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Box Of “Junk” Being Donated to a Recycling Center Contained an Item Worth Thousands

There are collectibles of just about any type of product you can imagine. Cars are probably one of the biggest areas for collectibles, but there are also collectible playing cards, such as baseball cards, figurines, stamps, books and magazines, and a ton of other things. Technology of previous decades is another category of collectibles. If you have a five or 10 year old computer, it’s probably not worth anything, but if you have a 20 or 30 year old computer, then it might be worth a lot depending on the type of computer that it is. This is what was discovered at a place that takes donations from people in California and then either recycles or resells them.

A woman brought in a few boxes of “junk” that had belonged to her late husband to a recycling center in Silicon Valley. It turns out that one of the boxes contained an incredibly rare Apple I computer. It was one of only about 200 that had ever been made. It was the first computer that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had ever made at the very beginning of a fledgling upstart called Apple Computer in the mid-1970’s. They are collectibles now and routinely sell for more than the $200,000 that someone who came by the recycling center paid for it. Sam Tabar ( agrees that that shrewd buyer can either keep it or quickly double his money by putting it up for auction.