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Slyce Helps Consumers Connect To Fashion Industry With Visual Search

Visual Search Companies Set Aim To Assist eCommerce In Big Way

Visual search companies might just be the saving grace of the eCommerce industry. The industry had become hard to handle lately. It has always been helping retailers move products, but consumers have encountered some major problems with the products they were receiving. In an article from Live Mint, a regular online shopper tells about her experiences, and she gives information about why she almost stopped shopping online altogether. Apparently, this consumer is not alone. She felt that she couldn’t find the right sizes of the products, mainly clothes and shoes, that she was searching for online. She felt that she might as well go to an actual store to buy them. This is why the visual search industry might have saved online shopping altogether.

Slyce is a company that has done some incredible things in the eCommerce and online shopping communities. Retailers, online and offline, have felt a major change since Slyce has been in the industry. Slyce has been helping improve the flow of products to consumers since they added their newest feature called Slyce Link. This feature helps consumers find items that might be out of stock or no longer offered by a retailer or online merchant. It gives some suggestions for other products.

The suggestions that online shopping sites have been giving is another reason why the disgruntled consumer in Live Mint’s article was turned off from online shopping. Apparently, the suggestions were not accurate, and they were not what the consumer wanted to see. The online shopping websites that this consumer was using were not as sophisticated in making other recommendations as Slyce and the other visual search start ups. These companies pride themselves on being able to make recommendations to consumers based off a simple picture that the user has captured.

The picture from the consumer can come from a variety of different sources. The consumer can use Slyce to generate a picture off of anything they see and want to purchase in their environment. Slyce is making it easier for consumers to stat closely connected with the fashion industry. If a consumer sees a celebrity wearing a new piece of clothing on their favorite show, then the consumer can use Slyce to attempt to purchase it. This is much easier than conducting keyword based searches.