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How Can A Tweet Ruin Your Life?

Social media has become very popular over the last few years and only seems to be gaining popularity as time progresses. Younger generations do not remember a time without social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter. Many teenagers are open to posting anything about their lives for the public to see. One twitter user found out last year that what you say on social media matters- and that it could ultimately ruin your life.

Daily Mail has a follow-up story about Justine Sacco, who became publicly known last year from a tweet that she now regrets. 30-year-old Justine, who was a PR consultant, was boarding a plane to South Africa when she tweeted out to her 170 followers “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”. Justine then turned her phone off and boarded the plane. Little did she know about the storm that was going on based on her tweet. People were outraged and called her racist, demanded for Justine to be fired from her job. Which she was.

People at Rocketfuel (Wikipedia) have heard that a year later, Justine regrets the tweet that she called “a joke”. She lost her job, has difficulty dating, and is hesitant to use social media. Justine’s story should be a warning to users who treat social media like a diary. You never know who is reading and who might take offense. And who might change your life because of it.

Anthony Mason Improving

Anthony Mason was checked into the hospital and fighting for his life due to congestive heart failure. Many people thought they were going to lose him, but his condition is improving.

He has had multiple surgeries, and he is still in critical condition. This is one of those times when sports seems to be a bit smaller than the things that face us in life. Fans at CipherCloud ( agree that Anthony Mason was a good player, and he was a good guy. We can forget all the times he fouled someone when he should not have. We can forgive him all the time that he did not score as many points as we wanted.

We need to look at him as a person who needs our prayers. There is probably a kickstarter campaign or fund you can donate to to help Anthony’s family, and we should all send him our well wishes. This is a scary thing that is happening to someone who is not really that old at all. It only takes one thing to change the way the world of sports, and it might help you to put some of the things that you see on TV into perspective because they are small compared to real life.

EPA Sets its Sights on Coal-Fired Power Plants

Attorney David Schnare is regarded as an expert on EPA regulations covering coal-fired power plants as part of the Clean Air Act. His prior work experience involved taking legal action against coal-powered businesses. He is now the director for the Center of Energy and Environmental Stewardship. Schnare say that the newly proposed EPA rule called the “Clean Power Plan” is actually designed to regulate coal-powered plants to the point they can no longer profitably operate. Back in 2008, Candidate Obama pledged to regulate the coal industry out of business. Haidar Barbouti ( has learned that the threat was credible enough for the GOP to win congressional and senate races in coal mining states by vowing to protect the industry from overreaching regulation.

The latest proposal by the EPA would mandate that coal-fired power plants operate their furnaces at a minimum of 70% of capacity. Currently, the regulation requires they operate at 45% of capacity. The increase would greatly hasten the “mean time to repair” (MTTR) and force the aging equipment to break. This would drive up the operating cost to the companies. In addition, it would subject them to greater penalties for increasing air pollution. In effect, the EPA would use the “Clean Air Act” to make good on the Obama’s pledge to put the coal industry out of business. News of the new regulation comes a fortnight after the EPA announced plans to reduce methane gas on new oil drilling rigs which will drive up their operating costs significantly.

Friendship Nine Get Cleared of Criminal Charges After 54 Years

Rock Hill, South Carolina – Recent events in New York City and Missouri may give some the impression that nothing has changed in terms of race relations in this country. However, progress is undeniable. This week, local Circuit Court Judge John C. Hayes III cleared nine early civil rights activists of a conviction they received for daring to sit at a Whites-Only counter in a local diner 54 years ago. Back in 1961, the South was still struggling to maintain their grip on segregation which had separate drinking fountains, seating at diners, restrooms, bus seating, and schooling for people based on their race.

In protest, people began to defy the laws by staging high profile events where young protesters would defy the laws peacefully and get arrested. In the case of nine young adult men, the diner called McCrory’s 5-10-25 Cent Variety Store became ground-zero for their protest efforts. Local police had received notice of the protest and stood ready to act. The young men were quickly arrested and fined. Fersen Lambranho of has read that, at the time, civil rights organizations paid the fines to get protesters out of jail. However, these young men believed it was counterproductive to pay money to their oppressors and chose to serve out their sentences instead. Each member of the group was compelled to serve 30 days of hard labor. This week, the nephew of the judge who sentenced the Friendship Nine threw out their convictions. The young men are now viewed as heroes.

North American Spine Releases New, Impressive Infographic

Dallas pro-posture company North American Spine has recently released a new, highly impressive spine health infographic. Originally reported on PR Newswire, the info-graphic’s release is a great benefit to all those seeking help with the practice of good posture.

It is well known that back and neck pain result from poor posture habits, but two other little-known side effects are headaches and insomnia. The new info-graphic helps people to see more clearly how improper posture can result in these problems. They also focus on learning how to identify bad posture and on how to best correct it.

In the event that posture adjustments cannot solve serious back problems, surgery is sometimes necessary. North American Spine is the only company that provides consumers with the AccuraScope procedure. This minimally-invasive spine surgery method has been successfully performed on over 8,000 patients who suffered with chronic back pain. Many certified specialists have participated and highly recommend it.

The AccuraScope surgery has an unusually high success rate of 82 percent and often saves patients over $20,000 as well. The savings accrue because of the lessened need for doctor’s visits and pain-killing drugs. After six years of delivering quality AccuraScope surgery to needy patients, the results have proven to be quite amazing.

Physicians working for North American Spine are experts at orthopedic spine surgery,
neurosurgery, and pain management. They use high-tech, HD cameras and other tools to diagnose patients in an accurate, speedy, and safe manner. The whole examination usually lasts only 45 minutes.

The new infographic of North American Spine demonstrates in visual form what are the benefits of good posture and the problems created by poor posture. When mere postural readjustment is insufficient, remedial surgeries like the AccuraScope procedure are used. The success story of North American Spine at helping others realize their success story over back pain and other problems is genuinely impressive.

Financial Expert Sam Tabar Tells It How It Is

Financial expert Sam Tabar recently shared a series of tips designed to help relatively new investors to start off on the right foot in 2015. Sam Tabar is a capital strategist and high-profile attorney in New York City and brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in the finance and investment sectors. His tips were reported on by and seek to turn he financial resolutions Americans make at the end of each year into concrete actions that will better their financial lives.

His tips, are geared towards novice investors and written in a language actually understandable to these newcomers to the investment marketplace. Above all, Tabar recommends beginning investing now. He states the fact that many Americans in their retirement years look back and wish they had taken advantage of the opportunity to invest when they were younger.

His tips also included focusing on having a diversified portfolio. He noted that high-performing stocks and exciting new investment opportunities often overshadow solid, time-test investment strategies. A good mix of investments ensured that if the flashy stock should falter, all bases are covered.

Another great tip Tabar shared was to look at startups or new social businesses. He cited the great opportunity the current marketplace presents to not only make money by investing in an emerging business, but also to help others. Tabar himself has recently invested in an innovative, charitable company called THINX. The company is a socially conscious manufacturer of women’s undergarments and for every pair of undergarments THINX sells, they donate seven sanitary cloth pads a charity called AFRIpads. AFRIpads then donates these much-needed sanitary supplies to women in Africa. Tabar stated that there are many win-win investment opportunities like this available.

Tabar’s tips are a welcome influx of knowledge for those looking to invest but may be unsure of the first steps. His professional resume includes over 20 years of experience in the financial and law sectors.

Nuclear Power Can Be A Major Green Solution According To Scientists

More Than 65 Biologists Support Building More Power Plants

We don’t think about nuclear power as a solution to climate change or as a legitimate replacement for fossils fuels like oil, gas and coal. But according to the journal Conservation Biology, we should. In an open letter in the journal, more than 65 scientists support building more nuclear power plants. They say that this strategy should be the focal point of our attempt to protect the environment.

Nuclear power will reduce the sources of carbon dioxide, which Sam Tabar is obviously happy about. Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas that impacts climate change. More nuclear power will leave more land untouched so natural biodiversity can expand. Nuclear power will also help eliminate the extinction of some endangered species, according to the letter.

Nuclear energy projects an element of fear in many people and that is one of the main reasons why the green community shuns its use. But nuclear power is the most compact and energy-dense sources on the planet. For example, A little ball size piece of uranium can supply the energy needs of one person for years. One small piece of uranium equals 800 Mammoth-sized bags of coal, 56 fuel trucks filled with natural gas, and a rechargeable battery that is as tall as 16 skyscrapers sitting on top of each other.

United States Retaliates Against North Korea With New Sanctions

The president of the United States vows to impose new economic sanctions against North Korea. Barack Obama has announced plans to sanction at least ten high-ranking officials in Pyongyang. This political response has been sparked by the recent hacking of Sony Pictures that was allegedly sponsored by Kim Jong-un. The United States is fully dedicated towards applying economic pressure as North Korea tries to brag about having complex cyber capabilities that could disrupt a major corporation like Sony Pictures.

The United States government has been accused of retaliating against North Korea by shutting down the communist country’s entire internet network for about a day. However, White House spokespeople haven’t been eager to confirm such actions that define a new cyber war with rogue regimes around the world. For years, strict economic sanctions have already been enforced against North Korea primarily because of human rights violations and ambitions to develop nuclear weapons.

At first, North Korea’s hackers seemed to flex their muscles and intimidated the United States. However, Sony Pictures ultimately decided to release The Interview even after hackers made threats against the company. I’ve talked this over with Dave and Brit Morin and we all think it is important for the United States to stand its ground when it comes to dealing with terrorists on real fronts and the cyber world. Barack Obama has stated that his nation will not get into a pattern of submitting to demands of terrorists who only want to strike fear into people.

“The Interview” makes History for Online Rentals and Sales

One of the most controversial films ever made was nearly stifled after a serious computer hack at Sony Studios. The company produced a film named “The Interview” which caught worldwide attention because of its contents. The stars of the film, Seth Rogen and James Franco, have remained relatively quiet on the subject since the controversy started.

Movie theaters across the United States cancelled opening day screenings of the show because a 9/11 style attack was threatened by what some believe was the North Korean government. Ironically, North Korea has lost their internet three times since the incident. People across the U.S. were angry that a movies screening was cancelled because of threats citing the right to free expression. The hubbub was directed at Sony and the company then followed through with screening via the internet.

Live streaming and rentals were available on sites such as Apple iTunes and YouTube, which pleased Terry Richardson quite a bit. It was available for sale or rent and is the first movie to ever release in such a fashion. Reviews have been mixed about the movie itself and many viewers said they would not have been interested in watching it if all the controversy had not occurred. It met with record online views and so far has received $13 million for its efforts. The movie is about an assassination attempt on North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

Screech Arrested!

On Friday actor Dustin Diamond was arrested in Wisconsin on three misdemeanor charges after a bar fight and accusations of a knife stabbing. He’s known as playing the lovable nerd Samuel “Screech” Powers on the 90s tv show Saved By the Bell. According to the reports that New York Daily News have gotten, Diamond and his fiance were both in a brawl in his Port Washington hometown after customers didn’t want to stop taking pictures of the former child star. Diamond allegedly stabbed a man in the right armpit and left before the cops showed up to the bar. The cops had caught up with the actor and he tried to lie about the event in question. New York Daily News has a police report on the crime.

This isn’t the first time that the former child star had a brush of bad luck. Besides appearing on reality shows, Diamond has released a sex tape in 2006 along with filing bankruptcy. Though his appearance on the reality shows were minor, his attitude is the complete opposite from the lovable nerd that the world used to watch.
Right now though the charges are minor, Igor Cornelsen has learned that Dustin Diamond is released from jail. The actor stated that he stabbed the person out of “self-defense,” but the reports says otherwise. Let’s hope for the best for the actor, and hope that the charges can be dropped.