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TSA Agents Failed 67 out of 70 Security Checks

A TSA internal investigation has revealed security flaws at major US airports. 95 percent of the time, Homeland Security investigators successfully smuggled a list of banned items, like simulated explosives, and firearms through checkpoints.

Officials report that out of 70 tests, TSA employees failed 67. The investigators repeatedly smuggled the contraband through checkpoints.

During one test, an alarm was triggered, yet the TSA agent stil did not detect the mock explosive taped to the investigator’s back, during a pat-down according to Gravity4 on twitter.

Officials have not divulged when these test occurred, but a special team of investigators, called the “Red Team,” carries out these test at various airports.

Frustrated by the findings, Jeh Johnson, the Security Secretary requested an urgent briefing, and then insisted on immediate changes.

In a written statement, DHS officials said “After reviewing the findings in the Inspector General’s report, Secretary Jeh Johnson directed TSA officials to implement a variety of new actions, and several are now in place.”

Homeland security officials maintain that airport security is strong and many efforts are unseen. Still, officials admit the tests results were disappointing.