in his shows that can create that amazing experience. As a live performer, Sergio has developed the singing and dancing skills in so many ways.

Sergio Cortes does wonderful on stage because of his amazing vocal ability that has improved his shows every single time. As a vocalist, he embodies the voice of Michael in such an amazing way, and the way he dances and knows how to bring the same charismatic movements as Michael is what makes him so amazing. Michel Jackson is one of the most beloved performers of all time. He is by far one of the most interesting performers that knows all about music. If you have grown up just loving this performer but you want to catch a glimpse of him once more, Sergio is able to make that happen today.

Unlike other impersonators who seem like they are working or trying way too hard, you will find that Sergio is always amazing at what he does and knows how to create that amazing performance. He knows how to make people feel like Michael is alive once again. He is one of the few performers who does this well and knows what to do the moment he hits the stage. He approaches the stage like a pro almost the same way that Michael does when he performs.

MJ Lives On In The Face Of His Impersonator Sergio Cortes

After the sudden death of the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson, the world became abuzz with all sorts of his impersonators but none has perfected this art like Sergio Cortes. Sergio is a Spanish speaking Brazilian national that has become a world sensation because of his near perfect impersonation skills of the late Michael Jackson.
Sergio has taken up MJ’s voice, mimicked his dance moves, and memorized his hits that he enthralls fans of the late pop star with. However, what makes him stand out from the rest is his close resemblance to the late king of pop, a mere look on their photographs and you won’t be able to tell which represents who. Of all the probable impersonators, he is the best and is gaining acceptance worldwide.
Nowadays, Sergio is always on the move touring various countries of the world and staging live performances of the late star’s hits. Most of these tours are demanded by MJ’s fans and the reception, acceptance ad turnout on all these shows has been enormous. While at it, he has been hosted by several TV shows especially the American idol that he has been on tour with.
Sergio’s passion especially for pop music started at an early age. During this time he became a great fan of Michael Jacksons moves and loved his music. It was then that the local media and paparazzi realized the near perfect match of his looks to those of Jackson and started taking photographs of him that they later sold out in the name of Michael Jackson. They later started paying him for his impersonation services and that is how he started his career as the ultimate Michael Jackson’s impersonator.
Throughout his impersonation life, Sergio remained barely recognizable and his existence only became obvious after the death of Michael in 2009. His debut was his appearance on the American top talent search show, The American Idols, which he continually works with on various projects. His popularity from then on has been soaring, the social media is abuzz with his performance videos on YouTube and lots of Face Book pages have been created under his name.
Taking a look at the reception Sergio Cortes is receiving, despite being an impersonator, from the various quarters. One can only imagine the love the world had for Michael. His talent is a rare gift to the pop star’s fans and his embodiment a vessel through which Michel Jackson lives on; at least to his followers.

Sergio Cortes Impersonates Michael Jackson In A Flawless Fashion

There are a ton of people that are interested in seeing a Michael Jackson impersonator come to the stage. Jackson made timeless music so his legacy remains intact. This is what Sergio Cortes knew when he decided to start impersonating Jackson. He was aware that there were a ton of elements that would allow him to build a caliber of MJ tribute shows that would leave people feeling excited about his performances. Cortes has become respected as one of the greatest impersonators for Jackson in a short amount of time. This is just the tip of the iceberg though. Cortes is set to make a lot more people recognize him as a masterful impersonator as he goes on tour with the “Human Nature Live Experience” tour.

Sergio is such a big fan of Michael Jackson. He doesn’t want to do anything that will diminish the light that Michael Jackson had when he was alive. Jackson made it hard for people to duplicate what he did. That is why he was dubbed the King of Pop. Sergio Cortes understands that Michael Jackson was a perfectionist. He took on this role as an impersonator and he carries that same spirit with him that Jackson possessed. Sergio works hard and he builds up a strong team that helps him pull off the ultimate impersonation.

It appears that Sergio seems to know what Michael Jackson knew when it came to performing. Jackson knew that the musicians and dancers around him made the show what it was. The people that controlled the spotlight made the magic come alive on stage. There were a lot of elements, and Michael Jackson made sure that everyone knew their roles. It was certainly very important for people to witness Jackson in concert because he had such a magnificent stage presence.

The same can be said for Sergio. He has this stage presence that is just an excellent tribute to what Jackson stood for. The music is pumping loud and the crowd is really enjoying every performance of songs that Cortes gives. That may be the thing that keeps Sergio going. He knows that people love what he is doing, and he has the ability to bring smiles to MJ fans. He looks a lot like Michael so he has gained just as much attention off stage. This is all part of the grand illusion that Sergio puts on.