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Handy’s Bright Outlook Has Secured Funding

An app dedicated to the cleaning and repair of homes called Handy has been the number one place where both cleaners and people who need their homes cleaned have gone to book these cleaning services. It is known that it used to be quite difficult to find people to clean your home, but Handy has helped changed this aspect of home cleaning.

Handy is popular because of the easy interface and the quality of cleaning provided by people using the site. Less than four percent of people applying for Handy actually make it on Handy, which makes the average cleaner very reputable and ideal for home owners and landlords.

Handy is not exclusively reserved for cleaners, as only eighty percent of the people on Handy clean homes, while the rest of them do other sorts of handyman work.

Handy recently became the recipient of $50 million in more funding so they could expand into new areas. There are only 28 places that Handy works in, so expanding the range that Handy can appeal to is expected to be essential in the company’s success.

Handy is worth about $500 million, making it one of the most popular home cleaning forums in the entire world. There have been a few competitors that have been lured in by the technological base of the company in hopes that they would earn a good deal of money, but none of these other companies have done very well. Handy has been dubbed the Uber of the home cleaning service industry because it is so easy to find someone who can clean your home.

Sultan Alhokair Offers High Quality Advice to Seed Company Leaders

Sultan Alhokair is one of the most successful names in business, and one of the things that makes him most successful is his willingness to give out high quality advice to others. Many business leaders feel that sharing knowledge will put themselves at a disadvantage, but a wise leader realizes that they can only help themselves by making the entire business community stronger. Sultan Alhokair recently issued some interesting and exciting advice for people that are trying to launch their own seed companies.
One of the biggest pieces of advice that Sultan Alhokair has issued is to make sure that you think realistically about your business when you start it. Sultan Alhokair advises business owners to be ready to think about the potential of the business when they are planning out the future for their business. Being focused on what your business is and where it might go, will allow business owners to make the biggest impact possible.
One of the most important tips that Sultan Alhokair shared recently was that it is extremely important for business owners to lay out a long term plan when you are planning the future of your business. Sultan Alhokair advises companies to have a five year plan when they are setting out to be successful. The five year plan will allow businesses to have an idea as to where the company is going.
It is critically important, according to Sultan Alhokair, to make sure that this five year plan is grounded in research. The five year plan should be set up based on historical models from other businesses. Knowing that your numbers are realistic is extremely important for those that want their business to be successful.
Sultan Alhokair also advised start up businesses to make sure that they have an idea as to how the other businesses will react to their plan. Staying one step ahead of the competition is critical to any business. You should have an idea as to how business will react based on how they have acted in the past. Form a plan for how you think they will act.
Ultimately, Sultan Alhokair states that it is extremely important to set up your business to be different from the businesses that have come in before it. Sultan Alhokair has managed to guide various businesses to success in the past and his wisdom and knowledge is extremely solid. Hopefully people follow his advice and become extremely successful business people. You can follow Alhokair on Instagram.