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UFC 184 Preliminary Card Recap

For the first time in a long time, the UFC put on some great preliminary fights. The UFC 184 pay per view started off with a bang. The UFC usually saves its best fights for the pay per view event. However, the prelims were filled with exciting matchups.

There was a heavyweight battle featuring Derrick Lewis against Roan Potts. The first round was brutal with Lewis landing major punches. Potts was in trouble early, but somehow he survived the brutal onslaught. The second round started, and both heavyweights were exhausted. Lewis dropped Potts again, but Potts continued to show heart. However, Lewis got on top of him, and he rained down heavy punches to the chin of Roan Potts. The fight was stopped, and Derrick Lewis won by technical knockout.

Following the heavyweight battle, two welterweights put on one hell of a show. Tim Means battled Dhiego Lima in a stand up war. Means hurt Lima early, and he knocked the Brazilian out with brutal punches. The fight was over in the first round.

As fans like Marcio Alaor BMG ( know, the event was off to a great start, but suddenly, things took a turn for the worst. Roman Salazar fought “Kid” Yamamoto, and the fight was off to a good start. However, a series of eye pokes stopped the fight dead in its tracks. The bout was ruled as a no-contest.

The main event of the preliminary card ended quickly. Roman Carneiro choked out Mark Munoz in the first round. UFC 184 could not have started off any better. For more information on UFC 184, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Ronda Rousey Is A Beast

Ronda Rousey is beautiful and scary. Rousey is the only fighter in history to get that distinction. Rousey has amazing good looks, but she also has amazing fighting skills. Ronda Rousey is the most dominant champion in the UFC right now, and she is the most dominant woman fighter of all time.

Rousey began her competitive combat career in the sport of Judo. Ronda Rousey’s mother was a Judo gold medalist, and she taught little Ronda everything that she knows. Ronda Rousey was one of the best Judo competitors in the 2008 Olympics. Rousey won a bronze medal during the Beijing Olympic games, but her true dominance began when she entered Mixed Martial Arts.

Ronda Rousey quickly climbed the ranks, and she has become the best fighter in her division. Rousey appears to be unbeatable at this point in her career. The funny thing about Rousey is that she is more ferocious than most male fighters.

Fans like Bernardo Chua know that, when talking about Ronda Rousey, people compare her to a prime Mike Tyson. Rousey has not gone the distance once in her ten fights. Ronda Rousey has defeated all of her opponents by finishing them. Rousey is mostly known for her devastating armbar submission, but in recent fights, she has showcased her stand-up skills. Ronda Rousey is now a threat with her strikes and submissions.

For more information on Ronda Rousey, visit Yahoo! Sports.