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Bruce Levenson Set to Clinch a Mega Deal by Making a Lucrative Sale of the Hawks

The principal owner of NBA’s the Hawks, Bruce Levenson is not only a famously flamboyant and engaging personality in the world of sports, but he is also a man of varied business talents. A Senior Partner and Co-Founder of United Communication Group (UGC) , Bruce is also something of a legend in the world of journalism where he achieved high credentials as a worker for Observer Publishing, and a writer for Washington Star. A top-level executive, he has played the role of directorship in several organizations such as, Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association besides being the President of “I Have a Dream Foundation” which plays a leading role in the philanthropic front. Read more about his philanthropic efforts on PR Newswire.

A holder of a J.D. from American University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University, Bruce Levenson also owns the Atlanta Spirit, LLC. However, he is well-known for the masterful way in which he has made the Hawk be in the limelight of Basketball. It is due in large part to his foresight in sports that the Hawks are set for a long playoff run, having successfully grabbed the top seed awhile earlier in the Eastern Conference. Coming for sale while it is in the able hands of Levenson, the lucrative franchise might go on to win the championship in the NBA.

That he is on the brink of pulling off a lucrative deal in the sale of the NBA team is widely accredited to his sharp business dealings, and the inherent ability to close a transaction while the profit margins are wide. Though the information is not yet in the public domain, inside sources can now confidently reveal that a group bringing together leading equity and investment bankers is on the way to clinching the deal.

Successfully combining his knowledge in law with the love of writing, Bruce Levenson was able to grow a publishing business that started in an apartment into a giant media player. The company he founded published a popular newsletter about the happenings in the oil industry. When it became known as UCG, the company initiated services for information in oil prices, and later it diversified to other fields such as telecommunications, banking, mortgages, technology energy and healthcare. He headed this organization which was reputed to be a source of valuable business information. Clients got up to date data and new analysis from his company, and perhaps this might explain the profitable sale of the Hawks franchise.