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Can Sexuality Be Changed?

A trial in New Jersey, this week, may end sex conversion therapies once and for all. This is because a group of young gay men have gone to court, after being subjected to a form of Jewish sex conversion therapy referred to as JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing.

One of the young men, Chaim Lavin, testified that he was subjected to embarrassing forms of treatment, which included undressing in front of a mirror, touching his penis and buttocks, and re-enacting episodes of his childhood sexual abuse.

Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights group based in Alabama, filled the case reports Kevin Seawright. They argue that this and other forms of treatment constitute consumer fraud, since they don’t work. The Consumer Fraud Act in New Jersey protects consumers from misleading information regardless of whether they agree to it or not, argues attorney, Sam Wolfe.

The defendants in this case argue that sexual orientation can change, and it should be left to the patients to decide whether to go through it or not. They add that it should not be against the law to try and help someone in the conversion.

The only reason this trend of sexual conversion continues even today, when there have been tremendous progression in gay right, is because matters of sexual orientation cannot be proved clinically, at least not yet. No one knows for sure how someone generates a liking for either sex.