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Day to day tips with Glen Wakeman

In the fields of venture capital, entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans alike they’re always chasing the latest and greatest. From investing opportunities to new diets and health supplements, these elite businessmen and women are always seeking a competitive edge. Well, there’s always opportunity out there, it is important for us to remember just what got us where we are in the first place. Lessons from the past can benefit us far into the future, and it is important that we do not forget what those early lessons were.


Glen Wakeman’s Philosophy

This has been a cornerstone of Glen Wakeman’s philosophy, and it has gotten him the CEO position at LaunchPad Holdings. In a recent interview, he shared a few simple life lessons that he has used in his work doing corporate consulting as well as venture capital in finance.

First and foremost, Glen Wakeman believes that if you “Demand excellence you can get it.” before he starts a new project he focuses on this principle; there was very little opportunity in mediocrity. Any new business that expects to gain an edge in an existing industry must be excellent. Even if a product is brand new, anything less than Excellence will result in copycats and imitators taking from your hard work and innovation.

Next comes a simple step in how to bring your ideas to life. We all have excellent ideas in her head, but many of us struggle with how we can make them a reality. Glen Wakeman’s strategy is to force himself to explain his ideas to other people. No one man or business is an island; you can have the best idea in the world but you will need other people to help you make it happen. Even if you are able to do it all on your own you will need to explain the benefit of the product or service to a potential client. If you cannot explain how to achieve a goal or why it is worth achieving in the first place, send it has no future in a competitive marketplace (Gazetteday).

Altogether, Glen Wakeman focuses on excellent offerings that are explained well. The best explanation of a bad product goes nowhere, just as an excellent product without the correct marketing is dead in the water.