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Honey Birdette Making Your Bedroom A Boudoir

Over girl talk and champagne, came the idea of a business that would satisfy women’s desire for quality, provocative lingerie and bedroom accessories.

With a background in public relations, but a firsthand knowledge of retail through her mother, Eloise Monaghan began Honey Birdette, Australia’s premiere sensuality boutique, in 2006, and is the managing and creative director.

The Honey Birdette lingerie brand, founded in Brisbane, Australia, having experienced a 374% increase in United States online sales in past 12 months, has launched a dedicated US e-commerce site. Claims Monaghan, the site will “enhance the consumer’s experience” with faster delivery (free for orders over $50), easier returns and wider range of products for the US customer.

In addition, plans are in place to expand the United Kingdom’s retail portfolio from three to 40 stores by the end of 2018. The first stores opened outside Australia were in London’s Covent Garden, Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White City. The company is also scouting retail openings in the US, as well as locations in Europe. There are 55 Honey Birdette stores located in Australia. Backing for Honey Birdette is through BBRC, a private investment company.

Honey Birdette, as seen on Instagram,  is a ladies boutique that offers candles, massage oils, lingerie sets, and adult playthings. All lingerie, from lacy to racy, is designed in house at Honey Birdette headquarters. So, too, are the luxury bedroom toys that can be found among the lingerie. With the aim of helping create a luxurious, sensual, fun and frisky atmosphere to the bedroom, Honey Birdette is at your service.

Eric Pulier Is a Great Entrepreneur

The technology world has many people who have done a truly amazing job when it comes to innovating new products that can help consumers. One of the people who has made a name for himself thanks to his gift for innovation is Eric Pulier. He has created a wide variety of websites that offer consumers many different services. His track record is quite remarkable when you stop to consider the fact that the vast majority of new sites that go online are not able to gain a sizeable audience. This causes them to go out of business rather quickly because they are not able to generate a large enough profit in order to pay for their expenses. However, Eric has been able to repeatedly strike gold in the world of tech startups. Not surprisingly, this has made him a person that many different venture capitalists want to do business with.


One of the big tech success stories that Pulier is best known for is ServiceMesh. This is a site that was one of the first to offer companies various affordable cloud computing solutions. This site was created long before most people in Silicon Valley realized how huge cloud computing would eventually become. The site took off as companies began using the cloud to store their data. Santa Monica is where the base of operations for ServiceMesh can be found.


New Jersey is where Eric originally hails from. He was not into computers very much when he was a child. This makes the fact that he became very successful in the world of tech startups all the more remarkable. He briefly thought about teaching English literature in college. This led Eric to enroll in Harvard and graduate with a English literature degree. However, it was soon after he finished his college studies that he realized that he was meant to do something totally different with his life.


Eric has built a career by launching innovative sites like Akana and Desktone. There seems to be no limit to his creativity. He loves what he does and he can’t imagine doing anything else. Read This for More.


Eric Pulier a passionate Entreprenuer

Computer Science Corporation (CSC) is an American company that possesses or controls the production services or goods in one or more nations other than their homeland. Its headquarters is in the state of Virginal, but it has locations in over 70 countries. Over 90,000 employees help the CSC to provide information technology and professional services to such entities as the local, state, and U.S. federal government. They also provide services to non-U.S. government agencies.

Like other corporations, the Computer Sciences Corporation has a small and humble beginning. CSC was developed in Los Angeles in April of 1959. Founded by Roy Nutt and Fletcher John, the Computer Sciences Corporation was originally created to provide programming tools. Such tools included the compiler and assembling software.

As time progressed CSC grew and expanded the services that it provided. By the 1960s CSC was providing software writing services to major companies such as Honeywell, which helped to continue to gain momentum in the software field. Their expertise allowed them to lock in their first contract with NASA.

The increase of clientele and services offered to allow the Computer Science Corporation to become the largest software company located in the United States by the year 1963. They also were noted as being the first software company to be on the American Stock Exchange. The 60s continued to be a great decade for CSC as they were expanded operations to other countries such as the UK, Canada, Spain, Brazil, the Netherlands, and even India.

By the 1970s and 80s the Computer Science Corporation would continue to grow and acquire contracts from different companies. No longer confined to servicing companies in the United States; CSC obtained contracts for Europe and Australia, where they provided services to the Finance and Defense industry.

Continual expansion has allowed CSC to be a Fortune 500 company since the year 1995. In 2012, CSC reached 162 on the list.

The innovation of CSC and other individuals such as Eric Pulier has helped companies to become more efficient and productive. Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur who started his journey as a computer programmer.

Pulier began his computer programming journey in fourth grade. This passion and hobby lead to him starting his own company while he was in high school. While in high school Pulier created a database company. Once he graduated high school Pulier, attended Harvard University, where he majored in American Literature and English. He also took courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

After graduating from college, Pulier again took an on an entrepreneur role in starting the company People Doing Things (PDT) in 1991. In 1994, he founded interactive agency Digital Evolution that eventually merged with US interactive LLC in 1998.

Brian Bonar and His Shrewd Business Tactics

Brian Bonar born 68 years ago is regarded as one of the finest finance executives in the world. Bonar is the current chairman of the board of management at Dalrada Financial Corporation. He joined the company in 1994 as the director of technology and sales, before becoming the overall manager in the company in 1995. Come the year 1997, he was elected chairman of the board at Dalrada. Brian Bonar due to his vast managerial experiences is connected to 7 board members in 4 different companies across eight distinct sectors.

Bonar also works as the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation (OTC), which is a dominant player in color management applications and also an integrator and service company for digital imaging devices. Bonar is restructuring OTC by engaging in an expansion program through strategic acquisitions in personnel and employment practice. In 2012, OTC acquired source one group a Virginia-based organization that provides payroll and human resource services. According to Mr. Bonar, this particular acquisition is poised to generate an additional $40 million in revenues to OTC.

Bonar has also served as a board member at Alliance National Insurance Agency, and at the boys and girls club of Greater San Diego.

Other companies that Mr. Bonar has served in high-level capacities either as the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, or the Chief Financial Accountant include; Trucept, Tradeshow products, Smart-Tek Automated services, Warning Management services, Solvis Group, and IBM Europe among other iconic organizations.

Mr. Bonar is very entrepreneurial, and in 1999 he founded AMS outsourcing, an organization whose primary line of business focuses on transport to the marketplace.

Bonar Graduated with an undergraduate baccalaureate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Strathclyde, a master’s degree from Staffordshire, and a doctorate in International Business Development from Staffordshire. He also holds an honorary title, Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, Wales in the United Kingdom.

Going with the fact that Bonar is an astute business man, he has managed to capitalize on several financial opportunities. In January 2012, he acquired 56,500 shares at $0.005per share. This is considered a very shrewd investment because the present share value is around $0.0090, and this is almost 100% percent share increase in less than three years.

Due to his prudent business decisions, Bonar is one of the best-paid company executives. For instance, just recently in 2012 when he was serving as the president, secretary, and chief financial officer at TRUCEPT, he garnered $860,571 in total compensation. Of the total payable amount, $360,000 came from the base pay, while $550,571 came from other compensations. During the same year, he did not receive any bonuses and stock options but still ended up with $860,571 in total compensation that is extremely encouraging by any financial standard.

Former Hedge Fund Manager Sells Off Art Pieces

Former hedge fund manager Adam Sender is sitting on a cache of more than 800 pieces of art from 139 different artists. Sender amassed this huge selection of works over a seven year period while selling stocks and earning a 7-figure salary. Sender recently closed Exis Financial Management, a company he founded nearly two decades ago. In May, Sotheby’s will sell a chunk of Sender’s collection over a 18 month period.

Sender’s art collection is believed to be worth between $70 and $80 million. He has art works from John Baldassari, Cindy Sherman, Richard Prince, Barbara Kruger and Elizabeth Peyton. Ms. Sherman’s untitled piece from 1981 is worth an estimated $3 million alone. Although Sender is only selling certain works, he says he will still have quite a few pieces he can hold onto for a while.

New York art director Todd Levin helped Sender assemble his art collection. He also plans on donated a few pieces of art to various art museums. In a few weeks, Sender is planning a show at his Miami home. The “Home Alone” showing is a dig at the collector’s decision to first buy the home then move decide to move out, leaving the 5,000 square foot home empty. Sender decided to put his most interesting pieces on display. One eye-raising piece is a controversial pic of a young, naked Brooke Shields from 1983. Others are sexually provocative pieces from Sarah Lucas.

Sender’s keen eye for collecting is preserved for more seasoned artists as opposed to ones just graduating from art school. But he does see a lot of potential in young artists Rashid Johnson, Frank Benson and Urs Fischer. The Miami house exhibit will run through Friday and there will be morning and evening showings. “I’m hoping a great cross-section of people will show up,” says Sender.

Dream Big for Eric Pulier

Success favors the bold, for Eric Pulier; his success began at a very tender age. By the time he was in fourth grade, Pulier had already started up a database company through his self-acquired programming skills. Pulier majored in American literature and English at Harvard and was already making a name for himself as an editor at the time. If familiarity had taught him anything, it was that you create your own opportunities. He had scripted a column for the Harvard Crimson as well. Pulier also took up classes at MIT school and graduated with an estimable distinction.

After graduation, Pulier relocated to Los Angeles where he instituted a company under the designation People Doing Things. People doing things was formed to tackle real life issues using technology and in 1998 the company coupled with US Interactive LLC. IN 1997, Pulier was picked by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to craft the Presidential Technology Exhibition dubbed “the Bridge to the 21st Century”.

Pulier has made a lot of efforts to help the society with different projects aimed at the betterment of people. He has abetted the building of the Starbright world, an innovative private site that aims at creating a platform for chronically ill kids to share their experiences and communicate. He has also bestowed a lot to various non-profit organizations that cater to people with societal and physical conditions such as the painted turtle.

Eric Pulier is also a co-initiator of Service Mesh Inc. and is the company’s Chief executive officer and chairman of the board. Pulier has put his skills as a programmer to work as the GM and vice president of cloud at CSC Australia Pty Ltd and at the Computer Sciences Corporation.

Eric Pulier is indeed a fine example of materialization of dreams through effort, determination, and dedication. At a very tender age, Pulier had already begun his journey to the top. His journey did not go unnoticed and by the time he was a young adult he already knew where he wanted to be in life. His efforts to help society have helped him achieve greatness, success and have helped make him a better overall person.

Qnet: Advancing E Commerce

E commerce is a relatively young business model. So the is much
room for new ideas and growth of creativity. Many companies are
obviously taking to the internet to reach far and beyond what the
standard of communication used to be.

Truly, the internet has changed the way we do all manner ofbusiness. A Hong Kong based company is set on being at the forefront
of modern e commerce advancements.

(QNet) a company known for the last thirteen years for offering awide variety of online products to purchase. In those thirteen years
the company has been striving to do business the right way.

With the main focus being on overall wellness, they are recentlycelebrating their new partnership with the (Manchester City) SoccerTeam. The goal being that the reps. will be given special access to incentives for high performance members of their direct sales team.

Since QNet specializes in health and wellness, personal care andeducation to name a few things, they also have their hand in philanthropy.
This is something that the company is heavily involved in internationally.

The way that QNet gives it’s direct sales team the power to start upa lucrative business for themselves is what keeps the fire burning.
The philosophy of putting the people first is refreshing for sure.
Coupled with the incentives that are given to the top performers,
it is a surefire combination for success.

There are a lot of websites out there to say the least.
This company however stands out of the crowd dynamic by reinventing
the way that business is viewed. Both by the associate and the client.

All one has to do is a little research into QNet’s business model andyou will plainly see that it is not cut from the same cloth as most.
In a world of ever changing business and the concepts and progress that
go along with it, some companies look around the marketplace and say
we can do it differently.

Who knows what the future has in store for the world of e commerce.
You can bet that QNet will be on the forefront of innovativebusiness offerings for their associates and customers alike.

Art Sale Shows Off The Collection Of Adam Sender

Adam Sender was once best known as a hedge fund manager heading the successful Exis Capital company, a career choice which led to Sender’s reputation across Wall Street growing to see him become one of the best known managers in the financial industry. Like many successful hedge fund managers Sender became known for the quirks in his working day, which included darkening his office and studying more than 20 computer screens. These behaviors proved successful for Sender and helped Exis find success and built his own fortune that he directed towards a contemporary art collection that is one of the largest and most distinct of recent times.

The private art collection of Adam Sender was often displayed in the offices of Exis Capital and included large installations, paintings and photographs by some of the best known artists of the latter half of the 20th century. Sender began collecting art in 1998 and claims he quickly knew the world of modern and contemporary art was an area he was comfortable looking for masterpieces in. In 2011, Sender stated he was able to find masterpieces by contemporary artists that were affordable and could be purchased at galleries and shows by the artists themselves without the issues of attending auctions.

Such a large collection as that created by Adam Sender makes it one of the highest quality groups of art placed on sale in recent years. The current sale will see more than 400 pieces by 139 artists make their way onto the auction block, but the sale is also a chance for Adam Sender to make sure the art he has collected is viewed by the public for many years to come. Large scale installation like Donald Young’s One Hundred Fish Fountain may have the chance to be viewed on a regular basis in museum and gallery spaces once the sale is complete. The majority of the work collected by Adam Sender was curated by Todd Levin, which adds an extra sense of gravitas to the sale and shows the commitment to research and focus Sender has for all the aspects of his business and personal life.

Brian Bonar: An Experienced, Successful, Financial Services Professional

Finance is a science that deals with money management. It is commonly divided into the subcategories of personal finance, corporate finance, and public finance. The field focuses on how assets and liabilities are allocated over time with an eye on certainty and uncertainty. A currency’s purchasing power can vary over time. People involved in finance pay particular attention to the price or value of an asset and the risk level and potential rate of return associated with it. Having someone experienced in financial management can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your personal or business finance.

The financial position of an individual or business is determined by looking at net worth, assets and liabilities, and cash flow. Using this information a financial planner can help to determine whether or not particular goals can be met. A skilled financial planner can also determine the appropriate amount and type of insurance protection and tax planning that’s necessary to meet investment and accumulation goals. This information can then be used to create the budget or working capital of a person or business.

Proper financial risk management and investment management are crucial for attaining short and long-term financial goals. It informs the basis of the acquisition and use of funds and a business’ capital structure. It also helps to decide a company’s mix of debt and equity financing and other sources of capital. An experienced financial services expert can help a business to identify and utilize the appropriate financial methodologies and instruments to meet their goals. However, it is essential they base their recommendations on the correct financial economics.

Brian Bonar is an experienced financial specialist with a track record of success. He has worked with a wide range of companies including start-ups and established businesses and provided them with the financial guidance necessary to take their businesses to the next level. What makes Bonar special is the wide array of skills he possesses when it comes to finance. He is able to provide companies with connections to venture capital to get them started or assist them with corporate restructuring so they can take better advantage of the assets they already have.

What makes Brian Bonar so valuable to so many types of companies is that in addition to his MBA and PhD from England’s Stafford University in International Business Development, he has an incredible amount of real world experience. Bonar has worked with established multinational corporations like IBM, where he spent 16 years, to non-profits, founded several companies, and worked as COO, CFO, Chief Accounting Officer, and Principal Accounting Officer for companies in a variety of industries in the U.K, the Czech Republic, Mexico, and the United States.

Eric Pulier and His Contributions Concerning ServiceMesh

Companies are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to manage their business, especially when it comes to managing things like client lists and important contact information. Many businesses have decided to start using the Cloud to store their information as opposed to storing everything on paper documents. However, there have been a number of issues with security concerning Cloud storage. With that being said, a company known by the name of ServiceMesh is changing all of that.

This is a company that provides services such as IT support for clients all over the globe. The company also provides secure storage and innovative solutions utilizing the Cloud for all kinds of business operations, both large and small. Thanks to its innovative Agility Platform, which is used to manage Cloud based services, top notch security is provided. This helps clients understand that they do not need to be concerned about a possible security breach where all of their clients’ information could fall into the wrong hands. The company also provides an automated system that actively governs Cloud operation at all times.

One of the things that is truly unique about ServiceMesh is that customers have the opportunity to access services on their own when and where they choose to. This is made possible by a number of on demand services that their clients can find any time they need assistance or they want to find out information about something. It truly empowers the clients and puts them in charge of their security and their storage as opposed to allowing someone else to be in charge of it. Of course, it is all carefully monitored and overseen by the experts at ServiceMesh to ensure that everything is operating smoothly and that clients always have answers to their questions when they need to talk someone.

All of this is possible because of a man named Eric Pulier. He is a New Jersey native that started programming computers before the age of 10. He even developed his own tech business while he was still in high school. Eventually, he attended Harvard University and since that time, he has founded numerous technology companies that are constantly on the cutting edge. In addition, he is widely involved in philanthropy. One thing is certain, this is an individual that has a great deal of passion about the things that he is involved in and he takes that passion and then uses it to help others. That is precisely what ServiceMesh is all about. Pulier has long understood the need to help clients operate their businesses more efficiently in a safe environment. Thanks to his efforts, they can do exactly that. This in turn gives clients everywhere more peace of mind when it comes to doing business.