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Elementary Education-Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education has been in existence for a decade now. The school was first established in a church in San Jose, California. Although the education facility has been in the process of serving their students as well as communities around them since their establishment, they have learned several things. The Rocketship Education listed down some of the things they have learned ever since their foundation as listed below.

Lesson Learnt By Rocketship Education

  • Learning begins at home: During the early years of their creation; Rocketship caught a lot of attention for being the pioneers of personalized learning. The education facility remains strong advocates of technology to support students learning but they believe personalized learning goes beyond technology.
  • To change the education system more demand has to be created: At Rocketship the education facility is only focused on elementary education. However, a lot of parents and funders have been urging the education institution to create a K-2 system which is defiantly tempting, but Rocketship worry is when they see their students leave the fifth grade and they wonder what the future hold for them.
  • Respect the power of parents: One mission of the Rocketship Education is to enable the parents to be responsible, exercise their power and demand political attention, hold leaders accountable as they help the public schools to thrive.
  • Action speaks louder than words; when the Rocketship founders created the education system they did not have children of their own. Nevertheless, the couple is now blessed with two children who also attend Rocketship Education. They purposed to let their children attend the school because they believe they offer quality education and also they lead by example.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter education system, which has their Headquarters in Redwood City, California. In 2007 John Danner and Preston Smith decided to establish Rocketship education. The school system is unique in a way that the management use learning models with software which assists students to achieve their goals. The founders wanted to offer quality education to low-income students where access to excellent schools was not available. Being a transformative school the founder’s trust they do more than educating their students but they also engage their parents as well as teachers. The education facility is built on a strong mission and believes that they can easily eliminate the accomplishment gap in the lives of their students and the communities around them.