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Professional Investor Paul Mampilly Shares His Thoughts On The Millennial Generation And The Internet Of Things

After a long career on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly left that world behind and moved to Durham, North Carolina. In January 2013 he opened his own consulting firm, Capuchin Consulting, through which he offers investment advice to both professional investors and Main Street Americans who want to earn more from their money. On June 1, 2016, he released the first issue of his investment newsletter, Profits Unlimited. This is published by Banyan Hill Publishing and comes out on a monthly basis.

During his time on Wall Street, he worked for some big-name financial firms including ING Funds, Kinetics Asset Management, and Deutsche Asset Management. The big problem that Paul Mampilly has with Wall Street is that it doesn’t do much at all for regular folk who want the best investment advice. They only provide this advice to very wealthy people so regular investors are left high and dry. He didn’t want to be a part of this anymore so he parted ways with Wall Street to do his own thing.

There are two major trends that Paul Mampilly often writes about. These are the millennial megatrend and the Internet of Things (IoT). He analyzes and tracks millennials because he sees this generation as completely remaking the American economy. There are about 92 million people in this generation so it contains a lot of people. Because there are so many millennials their preferences will change the course of entire industries to what their choices are. This is why he thinks it is critical to follow this generation.

The Internet of Things, too, Paul Mampilly sees as reshaping the course of history. Virtually every industry will be heavily impacted by IoT before long including healthcare, banking, energy, automotive, finance, and more. Sophisticated devices that can share information, all without human intervention, will take care of things that a regular employee can’t. They will make huge strides in productivity and will also help keep people safe such as self-driving cars. Many tech firms are working on IoT devices and they will be introducing more and more of them as time goes on.

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Victoria Doramus “The Conquer”

To Achieve You Must First Make a Decision

Victoria Doramus is no stranger to hard times. She went threw years of drug addictions until one day on her own free will decided to embark on the journey of rehabilitation. Victoria Doramus had never had anything as tough as rehabilitation but wanted a better life for herself.

It Always Gets Worst Before The Breakthrough

According to, when you look at Victoria Doramus journey, one can easily see that making a decision is only the first step. Also, that even though you want to do better for yourself you still will face challenges. During her struggle to overcome her situation Victoria Doramus works various jobs to get herself back on her feet. Victoria Doramus’ life is a clear example of what persistence and perseverance can do for you in your life.

Who Can Benefit From Victoria Doramus Testimony?

Victoria Doramus’ life is not just a testimony for those who are addicted to a drug of some kind. Victoria Doramus testimony is for the individual that doesn’t realize that it could be worst. Her story reminds you that their are people who are or has had it rougher than you however, they still have made it. Yes, those individuals who are facing an addiction of some sort can learn a lot from Victoria Doramus as well. But by no means is her story one where only those who suffer from drug addiction will benefit from her testimony. Her life is worth reading if you are trying to find your way. See her profile on


“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Gives Penn an Excuse to Rant

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is a slim book, but despite its size it packs a mean punch. Actor extraordinaire Sean Penn holds nothing back in his premier novel, laying out his opinion of the Trump administration, #MeToo, the media, social media, and marketing for all the world to read. And it is quite the read, a frenetic storm of agitated prose wrapped around a small semblance of episodic story.



The book follows the life of Bob Honey, as told by quirky narrator Pappy Pariah. Honey was formally a septic tank salesmen for Jehovah’s Witnesses, but now holds a slew of small jobs. The most important one is some wetwork he does for a secret government agency. The agency has a plan to help the environment, and that plan involves assassin Honey taking a mallet to geriatrics. As we go between his incredible exploits as an assassin, to his attempt to socialize at home, a investigative reporter shows up and throws a monkey wrench into the whole thing.



Honey has all the tropes of a satire. The absurd circumstances, the absurd characters, the references to real people within those characters, and of course the author waxing rhapsodic every chance he gets. Whether it be through Pappy’s storytelling, or Honey’s point of view, Penn lets his opinions be known in fiery little rants.



President Trump takes some hits. Big surprise. Penn’s focus on him paralleled in Honey’s relationship to his president, known as Mr. Landlord. Penn also focuses on current events, the media, and #MeToo in a poem epilogue. According to Penn the overall message is about morality, a message he felt led to tell with the current state of America. The disenchanted feeling Penn has coming through in the disenchanted feeling of his character.


Penn takes some interesting stances in the book, especially with #MeToo. His position on Trump is obvious, and most readers have heard such ranting before. #MeToo though is accused of infantilizing serious subjects like rape and sexual assault, resorting to playground tactics, and accusing individuals without any recourse. He even asks is it necessary to demonize individuals thought to be quality of such crimes, Charlie Rose in particular.


Penn accuses the media of glorifying things like shooting police officers, and blames real life instances on such glorification. It is definitely the voice of someone who has been chewing on this thoughts for awhile. Luckily he has found an outlet to get them out.

How End Citizens United Has Made Its Name Reputable and Popular

     A committee for new political action is campaigning for reforms in the U.S politics. The committee’s intention is to ensure it uses millions of dollars to sponsor Democratic candidates both in the Senate races and competitive House across the country. The group known as End Citizens United has received more than 2 million dollars from donors. A communications director said that the group aims at raking about 30 million dollars for this task. The U.S Supreme Court gave a ruling that didn’t favor the Citizens United. The group, thus, aims at reversing the ruling through a constitutional amendment. The Court’s decision in 2010 allowed dark money’s tidal wave into U.S politics and brought super PACs.

The petition by End Citizens United has been signed by over 325,000 people. The group has asked Congress to ensure the legislation passes. A group by name Ready for Hillary has partnered with the End Citizens United and this is about to increase the signatures to over 4 million. The group aims at reaching out to the prospective liberal supporters. The Citizens United endorsed candidates from the Democratic among them former Colorado Senator Michael Bennet and Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold. The group has set initiatives such as polling, direct mailers, and television ads to back their candidates financially.

The group was formed on 1st March 2015 to discourage large political funders whose motives were ulterior. These political funders were paying for their elections and this introduced a high level of political injustice. It’s the grassroots donations that support End Citizens United and not the big donors. The End Citizens United was launched in August 2015. The group indicates that the political spending is out of hands and that many Independent voters and Republicans also agree with this. This is a disastrous decision that Congress Republican leadership is out to overturn and the group says this has to stop.

The group has a website where it posts what it does and also the latest political news. The group has a donation page and a page where all the candidates agitating for finance reforms have been listed. Citizens United also indicates on its website what other groups could do to end political and electoral injustice. The group indicates that other groups just need to share more about the candidates for pro-reform on their individual social media websites. This political action committee is aimed at putting big money out of politics through endorsing Democratic candidates such as Hillary Clinton, Jon Ossoff, Elizabeth Warren, and Zephyr Teachout.

If you wish to read some more, you may also read “End Citizens United PAC Wants To Make Its Name A Reality.


     On February 1st, 2011, the American Institute of Architects chose Robert Ivy as their new Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President as well. The decision which was a consensus of the board members was reached after considering the work that Robert had done when serving as one of the board members. The members also chose him because of his lifetime achievements under various positions even in other establishments and agencies. Prior to his appointment as CEO, he had received the McGraw-Hill Award in 2008 for his services to the company. He had also been awarded the Crane Award in 2009 for his contributions to architecture. The award was highly ranked by the American Business Media. Alpha Rho Chi also named him the Master Architect in 2010 for educating a generation.

Robert Ivy who is the author of Fay Jones: Architect has done so much for the architecture industry. He has been in charge of the American Institute of Architects since 2011 up to date. Through the organization, he has helped several licensed architects as well as other industry professionals become better at what they do. He has also educated the society on matters regarding construction, especially on the importance of design. For the time that he has been with AIA, he has been involved in the running of the organization’s affairs ensuring that all is going well. He has even helped the organization to continue to grow in size.

During its opening in 1857, it only had a few members. Today AIA hosts around 90,000 professional architects. More and more people continue to join the organization daily, so the number is set to increase in the coming years. The headquarters of AIA are located in Washington DC. Since its founding, it has been focused on reaching out to people for the purpose of convincing them about how important design is in the realm of architecture. By doing this, the organization has ensured that it has made things better for the many professionals who are practicing architecture. This is because their work is being appreciated now that the public understands the value of architecture.

The president of the American Institute of Architects, George H. Miller, is amazed by how much Robert Ivy has been able to achieve so far in his life. When Robert was appointed as Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President, he was very excited that he was going to work with a man who had a tremendous reputation. When asked to comment on how he thought the appointment would affect AIA, he said that the organization couldn’t have made a better choice and added that he was the right man for the job. He also added that Robert would help the organization to achieve great things in the near future.

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Honey Birdette Making Your Bedroom A Boudoir

Over girl talk and champagne, came the idea of a business that would satisfy women’s desire for quality, provocative lingerie and bedroom accessories.

With a background in public relations, but a firsthand knowledge of retail through her mother, Eloise Monaghan began Honey Birdette, Australia’s premiere sensuality boutique, in 2006, and is the managing and creative director.

The Honey Birdette lingerie brand, founded in Brisbane, Australia, having experienced a 374% increase in United States online sales in past 12 months, has launched a dedicated US e-commerce site. Claims Monaghan, the site will “enhance the consumer’s experience” with faster delivery (free for orders over $50), easier returns and wider range of products for the US customer.

In addition, plans are in place to expand the United Kingdom’s retail portfolio from three to 40 stores by the end of 2018. The first stores opened outside Australia were in London’s Covent Garden, Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White City. The company is also scouting retail openings in the US, as well as locations in Europe. There are 55 Honey Birdette stores located in Australia. Backing for Honey Birdette is through BBRC, a private investment company.

Honey Birdette, as seen on Instagram,  is a ladies boutique that offers candles, massage oils, lingerie sets, and adult playthings. All lingerie, from lacy to racy, is designed in house at Honey Birdette headquarters. So, too, are the luxury bedroom toys that can be found among the lingerie. With the aim of helping create a luxurious, sensual, fun and frisky atmosphere to the bedroom, Honey Birdette is at your service.

Eric Pulier Is a Great Entrepreneur

The technology world has many people who have done a truly amazing job when it comes to innovating new products that can help consumers. One of the people who has made a name for himself thanks to his gift for innovation is Eric Pulier. He has created a wide variety of websites that offer consumers many different services. His track record is quite remarkable when you stop to consider the fact that the vast majority of new sites that go online are not able to gain a sizeable audience. This causes them to go out of business rather quickly because they are not able to generate a large enough profit in order to pay for their expenses. However, Eric has been able to repeatedly strike gold in the world of tech startups. Not surprisingly, this has made him a person that many different venture capitalists want to do business with.


One of the big tech success stories that Pulier is best known for is ServiceMesh. This is a site that was one of the first to offer companies various affordable cloud computing solutions. This site was created long before most people in Silicon Valley realized how huge cloud computing would eventually become. The site took off as companies began using the cloud to store their data. Santa Monica is where the base of operations for ServiceMesh can be found.


New Jersey is where Eric originally hails from. He was not into computers very much when he was a child. This makes the fact that he became very successful in the world of tech startups all the more remarkable. He briefly thought about teaching English literature in college. This led Eric to enroll in Harvard and graduate with a English literature degree. However, it was soon after he finished his college studies that he realized that he was meant to do something totally different with his life.


Eric has built a career by launching innovative sites like Akana and Desktone. There seems to be no limit to his creativity. He loves what he does and he can’t imagine doing anything else. Read This for More.


Eric Pulier a passionate Entreprenuer

Computer Science Corporation (CSC) is an American company that possesses or controls the production services or goods in one or more nations other than their homeland. Its headquarters is in the state of Virginal, but it has locations in over 70 countries. Over 90,000 employees help the CSC to provide information technology and professional services to such entities as the local, state, and U.S. federal government. They also provide services to non-U.S. government agencies.

Like other corporations, the Computer Sciences Corporation has a small and humble beginning. CSC was developed in Los Angeles in April of 1959. Founded by Roy Nutt and Fletcher John, the Computer Sciences Corporation was originally created to provide programming tools. Such tools included the compiler and assembling software.

As time progressed CSC grew and expanded the services that it provided. By the 1960s CSC was providing software writing services to major companies such as Honeywell, which helped to continue to gain momentum in the software field. Their expertise allowed them to lock in their first contract with NASA.

The increase of clientele and services offered to allow the Computer Science Corporation to become the largest software company located in the United States by the year 1963. They also were noted as being the first software company to be on the American Stock Exchange. The 60s continued to be a great decade for CSC as they were expanded operations to other countries such as the UK, Canada, Spain, Brazil, the Netherlands, and even India.

By the 1970s and 80s the Computer Science Corporation would continue to grow and acquire contracts from different companies. No longer confined to servicing companies in the United States; CSC obtained contracts for Europe and Australia, where they provided services to the Finance and Defense industry.

Continual expansion has allowed CSC to be a Fortune 500 company since the year 1995. In 2012, CSC reached 162 on the list.

The innovation of CSC and other individuals such as Eric Pulier has helped companies to become more efficient and productive. Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur who started his journey as a computer programmer.

Pulier began his computer programming journey in fourth grade. This passion and hobby lead to him starting his own company while he was in high school. While in high school Pulier created a database company. Once he graduated high school Pulier, attended Harvard University, where he majored in American Literature and English. He also took courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

After graduating from college, Pulier again took an on an entrepreneur role in starting the company People Doing Things (PDT) in 1991. In 1994, he founded interactive agency Digital Evolution that eventually merged with US interactive LLC in 1998.

Brian Bonar and His Shrewd Business Tactics

Brian Bonar born 68 years ago is regarded as one of the finest finance executives in the world. Bonar is the current chairman of the board of management at Dalrada Financial Corporation. He joined the company in 1994 as the director of technology and sales, before becoming the overall manager in the company in 1995. Come the year 1997, he was elected chairman of the board at Dalrada. Brian Bonar due to his vast managerial experiences is connected to 7 board members in 4 different companies across eight distinct sectors.

Bonar also works as the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation (OTC), which is a dominant player in color management applications and also an integrator and service company for digital imaging devices. Bonar is restructuring OTC by engaging in an expansion program through strategic acquisitions in personnel and employment practice. In 2012, OTC acquired source one group a Virginia-based organization that provides payroll and human resource services. According to Mr. Bonar, this particular acquisition is poised to generate an additional $40 million in revenues to OTC.

Bonar has also served as a board member at Alliance National Insurance Agency, and at the boys and girls club of Greater San Diego.

Other companies that Mr. Bonar has served in high-level capacities either as the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, or the Chief Financial Accountant include; Trucept, Tradeshow products, Smart-Tek Automated services, Warning Management services, Solvis Group, and IBM Europe among other iconic organizations.

Mr. Bonar is very entrepreneurial, and in 1999 he founded AMS outsourcing, an organization whose primary line of business focuses on transport to the marketplace.

Bonar Graduated with an undergraduate baccalaureate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Strathclyde, a master’s degree from Staffordshire, and a doctorate in International Business Development from Staffordshire. He also holds an honorary title, Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, Wales in the United Kingdom.

Going with the fact that Bonar is an astute business man, he has managed to capitalize on several financial opportunities. In January 2012, he acquired 56,500 shares at $0.005per share. This is considered a very shrewd investment because the present share value is around $0.0090, and this is almost 100% percent share increase in less than three years.

Due to his prudent business decisions, Bonar is one of the best-paid company executives. For instance, just recently in 2012 when he was serving as the president, secretary, and chief financial officer at TRUCEPT, he garnered $860,571 in total compensation. Of the total payable amount, $360,000 came from the base pay, while $550,571 came from other compensations. During the same year, he did not receive any bonuses and stock options but still ended up with $860,571 in total compensation that is extremely encouraging by any financial standard.

Former Hedge Fund Manager Sells Off Art Pieces

Former hedge fund manager Adam Sender is sitting on a cache of more than 800 pieces of art from 139 different artists. Sender amassed this huge selection of works over a seven year period while selling stocks and earning a 7-figure salary. Sender recently closed Exis Financial Management, a company he founded nearly two decades ago. In May, Sotheby’s will sell a chunk of Sender’s collection over a 18 month period.

Sender’s art collection is believed to be worth between $70 and $80 million. He has art works from John Baldassari, Cindy Sherman, Richard Prince, Barbara Kruger and Elizabeth Peyton. Ms. Sherman’s untitled piece from 1981 is worth an estimated $3 million alone. Although Sender is only selling certain works, he says he will still have quite a few pieces he can hold onto for a while.

New York art director Todd Levin helped Sender assemble his art collection. He also plans on donated a few pieces of art to various art museums. In a few weeks, Sender is planning a show at his Miami home. The “Home Alone” showing is a dig at the collector’s decision to first buy the home then move decide to move out, leaving the 5,000 square foot home empty. Sender decided to put his most interesting pieces on display. One eye-raising piece is a controversial pic of a young, naked Brooke Shields from 1983. Others are sexually provocative pieces from Sarah Lucas.

Sender’s keen eye for collecting is preserved for more seasoned artists as opposed to ones just graduating from art school. But he does see a lot of potential in young artists Rashid Johnson, Frank Benson and Urs Fischer. The Miami house exhibit will run through Friday and there will be morning and evening showings. “I’m hoping a great cross-section of people will show up,” says Sender.