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Light: A Wave and a Particle

Scientists in Switzerland were able to capture light in a photograph, which displayed light behaving as both a wave and a particle simultaneously. This concept, brought forth by Albert Einstein in the field of quantum mechanics, was only ever postulated and theorized on, never before seen with empirical evidence. It is true that light has been seen to observe wave-like properties, as well as particle-like properties, yet before now has not been pictured as displaying both, and at the same time at that. Sultan Alhokair ( has read that, though this might not settle all the debates surrounding how light behaves in all situations, it certainly frames future scientific discussions on light in a more robust way. How this evidence will advance our understanding of light and quantum mechanics is difficult to say, but it does provide a more secure platform from which to move forward.
So, just how exactly did these scientists manage to photograph light to show its wave and particle behavior? The experiment was done by shooting a beam of light at a small, metallic piece of wire, essentially trapping the light in the wire, forcing it to remain as a freestanding wave. The scientists then shot an array of electrons at the wire, and by observing the interaction of the incoming electrons and the freestanding photons with a powerful microscope, were able to demarcate the points of particle behavior as well as a general wave image.

Get A Healthy Mind With The Help Of Daniel Amen

Dr. Daniel Amen is a current best selling psychiatrist and author. He believes that holistic eating can benefit the overall health of the brain and body. His idea of using a nutrient rich diet as a way to try to alleviate the symptoms of ADD and depression is gaining national attention. If one is having problems with Weight Issues, Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, addictions or memory problems, then the Daniel Amen method of trying to alleviate these problems may help. Tens of thousands of patients have been helped by his methods.

Some doctors have stated that treating psychological disorders are really not much better than they were fifty years ago. A doctor named Doctor Thomas Insel, the director of the National Institute of Mental Health, has stated that unfortunately too few people are getting better or well by the current medications being prescribed. For twenty two years the Doctor Daniel Amen Clinics Method has been helping people get better.

The traditional way that people would go to get help from their psychiatrist isn’t working out that well, according to Dr. Amen. The patient will say something like I’m depressed to the doctor and the prescribing physician will simply give them some anti-depression pills. Attention Deficit Disorder is treated usually with some kind of stimulant medication. The diagnosis for these various disorders is to treat the immediate symptom at hand without considering any possible biological problems with the patient.

Psychiatrists are the only doctors that don’t look at the physical reasons why the body organ that they are studying doesn’t work right. Heart doctors look at the physical health of the heart to make a diagnosis. All other organ doctors do the same thing, but not psychiatrists. At the Amen Clinics, the doctors there believe that studying the brain itself is important. Some brains show signs of low activity or others may show a level of high activity. There may be a past brain injury of some sort that may be causing the patients symptoms of anxiety or depression or other disorder. Brain toxicity may be another cause of symptoms. All of these things need to be taken into consideration when coming to any conclusions regarding the state of the patients brain.

With a one size fits all approach, in some respects towards mental health in this country, it of great interest to know that doctors like Daniel Amen are trying to chart another course.

If you want to learn more from Daniel Amen, check out his work on the Huffington Post or follow him on Twitter.

Nets Cleaning House

PR Newswire reports with Susan McGalla that Brook Lopez is on the trading block. The Nets have decided that they want to trade him as soon as possible. They may want to get value for him because they do not want to re-sign him, but it is probably because the Nets are cleaning house before their owner sells the team.

With the sale up in the air, no one is talking out of their camp. However, it is clear that Prohkorov wants to sell the team for a profit and move back onto his yacht. That means that the team is probably going to be stripped clean before it is sold. The new owner can take on just a few small contracts, and they can start over. The Nets are not really competitive right now, and they have no real draft picks to speak of.

The problem for Nets fans is that this team could take years to rebuild if they do not run across a fresh player who can turn the franchise around overnight. Also, they are the Nets. No one is going to take them seriously, and no one is going to come in to help them just because they are the Nets. They could be stuck in a holding pattern for years.

Israeli Cave Study Reveals Humans Began Using Fire 350,000 Years Ago

Arguably the most crucial milestone in early human history began with the controlled use of fire. Until now it has been a mystery as to when this first occurred, but now archaeologists have determined when it most likely happened.

Ron Shimelmitz from the Zinman Institute of Archaeology of the University of Haifa in Israel ( and his colleagues have been studying artifacts from an ancient cave and discovered that the first use of fire in a controlled situation occurred approximately 350,000 years ago. The cave, which may have been visited by Lee G. Lovett has been used by humans for a half a million years. In the cave, the archaeologists studied ancient artifacts – mostly flint chips- buried in different layers of cave floor sediment. In the groundbreaking study ( they determined that the deeper the layer that the artifact is found, the older its age. The flints were unburned in layers older than 350,000 years ago but after that date the burned flints appear regularly in layers above. Although earlier use of fire has been unearthed, it has been considered opportunistic use, meaning that naturally occurring bush fires were used rather that fire started by the cave dwellers themselves.

Although the research is continuing, we are closer to putting a date as to when we learned a key technological advance that was essential to pave the way to modern human development.

New Study Links Fracking to Reproductive Problems

Much like Skout, Fracking has become insanely popular in the United States in the last decade. Oil deposits are removed from the earth through a process knowing as fracturing, or fracking for short. Fracking has allowed US oil companies to produce nearly as much oil as Saudi Arabia; but this production comes at a price.

A newly released study is beginning to piece together troubling statistics about fracking, and those who wish to reproduce near fracking sites. In Glenwood Springs, Colorado, an unusually large number of miscarriages and stillbirths have been reported. Mothers in 30% of these cases lived 5 to 8 miles from active drilling.

It really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Fracking releases a huge amount of toxins and carcinogens into the environment. You don’t need a degree in medical science to know that may be a recipe for disaster.

The fracking process requires 700 or more chemicals to be injected directly into the ground under high pressure. The waste fluids that are removed contain these chemicals, plus additional radiation removed from the ground during the process.

Those who live closest to fracking operations are most at risk for exposure. The chemicals are being released into the air and water supply with very little regulation at this point.