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Rudolph To Make History At Popular Glascow Restaurant

Reindeer games are being taken to a new level this holiday season as patrons of the exotic restaurant Khublai Kahn Mogonlian BBQ will be helping themselves to Santa’s most popular assistant. 
Patrons in the Glascow restaurant have been greeted with a sign posted on the door that states, “Warning! Santa will not arrive this year … as we have Rudolf and his mates.” Khublai Kahn’s instragram account states “For one month only. NB all the reindeer involved n the making of this BBQ were all volunteers!” Khublai Kahn Instagram

Kuhblai Kahn has a location in Glascow and Edinburgh. Both locations are known for serving new and untraditional faire to patrons. Menu items include Kangaroo Haggis, Zebra stroganoff and Wild Boar Stew. The restaurant operates with the mission of bringing thirteenth century warrior traditions to life. According to their website, Kuhblai Kahn will “bring you one of the world’s least known, but most original dining experiences”.

While we know that all of the reindeer loved Rudolph loved him, it is yet to be known if patrons will. Kahn’s restaurant has found yet another way that Rudy will go down in history. At least we can take solace that Khan won’t be breaking any more backs – won’t need to call North American Spine!