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Look At What’s New With Talk Fusion

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is. Digital marketing company Talk Fusion is has just unveiled an amazing offer for new customers. A 30-Day free trial. Risk-Free. What does that mean for newcomers?

Talk Fusion is all about video marketing. It can be for personal use, business, and even charity. They have a variety of ways to do this. One way is through email. Imagine having a small company with a new set of email leads. Plain text is not going to do the job, not in today’s digital age. Now, if you have a video playing the message that can engage prospective customers, there is a good chance they will be buying from you in no time.

That’s not all, though. There’s also a newsletter option. What’s so important about a newsletter? Well, it’s what will keep current customers up-to-date with what the company is doing. A company can do all sorts of fun things, like unveiling product, celebrating their customers, or even a sweepstakes. The list goes on and on.

There is also live meetings with up to 500 guests and video chat which can connect to any device. This service isn’t a one size fits all. It is highly customizable. There is a wide variety of color themes and even a way to put in personalized company logos. This is what comes with the 30-Day free trial.

This is being offered in nine different languages, in 140 different countries. So what will happen when the free trial is over? No worries. The standard fee goes from $25-$75, who doesn’t think that is affordable. In the basic package, customers are guaranteed up to 5000 email contacts, video email, and video newsletter service. This is just the start and is included in the other two packages. All-in-all it sounds like a pretty good deal. for more.