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Talk Fusion: the Cutting Edge of Global Marketing

Talk Fusion is a global marketing solutions company, which was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. The global marketing company recently expanded its offerings by launching 30-day Free Trials in nine languages and in over 140 countries. The corporate team at Talk Fusion spent over a year in the planning and development of its new opportunities. Talk Fusion’s benefits are available to individuals, businesses, and charities. By browsing Talk Fusions’ easy to navigate website, interested individuals can access many of the website’s benefits by simply providing a name and an email address, no personal information is required. By signing up with Talk Fusion, some of the benefits that consumers can access are video email, video newsletters, live meetings, and the 2016 WEBRTC Product of the Year Award – Winning Video Chat.

An entrepreneur with a clear understanding of market trends, Bob Reina, a former police officer, brings his knowledge of the market and of people to his business ventures. His enthusiasm for staying current is evident in Talk Fusion’s most recent endeavors. With an unwavering persistence, Bob Reina has continued to stay on top of online global marketing sector. This may be because he seems to have a passion for everything that he involves himself in; therefore, he extends himself 100% into all of his ventures.

With dedication to both family and community Bob Reina has been able to rise in the business world without losing sight of what is important. While now in the top 1%, this former police officer has not forgotten those who are less fortunate. He has continued to support charities and nonprofits and encourages others to do the same.



Talk Fusion Is Providing The Next Big Step In Business Technology


The evolution of the internet and the way that we deliver information is changing constantly. The way that we have sent and received emails however, hasn’t changed all that much. You open the window text, scroll through the text, then respond or not. Not much to it. That’s the point being covered here. Talk Fusion has become a major player in the marketing world in a short time since it’s official launch.

The company has made it possible to have 5-10 minute videos embedded right into your message. This is a game changer in the way of marketing. It’s faster, cleaner and more memorable than just scrolling through more text. It also has the advantage of being viewed by many people at once, saving even more time. This will be a new way to become relative in your particular market. It’s a way to connect to other businesses in a way in which frankly, seems like it should’ve come along sooner.

Now there are video emails, face to face chat options, newsletter formats and even live meetings to deliver your message. This is much more powerful and effective at marketing in a fresh and appealing way. It also lends credibility to your company’s image when using such a system to connect with. What better way to increase your rapport with clients and other companies?

The CEO and motivational force behind Talk Fusion is Bob Reina. He went from being a full time policeman and part time marketing pro, to fully realizing his dream. This was a dream that he was told by America Online (AOL) couldn’t be done. Bob wasn’t satisfied with this answer and responded by getting with his tech guru buddy and making it happen. The two of them spent many hours and dollars coming up with the perfect system for their needs. Learn more at about Bob Reina.

It goes without saying that the man is driven to make this the most effective way to do business without being directly in front of you. The success is being spread around as well. Recently, he has donated $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa. For video promo, click the link:

Securus Technologies Breaks Records of Giving at United Way

Securus Technologies’ Associates broke a company giving record to the United Way’s campaign in 2015. Though the goal that had been set was to acquire $290,000, they managed to collect an impressive $345,763 for their campaign, beating their goal by 19% and topping 2014’s goal by an addition 4%.

Richard A. Smith CEO of Securus Technologies, was quick to point out that when their Associates began working with United Way they only managed to gather $32,995, yet managed to multiply the sum more than ten times for the last year.

2008 was the year Associates at Securus took it upon themselves to offer financial aid to their immediate and national communities who are in dire need of basic healthcare and education. The United Way noticed, and marked their contributions as unprecedented highs for the organization.

For their contributions, Associates were awarded by United Way: Highest Level of Annual Securus Associates Contributions, Greatest Percent Increase Above Annual Goal, Greatest Number of Associates Giving, Greatest Number of Leadership Givers. 

Smith was elated by the accolades, but was moved even more by what they mean for United Way’s work. He cited the level of contributions to be wondrous, and was glad that the amount would improve the lives of others. In some cases even save the lives of some, and sees it as a testament to the quality of the Associates’ hearts.

Development Officer of Resource Development at United Way in Dallas, said that he sees the campaign at Securus to be a model worth emulating. Rather than going directly to Associates for funding, Securus makes an outing of their campaign, fostering an enjoyable environment that increases interest. Though the dollar amount is needed in order for United Way to function and provide service to those impoverished persons who need their help, companies like Securus and their Associates make it happen.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technology provides services to law enforcement and corrections facilities numbering into the thousands. This includes 1.2 million incarcerated persons across North America that utilize their at-home visitation technologies to connect with family. Registering for video visitation is easy and the app is free, so all you have to do is connect it to your device. Get the app here:

Securus also connects these facilities with emergency services, public information, and incident management. Through Securus, inmate communication is also monitored, which includes biometric technologies, allowing law enforcement agencies to ensure that inmates are accounted for. Their presence in these facilities make the surrounding communities safer by assisting the civil and criminal justice system to operate at a higher degree of efficiency.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Path to Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir attended Cornell University where he earned his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. He has since acquired over 28 years of experience as a leader in the technology industry. He started his successful career at GTE. His biggest impact on international came after he was named EVP and CIO of Verizon. He quickly rose to the top leadership. There he took the new Verizon to become the world’s biggest telecommunications. As this technology giant, it drastically revolutionized the industry with countless innovations. After finally leaving Verizon, he joined the team of the British banking firm, Barclays as Chief Operations and Technology Officer. He rose in those ranks as well, become the first technology executive of the bank’s top branch. As an executive at Barclays, he helped lead over 150,000 employees in branches in 50 countries. Upon leaving Barclays, he took a position with Juniper Networks as its CEO.

In 2013, his present business life emerged. It was then that he joined the team of Marlin Equity Partners as its Operations Executive. During that same year, Coriant was formed and Marlin acquired its ownership. In 2015, Marlin appointed Kheradpir to top leadership position with Coriant, an international supplier of innovative networking solutions. He replaced former CEO, Pat DiPietro, who became its vice president. He presently serves as its CEO and Chairman of the Board. Shaygan has been charged with spurring on the development and growth of the new company. The executives at Marlin Equity are very confident that considering his immensely successful experience, Shaygan is the man to do this. They have already seen his leadership genius in action in the leadership of their own company. He has helped them take Marlin Equity to increase its already impressive worldwide management of $3 billion worth of assets and 93 business acquisitions. It seems it wasn’t difficult to convince him to take the job. Kheradpir says the company had already greatly attracted him with its top-of-the line technological equipment and procedures. Like the executives at Marlin Equity, he Kheradpir is fully confident that he can make the company a world giant in efficiency and innovation. Coriant is already doing very well. It is currently a major provider in more than 100 countries and holds over 1,800 patents. Kheradpir hopes to drive its success even further.