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IBM’s Watson Can Answer Your Most Difficult Questions

TED Talks have been exploring some of the deeper questions of reality for some time. With the aid of IBM’s new Watson computer, you’ll find the answers very easily.

Some of these questions might be:
– What is the nature of human consciousness?
– How can you find joy in life?
– Who is your perfect soulmate?

Watson is an AI system that continuously learns over time, ingesting information from a variety of sources and organizing the content based on lectures. It creates maps of these topics allowing you to browse and find exactly what you are seeking.

According to Business Insider, Watson maps out talks by topics and insights about the speakers, allowing users to easily browse the vast TED archives.

Watson lets users question it about anything. Immediately they receive the relevant video clips from the TED session.

As an example, if you ask it how to find happiness in your life, you’ll get a series of videos that are relevant to the question. For instance, in one talk, Dan Gilbert describes the answer as acquiring full success in this world, and then relinquishing it. From there, the users of Watson can continue to query the system. James Dondero expressed his fascination with these developments to reporters at