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An Advanced Technology that makes AI and Visual Search successful

Slyce is a technology company that is used for image recognition. This company incorporates features from various companies to make a single product solution. They offer quality imaging services by scanning or snapping anything that a customer may require. Slyce’s universal scanner handles seamless images of QR codes, coupons, barcodes or even real images.

This technology enables the customers to buy products that they see in the real world, magazines, billboards or catalogues. This is possible because it matches the photo of the item on the Pinterest. Slyce has a team of professionals that who have visual search technology and are helping in the advancement of future internet use. They also help in setting new and better standards that involve easier customer engagement.

Due to advancement in technology, some websites and mobile apps are going a notch higher to offer better services. These websites and mobile apps have discovered image recognition software that improves searching or browsing using just images. The user does not have to type the name of the item that they require; they just have to take the images of the item.
Pinterest and have come with techniques of matching humans on some benchmarks. This software was launched this summer and it’s known as deep learning technique. Pinterest has a new visual search tool that has a draw box and enables you to have the image that you want to view.

Some of the normal images that can be viewed using this technique are the drawings of a coffee maker that are seen on a kitchen photo. This visual search engine has become so popular such that most people prefer using it. The system that is used by Pinterest is easy to understand, especially on the images because the photos are attached.

Companies are trying to use image-search technology to make it easier for the users to shop online. Google launched this technology in 2010 to make shopping easy. It purchased, a site that could help people to highlight and select products that looked like the ones they wanted to purchase. is also trying different approaches that are powered by deep learning.

AI and Visual search technology has therefore made it easy for users because they have in mind what product they want to purchase. With improved image recognition tools, this technique is set to be successful and many people will opt to use it for shopping and image recognition.