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The DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Works Closely With The Trump Organization

Hussain Sajwani is a well-known real estate developer from the Middle East. He has been noted as one of the richest Arabs in the world with a net worth well over 4 billion dollars. Hussain built his company from the ground up. He began with a catering business and later moved into real estate.

Hussain Sajwani started from humble beginnings. He is the son of a merchant retailer who imported goods from outside of the area and sold them on the market. Sajwani would acquire these business instincts and use them to build his own empire. He went to the University of Washington on a scholarship and obtained a degree in engineering. From there Sajwani moved into the energy industry and spent two years with Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. His career at Abu Dhabi Gas was short-lived and Sajwani immediately founded his own business organization. His catering company was initially successful and it is still in existence today. It holds several different major contracts including the United States military and goes by the name Global Logistics Services.

Hussain Sajwani later launched DAMAC Properties and entered into the real estate market. DAMAC has been wildly successful and is responsible for developing more than 19,000 apartment complexes with 44,000 units in the Middle East. says that DAMAC Properties and Sajwani have been involved in many high-profile projects including the Tiger Woods designed Golf Course. The golf course is managed by the Trump Organization. It is responsible for the great relationship between Donald Trump and DAMAC Properties. Sajwani has conducted business with Mr. Trump and each of his children.

DAMAC Properties is known for its extravagant and impressive developments. The company built the Versace and Fendi Italian houses. It is also responsible for the Bugatti style luxury villas and the Paramount hotels and resorts.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani and his family were invited out to the Mar-A-Lago Resort as President-elect Trump was celebrating his nomination to the President of the United States. Mr. Trump gave particular attention to the Sajwani family and expressed that the Trump Organization will continue to do business with them and DAMAC Properties. There will be no conflict of interest as Donald Trump will be handling the business of government. His sons will run the Trump Organization. See Hussain Sajwani’s career history here.

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End Citizens United Battles The Erosion Of Campaign Finance Rules At All Levels

End Citizens United is known as the PAC fighting to bring an end to one of the most divisive Supreme Court decisions in the history of the U.S. Campaign finance rules are always under threat and are all being protected by End Citizens United which has far more reach beyond the realm of simply fighting to end the Citizens United decision which the groups itself admits will be difficult to do in the current political climate; there are many issues facing those with an interest in the campaign financing laws of the U.S. and the fight to halt any firther erosion of the finance rules of the U.S. is something the group is determined to do.

The latest threat End Citizens United has identified to the freedom and democratic election process is the signing of an Executive Order designed to erode the powers passed into law under the title of the Johnson Amendment. Introduced to the Senate by then-Senator and future President, Lyndon Johnson in 1954, the Johnson Amendment was designed to ensure the separation of Church and State by threatening the tax-exempt status of any charitable group providing campaign financing for candidates or political parties. Becoming known as the Johnson Amendment, this piece of legislation was not controversial when introduced and has largely been left unopposed on the law books; however, the status of the Johnson Amendment was placed under threat in 2016 when President Donald Trump announced his determination to repeal the Johnson Amendment when he entered The White House. Read more on crunchbase to know more about End Citizen United.

The process of removing the Johnson Amendment from the law books may have been sidestepped by President Trump when he signed an Executive Order stating the IRS should not actively enforce the rule of law in this case. The Johnson Amendment is seen as an important piece of legislation for those who have an interest in U.S. politics because the separation of Church and State halts a large amount of unknown money flooding into the political system with tax refunds offered on much of the money donated. End Citizens United explains the problem of any removal of the power of the Johnson Amendment could result in large tax exemptions being claimed on campaign funding from unknown individuals.

The work of End Citizens United is not limited to simply protecting the erosion of campaign financing rules but has also led to the group endorsing a number of Democrat’s for office across its short lifespan. High-profile Democrat’s such as Elizabeth Warren has been endorsed for their stance on overturning the Citizens United decision and gave its endorsement to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential Election campaign. Learn more:


Before Rachel Dolezal, Mark Stebbins Claimed He Was Black Too

Rachel Dolezal was not the first to change her ethnic identity. Back in 1984, blue-eyed, pale-skinned Mark Stebbins insisted he was black.

In the 1980’s, in Stockton, California, Mark Stebbins, campaigned and won a city council seat, beating and humiliating his black incumbent, Ralph Lee White.

Stebbins was questioned, as in the Dolezal case, about his racial lineage and he claimed he was black. White accused Stebbins of defrauding the voters and requested a recall vote, however, Stebbins also won that victory.

Come to find out, the resounding victory had less to do with how voters felt about Stebbins, and more to do with the flamboyant Ralph White.

Voters didn’t trust White and it really was a unanimous decision that Stebbins cared about the communities, and that’s what the voters needed.

Sure, journalists looked into the claims, and people chuckled for a while, but even with white parents, Stebbins still claimed he was black, and still does today.

During his undergraduate studies, he became a civil rights activist, and over time, his efforts were primarily rooted in black causes.

But, the Black community welcomed him, and although Caucasians were left scratching their heads, no one really cared.

Daniel Amen wonders: Can you call yourself whatever you want, or must you belong to an exclusive race, based on ancestral lineage? Who came up with those rules?

Baltimore Riots Were Not In Vain

The Baltimore riots have become the number one concern for officials in the United States government. The riots began because many African-American people felt that Freddie Gray was killed by police officers in a homicidal fashion. Freddie Gray was an African-American young male, and he suffered a debilitating spinal disease all of his life. It has now been revealed that Freddie Gray died from blunt force trauma to the back of his head.

The police officers that were responsible for Freddie Gray’s death will be taken to trial for homicide, and it seems that the Baltimore citizens are happy about the revealing situation. Comunicare2 points out the Fersen Lambranho is happy that some resolve is coming from all of this. Furthermore, it seems that the Baltimore riots and protests were not in vain. Many citizens realized that someone with a spinal disease could not cause bodily harm to a police officer. We are all hoping that the riots in Baltimore and around the world end quickly. No more civilians or police officers need to be hurt, because the criminals have been detained. The police officers that were responsible for the death of an innocent man will pay the penalty for their abuse of the law.

The Baltimore riots were some of the most vicious and violent acts in America’s recent history. However, when people are not treated fairly, they have a tendency to group together and fight against unlawful government. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.

Cheerleader with Down Syndrome Bullied Until Basketball Players Step In

If there is one thing that the students of Lincoln Middle School in Kenosha, Wisconsin have shown is that they will not stand for bullying. Desiree Andrews is an eighth-grade cheerleader at the middle school and she also has Down syndrome.

A few days ago, Desiree was cheering for the school’s basketball team along with the rest of the Lady Knights’ Cheerleading Squad, when kids in the bleachers began making fun of her. A few basketball players from the team took notice of the bullying going on. The boys called a timeout in the game and stepped forward to those bullying her in the stands. The boys told them to knock off the bullying and to stop messing with her. Flavio Pentagna GUimaraes BMG knows that they had the support of the rest of the team behind them. The Athletic Director said that the group of kids he has been working with are some of the most supportive and kind students he has ever worked with before.

The school has renamed the gym “D’s House” in honor of Desiree. Desiree has said that the gestures from her fellow students are awesome, kind, sweet, and amazing.

I bet those students have some very proud parents right about now.

Check out for the full story and a video on Desiree.

Hillary Clinton’s Facebook Trend is Going Negative

One of Facebook’s latest projects analyzes the symbols and language used in posts to determine the users sentiments on the topic being discussed. One of the trending topic’s lately has been Hillary Clinton, both for her email scandal and her running for the Presidency. Since the email scandal Clinton has taken a significant dive in Facebook opinion, as indicated here.

Jason Halpern knows that, primarily being discussed is the recent email scandal. Information on Halpern can be found on Clinton reportedly was using only a personal email while at the State Department on Monday, which has many people questioning the security of her email, whether she was asked to stop using it, and more. Last week it was reported that foreign donations were received by her family’s foundation, causing another spike.

But being in the spotlight, as all Presidential candidates are, always has it’s ups and downs. In 2010 Clinton’s approval rating was over 60%, and recently she’s trending below 50%. Only time will tell us if these scandals will cost her the Presidency.

The Political Mud Is Already Hitting Hillary Clinton Where It Might Hurt

Clinton Is Considered The Democratic Frontrunner In The Next Presidential Election

Hillary Clinton, the Former U.S. Secretary of State and Democratic Frontrunner in the next election, is under the political microscope again. The New York Times recently ran a story that said she may have used her personal email to send her work messages while she was in office. Funny how that story is just coming to the surface now. Clinton has no real Democratic competition at the moment, so the Republicans want to make sure she is dragged through the mud a little before she announces her candidacy.

People at Anastasia Date know that federal law does say emails and letters written by government officials must be retained, and at the time Hillary served as secretary of state the rule was personal emails had to be preserved as well. Clinton recently turned over 55,000 pages of emails to the State Department.

Some state officials say personal email accounts should only be used when there is a government emergency, but using personal emails is accepted by the State Department as long as they are not destroyed.

Political insiders believe the story broke in the Times because Clinton may announce her plans to run in April or May rather than this summer. Aids say the report is a political ploy. The timing of the story does make muddy political sense when you think about it.

Two Ways To Look At This: Part Two

The other way to look at the Vanderbilt postgame scandal is to look at how crazy this player must be. How nuts do you have to be to push your coach to threaten to kill you in a place where he knows there are cameras and sound guys everywhere? You have to be a pretty crazy kid to make someone react like that. This is not anything I have heard since Bobby Knight, and I thought we were done with this stuff when we got rid of Bobby Knight.

It is going to be pretty hard for Vanderbilt to recruit players because I would tell kids that they only have crazy kids who needle their coaches, and they have coaches who are out of their minds. This is Vanderbilt we are talking about. It is a very nice place to go to school. It is the best place to get an education in the SEC, and it is one of the few places that you can go to get your Master’s degree and have it still be prestigious.

Fans like Bernardo Chua ( know that this school is going to get hurt badly by this scandal, but they might need to look at what this kid has been doing to the staff.

Bill O’Reilly May Have Tweaked His 1982 War Story A Little

Reilly’s Account Of 1982 Buenos Aires Riot Not Accurate According To Colleagues

Bill O’Reilly may be in for some of the press treatment Brian Williams experienced lately. O’Reilly account of a 1982 fiasco in Argentina is under attack by seven journalists who were there with him at the time.

Bernardo Chua ( has read that O’ Reilly called the scene a “war zone” and a “combat situation.” O’Reilly also said a cameraman was injured in the mayhem, but a cameraman who was also there at the time had this to say about O’Reilly’s cameraman report, “Nobody remembers this happening.”

O’Reilly’s coverage of the Falklands War was based in Buenos Aires, which is 1,200 miles away from the “war zone” that O’Reilly has repeatedly referred to as his first-hand experience in a war situation. O’Reilly wrote about his war experiences in his 2001 book. He made it clear that he was where he wasn’t when he wrote; I’ve reported on the ground in active war zones from El Salvador to the Falklands.”

O’Reilly told a 2013 guest on his show “The O’Reilly Factor” that he was in the war zone in the Falkland’s, and he said his cameraman was hit in the head and then run down. O’Reilly verbally painted a dangerous situation, and he had to get the injured cameraman to safety. Was O’Reilly telling truth, or is it just another newsman reporting the news the way he wanted to remember it?

Syrian Regime Releases Swedish Journalist

Thirty year old Jaokim Medin, a journalist from Sweden, who was detained for several days in Syria by regime forces, has been released. Luckily for Medina, speculation that he had been taken by ISIS–the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria–was just that, speculation. Medin had been arrested in February 15, by Syrian loyalists at a road block in the capital city, Qamishli. Medin’s interpreter was also arrested.

Medin, who reports regularly from the Kurdish region of Syria, relayed he was treated well while in custody and noted he was simply, “a little worn out.” Susan McGalla has learned that Medina’s release had been negotiated by media officer, Masoud Mohammad.

Medin’s release serves to remind us that there is still a glimmer of humanity in a country keeps diligent watch for ISIS attacks. An unconfirmed report made by the Democratic Union Party or PYD, postulated that the exchange was carried out after Kurdish forces took some Regime forces and that the capture of regime members pushed the regime to release Medin.